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China Daily Reports The REAL Truth

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, March 23, 2008

The great dictator and mass murderer Mao Zedong once said that the Party could not survive three consecutive days of bad news, and his teachings were taken to heart by the Chinese Communists. It’s rare, in fact, to have even a single day of bad news for those of us living behind the Bamboo Curtain. If everything we read in the papers was even remotely true, this would indeed be a paradise on Earth.

The recent events in and around Greater Tibet have seriously tested the Party’s propaganda chiefs. The obvious and predictable response has been to shut off virtually all access to outside media, actively block foreign television signals, jam foreign radio broadcasts, and go on a major propaganda offensive inside China. Most Han Chinese, having been trained in how to think since being born, are quite willing to believe everything they are told, and comments such as “We should exterminate all Tibetans” are to be heard almost everywhere.

Naturally, in order to counteract any possible bad news, there must be both denials of the truth, and counter-stories showing something good. I present yesterday’s stories for your enlightenment.

The first, largest headline our friends at China Daily had was:

Lhasa riot reports show media bias in West

Chinese netizens, including students studying overseas, have been angered by biased and sometimes dishonest reports about the recent riots in Tibet by some Western media.

Pictures from some media websites, including CNN and BBC, with untrue reports about the riots have been posted on chatrooms, drawing criticism.

“I used to think the Western media were fair. But how could they turn a blind eye to the killing and arson by rioters?” asked a posting at pic.qikoo.com.


“To tarnish China’s image, the West is doing whatever they can, no mater how mean and vicious,” said one netizen on http://www.huanqiu.com.

“Is this what they call Western democracy and freedom of speech?” asked another netizen.

Huai Bao, a student studying filmmaking in Vancouver, Canada, said: “I have read some news and online discussions made by those who have never been to Tibet, who have zero knowledge about China and the history of Tibet. These people have no rights to comment on Tibet.”


Bao said there is a unanimous feeling of anger among his Chinese friends in Vancouver.

“Any news about China has to be negative so that they will believe it – from ‘poisonous toys to poisonous dumplings’. Some foreign media have a particular interest in bashing China over human rights and pollution. They turn a blind eye to all progressive changes.”

And the good news? Check this out:

Oldest Tibetan celebrates 117th birthday

The oldest person in Tibet celebrated her 117th birthday in Lhasa on Sunday.Amai Cering, born in March 16 in 1891, was treated to a celebration of Tibetan entertainment and a birthday cake courtesy of the local government and fellow villagers in Jiarong village, of Linzhou County, Lhasa, on Friday.


Amai Cering lives on a government pension and donations from local companies. She said she is happy with having meat every day.

She leads a regular life, rising at 8 a.m. and going to bed at 5 p.m.every day, Xiaobai said. She enjoyed sitting in the yard for sunshine and eating four meals a day.


With economic development and improved medical care in Tibet, the lifespan becomes longer. Linzhou County has four centenarians. The average age in Tibet has risen from 35.5 in 1969 to 67, according to official statistics.

Actually, that part about the increase in life expectancy is probably true – don’t forget that after the Red Army invaded Tibet in 1950, they proceeded to murder half the entire population, whereas these days they tend to murder only a few thousand at a time.

Which brings up a very relevant question:

Now that the Taiwan elections are over and the outcome will not influenced by events in Tibet, and all foreign tourists and journalists have been removed to a safe distance (from whence they cannot observe events in Tibet), how long will it be before the real pogrom starts, do you think?

64 Responses to “China Daily Reports The REAL Truth”

  1. Rob said

    IMHO, they’ll continue with the policy of moving farmers into the roadside towns to better control them, while immediately killing leaders and imprisoning and torturing the vast bulk of rioters for a few years. The government is evil, not stupid, the riots will encourage them to continue on course but cautiously. I’d expect to see bigger benefits being offered for Han willing to emigrate to Tibet and some other form of pressure being brought onto Lhasa residents to move out to townsites.

    But hey, it’s China, anything can happen.

  2. Miscel said

    The real “pogrom” has already started. It doesn’t take long to murder a few thousand people with 10s of thousands of troops. More will come in coming years. Hopefully it will take them decades, before all Tibetans are assimilated. Resistance is futile, sayeth the borg.

  3. Neddy said

    No comments, no comments… I don’t know about others, but my excuse is an acute bout of bullshititis. Overdose of crapola, or a feeling of being “Adrift in the sea of bullshit”, to paraphrase Keir.

    A part of it is self-inflicted. The other day, on another blog, I actually spent time arguing about “biased/one-sided reporting of western media” on T*bet with some Han patriot. Tell me about running in ever diminishing circles!

    Bigots and Nazis piss me off, but I know where they are coming from, and expect nothing better of them. The apparently sane, intelligent, educated and relatively worldly individuals of Chinese extraction are harder to swallow. But what takes the cake are the twats on the English-language China blogospere. Is it just me, or are they really crawling out of the woodwork now? There are many, but this one got me going:
    “Scholars condemn Beijing over Tibet”, right. Read the bit about “B-S from a group of scholars (including Ding Zilin of the Tian’anmen Mothers group)” who “have an axe to grind”, and the rest of it.

    Yes, I am biased, and only wish that that axe was sharper. Jeez, who needs enemies with friends like that!

    Do I feel better? No, not really.

  4. Neddy said

    I stand corrected: There ARE other comments, I took too long typing my piece. Bless you, guys.

  5. MyLaowai said

    …And bless you, too, Neddy.

    In all fairness, let us not forget that the author of the Zhongnanhai blog is from Canadia, the land that brought us Celine Dion, and is therefore excused from rational debate.

    “We need to take a step back from the situation, especially those of us in the media”

    And thus Sudatenland changed hands.

  6. rc said

    “This whole Tibet issue has become too polarized.”

    I think you’ve found your next ‘Wet-Pussy’ award winner! It’s all shades of grey, you see. Who can judge this, when the west is so biased against the great Han idea?

    “The ‘fact’ is that we have no ‘facts.'”

    No, no facts at all…Tianenmen Square, Dafur, North Korea are just western delusions designed to make the CCP look bad. So much love and so little appreciation….

  7. Neddy said

    Hey, get a load of this:
    I, in my murky past, had some, umm, exposure to law enforcement, and there were questions bothering me as to what actually happened, how and why. Glad to see someone looks at the events from this angle, and asks some of them…

  8. rc said

    “The whole day I didn’t see a single police officer or soldier,” said an American woman who spent hours navigating the riot scene. “The Tibetans were just running free.”

    Oh, nooosss. Tibetans running free? Thank god the PLA put a stop to that crap. I’m glad the NYT is covering this…otherwise, we’d never know the TRUTH! I hope Xinhua links this so the real story get’s out.

  9. Unpaid commie stooge said

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  11. schoolboy said

    Most WESTENERS, having been trained in how to think since being born, are quite willing to believe everything they are told

    that’s why you believe “the Red Army invaded Tibet in 1950, they proceeded to murder half the entire population”,because you are brainwashed

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  23. cova said

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  34. Aarheddis Vaarkenjaab said

    Great blog mate, and lively discussion. I am still serving in Iraq now, hope to be off in about 4 months. Followed your blog for a while, and mate, you got something going there. My father runs a company that does business in China, and he wants me to go to Shanghai for him when I leave the army.

    I think China is a great place. Look how cool the Chinese people here are! Gives me a good insight on their culture and civilization. I can believe now that you need at least 5000 years, if not more, to reach this level of sophistication.

    I will be back here for sure. Again great blog. I could never have learned this much about China back home in uni.

  35. Aarheddis Vaarkenjaab said

    Great discussion. It is really a good opportunity to really get to know what Chinese people are like. They seem so civilized and sophisticated. No wonder after 5000 years of developing. Give it another 5000 years and they could be almost as civilized as my people in Iran. But then I have the strong feeling the US will come and kick our ass soon. Sigh…wish I could live in China. Such a civilized place, and so friendly people.

  36. Malexa Krossed said

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  37. tianya said

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  38. tianya said

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  39. Voice from China said

    Hey! When I read the 1st sentence, I decided to stop.

    If you guys refuse to try to understand nearly the 1/4 population of the world, and just write, say, or describe what you think, do you think it’s smart?

    Diversity is important! you guys should learn how to respect a different culture, defferent people.—-isn’t it what your american guys always try to “teach” people from other countries?

    But now, the fact is that, you guys need, seriously speaking, you guys need learn more.

    I can tell you, now, chinese young guys know your America much more than you guys learn China. We are not mind-washed, on the countrary, we are open-minded.

    it seems that you guys, sitting in a building, and believe that is the whole world; you guys learn nothing except what happened just besides you feet and football games. Then you guys believe the truth is at your side? what a nonsense!!!

    China have a 5,000 yrs history, you can imagine how much we can learn from these “heavy” memories. so you guys believe we can easily be mind-washed? Are you kidding?

    You guys always say: hey, that is China! everything can happen there.—-May I ask you guys, weather you ever think about that YOU are mind-washed by your goverment or yours jounalisms?

    your CNN said China is wrong, then you said “it’s wrong”, where and what is YOUR OWN ideas????? Have you ever traveled to China? so why it’s wrong? Do you ever try to learn what is the background of those “stuffs”?

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  41. Voice from China said

    Malexa Krossed said,

    Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 1:39 am


    You know what? the rules are that, when some stupid words spread out, nobody will accept them, the resulst is all what you said will unfortunetely be returned to where they are from

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  42. tianya classmate said

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  43. DaTimeKiller said

    Chinese cursing can be misleading, as no matter how “civilised” or witty
    they are in its original dialog, they simply cannot be delivered in English without its meaning getting “lost in translation”, not to mention most Chinese are just not “equipped” to curse effectively in English — great shame for my people, if only their purpose of learning English language is the same as Mr. Laowai studying Chinese government, they would have striped off some blog from the native Americans 500 years ago then smuggle and slave some African brothers to build the blog for them and still name it the Blog of Justice.

    OK, now pretend you can see my straight face, and my hands on your shoulders, and hear me saying this:” Dear, by trying to rise up against a red dragon doesn’t make you the knight in shining armour, don’t flatter urselves, you are rescuing no one and slaying no dragon.” Honestly, while you have done a terrible job saving the imaginary princess of yours, I must give you the credit for providing some serious entertainment for me and my people, terrific, bravo, congratulations, you just managed to make our bold old bureaucracies sounded more credible, way to go!

    Sorry for my “bloody government” and “ugly country”, being here and hearing all about these must have emotionally burdened you so much, ur poor LaoWai(s)! I hope you truly find ur jobs meaningful, otherwise how can u sustain, living day after day in the “Chinese nightmare” in Xi’an, instead of, gee, I don’t know, go out and get a life????

    PS: Those of you who think a Chinese immigrant in Romania is comparable to an average Chinese citizen are just ridiculous — even legal and illegal immigrants in the same country behave differently; immigrants in the US and in Romania behave differently! I think environment plays a major factor here, so don’t generalise what you see with your limited sights and think you are of any authority here!

  44. jswl said

    Well said, DaTimeKiller. A lot of Chinese were taken advantage of in debates over their language barrier. While I don’t agree with the cursing surging above (which were rightfully deserved by this and other pathetic losers), I understand that this may best depict their anger given their inability to present it “appropriately” or “sophisticately” in English. Indeed, why should they be able to master English to retort someone living in China for 15 years? Use Chinese and see how civilized those dirt diggers are.

    Trash is trash, no matter whereever he lives.

  45. MyLaowai said

    Hey! When I read the above comments, I decided to stop.

    If you Chinese ‘people’ refuse to try to understand nearly the 3/4 population of the world, and just write, say, or describe what you are told to think, do you think it’s smart?

    Diversity is important! You guys should learn how to respect a different culture, different people – isn’t it what your Chinese government always tries to ‘teach’ people from other countries?

    But now, the fact is that, you guys need, seriously speaking, you guys need learn more.

    I can tell you, now, we know your China much more than you guys know China. We are not mind-washed, on the countrary, we are open-minded.

    It seems that you guys, sitting behind a computer, believe that China is the whole world; you guys learn nothing except what your government propaganda tells you. Then you guys believe the truth is at your side? What nonsense!

    China has 2,300 years history, built on a mountain of corpses and death, and a long history of attacking and invading it’s neighbors, and absolutely no concern about how many die in the name of Han Supremacy.

    You guys always say: hey, that is China! Everything can happen there – may I ask you guys, whether you ever think that YOU are mind-washed by your goverment or your jounalists?

    Your CCTV said Tibet and everyone else is wrong, then you said “it’s wrong”, where and what are YOUR OWN ideas????? Have you ever traveled anywhere? So why is the entire world wrong? Do you ever try to learn what is the background of those “stuffs”?

    NO? so you just transport CCTV’s voice?

    How shameful!!

  46. Voice from China said

    Hey, my LAO WAI, my honor you answer my comments, also thanks for your correction my wrong grammers stuff

    haha, don’t be so upset!!!

    you just repeated my comments, that’s fine, for fun or for your maddness. anyway, I take it as a fun, for you and also for me

    relax, relax!!!!

    no enemies, no fight

    I learned you lived in China for yrs, that sounds good

    Maybe what you saw and what you heard, some made you upset and confused, —-don’t be mad, this is normal, this is what we called: life

    China, USA, all contries in the world, all have their own problems.
    Just like our average person, have shortcomings.

    but, you should learned, Chinese goverment did a great job. and Chinese people also did a great job.


  47. Another Han said

    Interesting views. While I do not agree with many of MyLaowais posts, because a lot are exaggerating and racist, he also has a point.

    In China we have to learn to also be critical of our self and our own country. We are part of the modern world now, so we should be responsible.

  48. Voice from China said

    before you read more, and answer, pls breath, breath, breath–

    You lived in China, you should learned that Chinese culture is different from yours

    You maybe have watched some videos on Youtube. I wonder whether you guys have notice one stuff, tiny but quite important, —-that is, all videos have some words, such as: “home”, “family”

    You guys maybe can’t understand what a “home” and “family” means for Chinese

    So, now, you know what is “root” of a tree, right?

    For most Chinese people, “home” and “family” means the “root” of them. no matter how far they travel, their root lie in their country or their hometown for ever, for me, for many Chinese guys

    SO you guys may begin understand WHY so many Chinese people try their best to go back home at the Spring Festival. That’s now only a general holiday, that means too much for them

    That’s the core of the difference between our culture.

    For Chinese people, you said “splitting”, means you want to break our bottom line

    Can you understand?

    This problem is not only the stupid political things, also, it have deep culture things


  49. Voice from China said

    So, at last, as a Chinese student, I come to read your articles, and posted some comments

    I don’t want to irritate you, or make you madder, then I laughted behind my stupid “computer” (you words, haha)

    no, not at all.

    If you have to do like that way, because you work have to be like that way, you have to posted something bad of China

    I will not give any comments. That’s a job

    or else, just because youself, you are mad with Chinese guys, or just be irritated by some comments here( in fact, seems some guys cursed us first using dirty words), I give you some suggestions: why not try to change your mind for a little while, try to understand Chinese culture and history, and more fairness?

    you know, May be this will make the world change: you will lose the maddness, and have a wonderful life and job, and at the same time, many Chinese guys will say: hey, Lao Wai! –in a friendly way

  50. Voice from China said

    BTW, I traveled to USA


  51. Voice from China said

    China has 2,300 years history, built on a mountain of corpses and death, and a long history of attacking and invading it’s neighbors, and absolutely no concern about how many die in the name of Han Supremacy.


    The first “MAY Flower” firstly come the North American land, how u guys describe that condition?

  52. jswl said

    MyLaowai, you are dang right about one thing: we are smarter than you are. And don’t be too fast to jump in, I’m only using your own logic (that is, if that is one): you think you know yourself better than I know you just because you have been yourself for xx years?

    Eat your own words: diversity is important. Funny it shoud come out from the mouth of someone who have deep-rooted hatred. Try harder on your own side before sticking your noise around. Try to educate yourself, not others.

  53. Tibet is already free! said

    one mistake the western made is they THINK they are represeting the tibetans. but actually, most of them have NO idea about tibet and tibetans. who empower them to do that??? they are ridiculous!
    did the western care about those people(including Hans and Tibetans) who died in 3.14 incident? NOT REALLY!! if they care they should shut their f**king mouth! because what they did will make the incident upgrade, and more people will die!

    TO Tianya Group:
    回去吧XDJM,不要让事件升级! 让那些蓄意挑拨中国民族矛盾的外国人自己闹去吧!我们的生活、我们的国家不会有任何改变!这才是对他们最有力的打击!民族大团结万岁!

  54. Call me Gui Lao (鬼佬) said

    hey bros .. don’t call him lao wai — that is a term for friendly foreigners .. he is a Gui-lao .. that is how we southerners call those foreign devils here to suck our blood.

    How convinient of Gui-lao to ignore the 800,000 iraqi civilians dying now.

    this Gui-lao think he represent 3/4 of the world .. this is a bit rich isn’t it ?

  55. decebal said

    To Malexa Krossed: fututi pista mati!

  56. Voice from China said

    Let me post one ARTICAL from your own western people about TIBET:

    The Riots in Lhasa

    By Eirik Granqvist, a foreign expert in Shanghai who visited Tibet in 2006

    “The western medias announced that China had cut all information and that articles about the riots could not be sent out! I got mad about all the apparently incorrect information and wrote this article and two other similar ones although I am not a journalist but just because I could not stand all the bad things about China that was told. I sent them by e-mail without problems and they arrived well but two newspapers did neither respond neither publish what I had written. The third answered and wanted a shorter version that was published many days later as a normal ‘readers voice’. What Dalai Lama had said was largely published every day together with a real anti-China propaganda. What I had written was apparently too China friendly for the ‘free press’.”

    I was very shocked by what I had seen in the television and been reading in China daily about the riots in Lhasa. The most that shocked me was anyhow may be not the cruel events by themselves but how the medias in my country of origin, Finland, reported the events. A friend has scanned and sent me articles and I have checked also myself what can be found at Internet.

    Very few Finnish people have ever visited Tibet, but I was there together with my wife in 2006. This was private persons and not as a part of a group-travel. I have seen Lhasa with my own eyes. I have been talking and chatting with people there. This was without any restrictions. Okay, we had a lovely and very competent guide that helped us much and took us where we wanted to go in the mornings but in the afternoons we were alone. Therefore I think that I have something to tell.

    I am also interested in history and know more than people in general. When writing this, I do not have any reference books so I write out of my memory. If I do a small mistake somewhere, I beg your pardon. Anyhow, I think that this gives my writing an objectivity. I am well aware of that I will be accused for this and that for writing what I think is the truth. I will be accused by those who think that they know but do not know and by those that haven’t seen by their own eyes.

    Tibet was for centuries an autonomous concordat between Nepal and China. Sometimes China ruled Nepal as well. The king of Tibet used therefore to have one Chinese wife and one Nepalese and then a number of Tibetan ones.


  57. Voice from China said

    With the fifth Dalai Lama, the religious and the political power were unified under the rule of one person, The Dalai Lama. Tibet became a theocratic dictatorship and closed itself for the rest of the world. No foreigners were anymore allowed in.
    At the end of the nineteenth century, the famous Swedish traveller Sven Hedin made an attempt to reach Lhasa but was sent politely back, out of Tibet by Dalai Lama.

    A French woman, Alexandra David-Néel was more successful. She visited Lhasa dressed as a Tibetan pilgrim and she was fluent in the Tibetan language. She told how she was afraid many times that she should be discovered and then she knew that she like other suspects or opponents should “happen to fall down” from the walls of the Potala palace.

    Tibet was not a paradise. Tibet was an inhuman dictatorship!

    The weakened Chinese Qing Dynasty had more and more lost its influence in Tibet. Tibet became more and more interesting for the Russian empire in the north and the British in the south.

    In 1903 a British army expedition directed by the colonel Younghusband reached Lhasa. The British lost 4 soldiers but slaughtered more the 700 Tibetans that tryed to stop them, mainly by magic. The British installed “a commercial representation” in Lhasa. The Chinese evacuated Dalai Lama to the Qinghai plateau where he hade limited rights of move, probably for preventing him from having contacts with the British occupants.

    The Finnish national hero, Marshal Mannerheim, visited him there in 1907 during his famous horseback trip through central Asia. He was then a colonel in the Tsar Russian army and his trip was in reality a spy trip. Therefore the 13th Dalai Lama was interesting.

    The power of Dalai Lama was weakened. In 1950 the PLA marched in to Tibet without war. The 14th Dalai Lama seems at the beginning to have accepted this just as a security for his power as the theocratic dictator he was. He enlarged and restructured the Norbulingka Summer Palace in a luxury way in 1954.

    The Chinese decided anyhow to finish with the cruel theocratic dictatorship under which the opponents fell down from Potala. The borders where during this dictatorship closed for all foreigners and the only schools where the religious ones. It is well known that it is easier to rule a population with a low education and is ignoring the outside world. In Tibet, about 5% of the population owned everything and the rest literally nothing. About 40% of the Tibetans were monks and nuns living as parasites on the rest of the population that had to feed them. Tibet was not a paradise!

    Now China decided that the Tibetans should have the same rights and place in the society as the rest of the country’s population. The monasteries should be emptied from their excessively large monk and nun populations.

    Tibet could earlier be reached only by some horse trails and was for the rest insulated. The Chinese built rapidly a trafficable road. The insulation was broken.

    In 1959, the young Dalai Lama caused a peoples upraising, using the religion as power since he was loosing his own powerful position. The upraising was however stopped, may be in not a too clever and smooth manner. Dalai Lama then left Tibet and his fellow citizens and escaped to India wherefrom he has continued to fight for his come back and reinstall the theocratic dictatorship that China will never allow again.

    Then followed the ten years of Cultural Revolution that was an unhappy time for all China that closed itself to the rest of the world.

    Now Lhasa has a modern airport and a railway. China has invested a lot in Tibet. The standard of living has been raised a lot in Tibet and last Xmas I have seen Tibetans spending sun-holidays on Hainan Island! Very lucky looking old women in traditional dresses walking on the beach with their husbands and the youngsters dressed like other young people enjoying the beach life.


  58. Voice from China said

    The possibilities for Dalai Lama to take back his power has diminished and he does not anymore have the population with him. China and India are developing their cooperation and with the closer friendship, India will for sure also not more admit Dalai Lama to disturb this development. His possibilities to act against China will be diminished.
    Therefore he undertook recently an around the world diplomatic travel since he has seen the possibility of harming the now good international image of China and provoking boycotts of the Olympic games in Beijing.

    The Lhasa riots where very well prepared. Curriers where crossing the borders illegally for to see Dalai Lama and get his orders. A group of foreign mountain climbers filmed recently across the border an unlucky incident when one of these curriers got shot and another that crossed the border openly declared that he wanted to go to see the Dalai Lama. I have seen that in television just before I left for China in November.

    China is no longer a closed country. There is no need for illegal border crossings if you are not doing something illegally! You just ask for a passport and take the necessary visas and cross the border at a legal border crossing or better, just take a regular flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu!

    There where no peaceful demonstrations in Lhasa that where brutally knocked down! Young men went to action after a well prepared scenario at many places at the same time so that police and fire brigade should be taken by surprise and unable to act everywhere at the same time. This was successful! People where just knocked down without differences and all what could be broken was broken in the shortest possible time. With Molotov cocktails, fires where lit and fire cars where stopped. 18 normal citizens where killed without feelings and one police. The police had order to not respond with firearms for not being internationally blamed!

    When I have seen the filmed riots in television, my diagnosis was immediately clear. The scenario was the same that I had seen many times of organized riots in France since more the forty years of tight familiar contacts and 21 years of living there. The difference was only that less ordinary people seemed to take part in Lhasa. The rioters where surprisingly few but well organized! China’s positive image in the world should be damaged!

    Dalai Lama is acting as the friendly and peaceful father. This is an old trick that also dictators like Hitler and Stalin used. I am not comparing him with them but he is acting like a demon when he tries to take back his power at any cost, not once caring for human lives and against Buddhistic non-violence principles. It was a try to do a coup d’ètat that failed. Now he is asking for international help for to stop the violence that he, himself had planned!

    When I visited Tibet in 2006, I was surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and the few policemen in Lhasa. All that I have seen were Tibetans. Not the Han-Chinese. The atmosphere was remarkably peaceful and gave a picture of general well living. There was no oppressed feeling like I had seen so many times in the Soviet Union and its satellites before all that non-human system collapsed. People in Lhasa where friendly and wanted to speak to me, mostly without success since I do not speak Chinese nor Tibetan but up and then somebody could speak some words in English. Their wish for contact was just out of normal curiosity towards the foreigners.

    I had heard that the religious life should been oppressed but it was flowering! I had also heard that so many Han Chinese where moved in that the Tibetans where now very few in Lhasa. I did however see much more Tibetans there. May be that the Han Chinese where hiding?

    The western medias announced that China had cut all information and that articles about the riots could not be sent out! I got mad about all the apparently incorrect information and wrote this article and two other similar ones although I am not a journalist but just because I could not stand all the bad things about China that was told. I sent them by e-mail without problems and they arrived well but two newspapers did neither respond neither publish what I had written. The third answered and wanted a shorter version that was published many days later as a normal “readers voice”. What Dalai Lama had said was largely published every day together with a real anti-China propaganda. What I had written was apparently too China friendly for the “free press”.

    DONE– enjoy

  59. DaTimeKiller said

    LaoWai wrote:
    “China has 2,300 years history, built on a mountain of corpses and death, and a long history of attacking and invading it’s neighbors, and absolutely no concern about how many die in the name of Han Supremacy.”

    God don’t pretend you don’t know how Han were depressed and discriminated against during the Ming and Qing dynasty, and in modern days being a Han means you cannot enjoy many benefits as all other nationalities can. WHERE’S HAN SUPERMACY? DO UR HOMEWORK!

    I don’t even have to think hard before I start to talk about how many Native Americans and Slaves the Europeans had killed since they found the continent, how they battled over each other while Colonising more regions. Since the independence of US, it took a land called California from Mexico (-can US even afford to give it back to Mexico?), and now still keep depressing Mexico’s sovereignty! It forcibly incorporated Puerto Rico into US commonwealth by invasion! Let’s not forget the post WWII period! How the Americans stationed on other countries’ soil, while still find the time to invade Vietnam, Cuba, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq….IMPRESSIVE HISTORY OF INVASION HUH, SKULLS ARE BURIED ALL OVER THE U.S. AND ALL AROUND THE WORLD AND U HAVE SOME GUTS TO ACCUSE CHINA FOR WAR CRIMES? HOW MANY COUNTRIES SUFFERED FROM U.S. SUPERMACY? All Chinese did throughout this time was trying to fight invaders out of our own territory!

    WHO IS IGNORANT HERE? Trashing Chinese history like that while yours are even worse?

    I’ve been to Tibet. Most of the Tibetan people are naive, kind, and simple-minded – they can be easily manipulated by any provocateur as long as they are in the same tribe, it’s not about right or wrong but all about the language and geographic barrier between Tibetans and other Chinese nationalities! It was a tragedy in the riot so many innocent ppl just got attacked or killed, they were just convenient store owners and people who simply were just passing by, some of them are even Tibetans! Who should tolerate street violence like that? How dare u accusing Chinese army came to protect citizens and trying to restore orders in cities. DALAI LAMA IS A HYPOCRIT who used to be a SLAVE OWNER and now HE’S A KILLER. If he wasn’t sponsored by the US, SINCE WHEN SHOULD A SLAVE OWNER EVER GET AWARDED BY A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE????

    By the way, I’ve also been to the US, UK and the Europe continent and lived many years in some countries and moved inter-nation on average every year, I’m not going to start talking about what sort of media I’ve been exposed to because I think I have already made my point: DO NOT MISTAKE CHINESE AS A BUNCH OF GOVERNMENT FOLLOWERS WHO NEED A SELF-RIGHTEOUS HATRED LIKE YOU TO GIVE US THE WAKE UP CALL.



    I do have a life so I will stop devoting so much of my precious time arguing with an irrational hatred like you.


    PS: Brovo JSWL!

  60. overseas chinese said

    As a Chinese who has studied and worked in the US for over a decade and read western media on a daily basis. I can tell this Laowai, now, that we overseas Chinese know your country much more than you guys know your own country. The West (especially the US) are filled with hypocritical, double-standard, racist, and bigot politicians and citizens. They use the so-called human rights shit to achieve their own agenda. When in fact they could not care less about half of million people killed by Americans’ war in Iraq. The western media has been demonize China for decades. Westerns are mostly brainwashed and ignorant and only believe the crap on CNN. Funny that many, including you, accuse we Chinese are brainwashed.

    I refer you to an artile by an actually not so brainwashed American:

    Finally, this is your profile (go to comment section). Read it and remember it.

  61. overseas chinese said

    This author is a typical ignorant and hypocritical westerner. Before you think you can pass judgement on China, think how many millions black slaves your people have slaughtered in your “glorious” history? how many millions native indians? how many millions vietnamese civilians? and how many millions iraqi?

  62. WangLihua said

    You gotta love how easy it is to brainwash these chinese. Give them a red book and tell them that Mao is God, and they are willing to starve themselves and destroy their country. Feed them the same garbage about Tibet and they respond en masse with this stupidity. Lesson? Raise your kids abroad, or they’ll end up ignorant like the Chinese who have commented on this blog.

  63. DaTimeKiller said

    Think whatever you want. If you have ever tried to respond the two comments I left earlier, I bet ur brain would be over-charged so much it destroys itself. I dare you couldn’t even face the facts I stated in my comments.

    That’s it, I’m done with ur cowards and clowns, stay ignorant and your voices are fading out without our concerning chinese citizens taking any actions anyway. Enjoy playing your parts in an empty theatre.

  64. jefeFoors said

    Heyyy! GREAT POST!!

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