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This Blog was Invented in Xi'an 5,000 Years Ago

A Christmas Carol

Posted by chouchoulaowai on Saturday, December 20, 2008

(to the tune of ‘Away in a Manger’)

Away in Zhongnanhai,
No tears for the proles shed,
The Chinese Party Chairman,
Dyed his grey haired head.

The stars on the red flag,
Looked down where he embezzled,
The stalwart Chinese economy,
Was starting to look disheveled.

The foreigners are going,
The milk products are fakes,
But the Chinese Party Chairman,
No reforms he makes.

I ask thee, Party Chairman,
What are you gonna do?
Your factories are closing,
And your surname is Hu.

How bad is this recession,
How deep and how long?
But there’s little you can do,
When your people are all Wong.

But chin up, Party Chairman,
Though all is not bright,
The Western economies,
Are e-qual-ly sh*te.

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