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Chinese People Are Really Birds!

Posted by MyLaowai on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guest Post
Western researchers studying local populations in China are coming to the conclusion that Chinese people are not Homo Sapiens as previously thought, but actually an avian species. While correlation does not always indicate causation, the evidence gathered displays some remarkable similarities that bear further research.

1. They eat seeds, cracking them with their teeth and taking the kernel with their tongues.
2. They are happy to perch on almost any surface.
3. Very few can swim.
4. They are prone to making loud noises (especially in the morning).
5. They defecate on the road (or pretty much anywhere they feel like).
6. Their brains are very small.
7. They can’t drive.
8. Their diet consists mostly of seeds, nuts, fruit, carrion, entrails and insects.
9. They are migratory, returning to the spawning grounds in the spring.
10. Males are required to prepare a suitable nest before the female will mate.
11. Females rarely enjoy the act of mating, rather, they tolerate the situation in order to produce offspring.
12. Babies are not born live but as eggs from which the mature adult must peck their way out.
13. Like Bower Birds and Magpies, they are attracted to colourful and shiny objects.

From the behaviours observed, we can narrow the species down to either: parrot, magpie, jay or crow. Crows have the ability to solve problems, create and use tools and predict the outcome of events… so we can scratch crows off of the list. Parrot may be the best candidate. A parrot can repeat language without any conscious comprehension of what it’s actually saying. It is attracted to shiny objects, eats nuts, fruits and some species are known to eat animals and carrion. It also likes nothing more than it’s own reflection and would probably upload it’s beak to weixin daily (if it had the dexterity).

In summary, it appears that Chinese people may actually be a species of Psittacopasserae (Parrots).

Source: Collective effort from some inspired authors contributing to a thread on Reddit

– daPangzi

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Happy New… What?

Posted by MyLaowai on Saturday, February 1, 2014

Okay, look. I’m busy as all get-out and when I have a few minutes free I’d really prefer to spend them masturbating, not enlightening idiots who think their pathetic excuse for a cuntry is the centre of anything. It isn’t even the centre of the toilet, because it’s already on the far side of the U-bend and still accelerating. So having to waste my valuable time on this is, well, quite frankly a waste of my valuable time.

But okay, for the record, officially, take note: It Isn’t Happy New Year.

Clear? Capisce? The year is determined by how long it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun, not how long it takes for the Moon to orbit Peking. Fuck, in this day and age even kindergarten kids know that. And it’s why we have a thing called A Year. Ah, what the hell, just look at when us foreign chaps do our celebrating, and copy that. You seem to copy every damn thing else we apparently invent, like trousers and shoes and windows and streets and not living in caves, so follow the line on this one, right?

I really don’t give a numpties nonce if it is ‘traditional’ – that just means you haven’t the wit to live in the modern world. Cutting out people’s hearts was also traditional in some places, until us interfering white folks put a stop to it. See here for more information. Being traditional is only of use until such time as those traditions get in the way of what we like to refer to as ‘reality’. Like, for example, thinking that a Chinese baby that is newly hatched is actually a year old, or that you are another year older after so-called Chinese New Year. So that you end up with a fucking ten year old who is seven at best, and probably a thirty year old who is ten. Christ, you have no idea how much that pisses me off. Though it does explain the fucking childish levels of emotional maturity I see around me on a daily fucking basis. This is why I have a mortar set up on the roof and claymores embedded in the garden path. But, I digress.

As if celebrating the end of the year on a totally different date every year, as determined by the Emperor’s qi  and the motion of the moon (which you cunt’s still haven’t been to) around Peking, wasn’t bad enough, you also then celebrate the Money God. Yeah, the God that makes you rich by getting you to spend all your money on fireworks that make a noise and smoke and that’s it, no pretty displays or anything, Christ you people are fucking hopeless, you can’t even get fucking fireworks right, despite having lied about inventing them along with mountains, oxygen, and grass, dammit. Yeah, the smart Chinese businessman. Myth: Busted.

But hey, go on polluting the entire planet and eating anything that moves because of your disgusting famine-based cuisine, go on celebrating things that make as much sense as your fucking ping-pong-wing-wong language, keep on naming your kids after the sound of a tin bucket being thrown down a flight of stairs, keep on pretending that your cuntry is Very Mordern And Development, go on making ridiculous claims to ownership of things that are clearly owned by other, more civilised, people.

Just don’t do it around me.

I am now going to fire ten employees to celebrate New Year With Chinese Characteristics.

Wait, Year of the Horse, right? I’ll fire twenty.

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