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It’s [Fact] Friday!

Posted by MyLaowai on Friday, April 10, 2009

Today’s fact is:

Fact! The new ‘Eye of Tianjin‘ will only cause problems.

According to ChinaDaily, this is the observation wheel ‘Eye of Tianjin’, pictured on its inauguration day in the northern city of Tianjin on Sunday April 5, 2009. Yet according to every Chinese person I’ve ever met, round eyes are no good. The future bodes ill for the Eye of Tianjin, then.090410eyetianjin

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4 Responses to “It’s [Fact] Friday!”

  1. My arse said

    Yes now you can have a much better view of the smog.

  2. Yes! My Arse! Is that picture doctored? I’ve never seen the Chinese sky so blue. Why would they do that? Blackish smog is closer to the eye color of the locals anyway.

  3. Hek said

    That is a ridiculous photo. Who in their right mind would combine important infrastructure projects with amusement! Plus the sky is abnormally blue, I mean, if you want to trick people into believe that riding a huge ferris wheel on a clear BLUE day is fun, atleast put some bleeping clouds in the frame!


  4. And on a different note, I think it will not stay round very long :)

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