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Happy Chinese New Year, Xi Dada

Posted by MyLaowai on Friday, February 12, 2016

Best wishes to you, Mister Chairman, and to your lovely wife as well.

161212 New Year

7 Responses to “Happy Chinese New Year, Xi Dada”

  1. Meursault said

    I love Xi Jinping. His name sounds like “to get close to a bottle” which very accurately describes what happened to me whilst in China.

  2. Meursault said

    You know how Rosetta Stone have those stands in airport lounges selling their language learning software? Or those little booths selling cushions for your neck which you never see anywhere else? Alcoholics Anonymous are missing a trick with that. They should have a stall slap bang in the middle of Beijing Airport and Pudong Airport and hand their cards out to every foreigner arriving.

    “Oh, but I’m not an alcoholic, I don’t need your services.”

    “You will soon, mate. Trust me. Here, have a complimentary bottle of vodka. See you soon.”

    • MyLaowai said

      I’m not an alcoholic either. I don’t go to meetings.

      • 0112337 said

        It would seem to me, my dear, that your kind’s true racist tendencies are coming out all over Europe…

        Didn’t I predict oh…say 3 years ago, on here, that the North Africans and the Muslims will swamp Euro-land through “population warfare”?


  3. 0112337 said

    Those tits are stupendous..

  4. wow its so enjoying see that monkey

  5. Rizky88 said

    we need to copied that monkey ways to get relax without strees like us

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