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One World, One (Han) Dream…

Posted by MyLaowai on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Of course, some people have different dreams.

7 Responses to “One World, One (Han) Dream…”

  1. Hunxuer said

    My first time logging onto your site in over a month. Cannot access from where I live in Harmonious China.

    Where am I reading it from now? Yes, the FREE, DEMOCRATIC, INDEPENDENT NATION of TAIWAN!

    Would all the party line apologists care to explain to me why this is so and how they can blindly love and support a government that treats them like little Down Syndrome children that can’t be trusted to read many news from different sources and determine a viewpoint from info gathered on their own???

  2. Maybe because most of them, and specially the ‘educated’ ones are acting like little Down Syndrome children. Sad, but true. I am writing this from the FREE, DEMOCRATIC NATION of JAPAN. Love the food, love the great people here. A well needed monthly escape.

  3. MyLaowai said

    Bollocks to the lot of you.

    I am living amongst these little Downs Syndrome children, in the UNFREE, UNDEMOCRATIC, HORRIBLE NATION OF CHINA [which currently includes Tibet, East Turkestan, and part of Mongolia].


  4. stoogie said

    Hi Popeye,

    How have you been ?

    you have been very quiet, i was a bit worry about u ..

    good to see u r still alive and kicking ….

  5. stoogie said


    kudos to mylaowai & friends … you mobs are doing a great job for the commies … sometimes I can’t help but suspect you are a double agent for the boss sitting in BJ

  6. @stoogie

    No need to worry. I just came back from a one week trip to Japan. Always good to see real civilization again. Also good to eat food that does not glow in the dark, or gives you cancer.
    Pity, you guys had the chance here once, and missed it.
    Just keep developing another 5000 years, you can do it, you know you can.

  7. stoogie said

    hey seaman

    good to hear that raw tuna didn’t gave you any problem. Actually other than the tuna and kobe beef .. every thing is rather mediocre over priced.

    1 week seems like the right amount of time in Japan .. I did a 6 months stint there before and the fucken place depressed me.

    i spend 10 hourse straight in a meeting with those old wax works to asked them to clear up a very simple thing. They tried 101 ways to evade the issue when they could have just spend 10 mins to look into their old records…. everything was just too fucken hard for them…

    In the end, i lost my cool … mentially i was still ok but my arse was hurt from sitting too long …

    now you know why the japs always say hi hi arse-sore arse-sore ..

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