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Yingsel, The Tibetan Antelope

Posted by MyLaowai on Thursday, July 12, 2007

Plagiarised from Yingsel 2008…

My Name is Yingsel.

I am a Tibetan Antelope.

I am known as YingYing in China and I was chosen to be one of the mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games.

I am announcing today that I have left the Chinese Olympic Team.

I can no longer stand to be used as a tool of propaganda by the Chinese government. It has been using me to cover up its violent and brutal oppression inside Tibet.

The Chinese authorities hope that by including me, a Tibetan antelope, in their public relations around the 2008 Olympics, that they can fool the outside world into thinking that Tibet is a part of China and that Tibetans are happy and prosperous under Chinese occupation.

China hopes a successful Beijing Games will mask the true nature of their authoritarian rule.

I’ve gone into hiding because it is not possible for me to speak out against the Chinese government safely as there is no freedom of speech in Tibet or China.

I call on all Tibetan antelopes, Tibetan people, friends, supporters and governments of the world to help me in my quest to restore human rights and freedom in Tibet.

Bod Rangzen. Tibet will be free.



3 Responses to “Yingsel, The Tibetan Antelope”

  1. Meursault said

    I don’t often comment on here because you’re blocked in China and Anonymouse doesn’t support the commnt box links. However, I actually opened up painfully slow Tor just so I could comment here this time. Well done for writing this important piece of truth. Anyone who denies the validity or inherent truth that is contained in this article kisses their mother with a mouth that spews lies.

    Unfortuantly, many locals and foreigners will just say you don’t understand China. More fool them.

  2. MyLaowai said

    Meursault, coming from you that means something. Thanks, really.

  3. Stranded Mariner said

    By the way, found out today that I can access the wordpress sites without tor or other proxy use. Don’t think it will last though.

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