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R.I.P. Liu Xiaobo

Posted by MyLaowai on Friday, July 14, 2017

Liu Xiaobo  28 December 1955 – 13 July 2017


23 Responses to “R.I.P. Liu Xiaobo”

  1. 0112337 said

    On a side note…

    I was just in Belgium. The French part. People there are petty as hell and got a German sense of beating you to submission with their opinions. A truly awful, bastard breed of French people…

    Why is this? Lets discuss below..

  2. justrecently said

    It’s sad news indeed. I’m looking forward to the day when those who are responsible for this travesty of justice will face their legitimate judges.

    • MyLaowai said

      It must be said, sadly, that anyone who puts profit above morality is very slightly responsible for this, and many other travesties in the Middle Kingdom. And that does include a great many folks in the West who should know better.

      Incidentally JR, I wrote you an email a few months back – did you get it?

  3. 0112337 said

    The following are my impressions of 12 European nations today, after a cross-continent tour of the once great continent;

    1. UK: may very well be called United(?) Kingdom of Pakistan. The sane members are the stoic, staid muslims, the few Britons that have a respectable office job, and the insane are the vast horde of natives in track suits, sporting some kind of low crew cut, pale like chicken, holding a beer, shouting and cussing over “football”. Yes, this is your today’s Briton…well on their way to the good ol’ days with Woad paint and screaming bloody murder… (like I mentioned on here many years ago, with poverty, comes gay sex, death, woad paint, and almighty destruction..).

    2. Ireland: A truly village oriented farming lot. The whole island is one giant green farm of drunk farm yokels with farmers’ sensibilities and farmers’ intelligence. The municipal pass-time of Dublin seem to be to head over to the “poob” at 5pm and get knocked over a couple of Guinness till well into the evening. When they are not drunk, they are philosophizing about what is good to eat, the weather, and how the English suck.

    A jovial fine bunch of truly 真实在,老实的,村庄乡下人。

    3. Belgium: effectively divided into two halves; the French in the South and the Dutch in the North. This land seems to be in perpetual social struggle. The French there are like little poodles, little pugnacious assholes that will snap at anybody not speaking French, not obeying their rules, and will squabble over any small little thing.

    The Dutch Flemish, are nice, but certainly that must be from a generally low intelligence. I envision a camel. Tall, blonde, nice, smiling, but kind of slow..

    4. Italy: Nobody works, everybody’s drinking coffee or still out at lunch. Passionate, nice, people that absolutely speak no English.

    5. Croatia: Beautiful beautiful land with coastal cities that look surprisingly like America. Girls there are hot as f*ck, with Greek Goddess bodies and ex-communist worldly awarenesses. Their soft sandy blonde hair, sun-kissed skin, soft blue eyes, and romantic ways will melt many men’s hearts. Most on the coast speak very good American English.

    6. Slovenia: The nation with a national inferiority complex. That makes a point of telling all foreigners that they are not slaves (but slavs), and they are now “Western European”, part of the EU. The post-card perfect land of stunningly deep blue skies, green trees, and garden gnome people, with garden gnome houses.

    7. Slovakia: Hail to the Communist Party! After 20 years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the average Slovakian today still only takes home 6-700 Euros a month, with a capital city that looks very much like Beijing in the 2000s. As you walk through their streets, you can’t but notice waves of strange foul smells of sewage or shit or both, coming out of nowhere. Girls are willing, but has attitude. They will tell you that their system is not Soviet or communist, but “European”. The emphasis is on “European”. Few people know English and prices here are truly “communist-prices”.

    8. Austria: Surprisingly efficient, with quiet, dainty, soft-spoken, well mannered girls, and beautiful, organized cities. Things are expensive however. The logic inherent everywhere is a breath of fresh air from Slovakia and Czech Republic

    9. Czech Republic: disorganized, still communist, with communist era service standards, and people that speak no english.

    10. Poland: Truly friendly people that are willing to bend over backwards to help foreigners, to welcome them (if you are not muslim). Lovely girls, and truly lovely cities, perhaps the last European ones where you don’t see multi-ethnicity. Warsaw looks like Beijing today without pollution.

    11. Norway: Truly very helpful, tolerant people. People there seemed to be educated since birth to want to help others. This is in stark contrast to Americans.

    Many are reserved, and quiet. However, many also seem to have a wrong perception that anyone that’s not white, must be a foreigner, and must be a refugee, and thus must be offered things for free…This becomes insulting after a few instances, although I am sure it wasn’t intended,

  4. 0112337 said

    11. Norway (Continued): Also, interestingly, though every there nearly speaks fluent English like Americans, the capital city’s composition is vastly different. In America, although multi-ethnic, every ethnic group is at least truly somebody back in their home country. In Norway, the other ethnic members are truly refugees, the people who are doing the worst in their countries. I saw gypsies out begging in Oslo, in broad daylight. Not sure if this can happen in Eastern or Central Europe. Prices for things there are insane. $40 USD easy for a meal at a restaurant.

    12. Denmark: The most racist European country I have seen. If you are not white, people 45+ would treat you with disdain and ask for extra security to check on you. At least they don’t differentiate between black, Arab, or Asian. As long as you are not white, you get profiled. Hence, everything I said about you Europeans are proved by these Danes.

    13*. Germany (Was NOT there but close enough by the border to pass judgement): Many Germans today really like China, surprisingly. It’s probably the least racist of all European countries, to all, largely due to the education system there, and the people surprisingly really like China for not yet clear reasons…perhaps the affinity from history? The shared experience of a people destroyed by war but got themselves back together through hard work, logic, organization, and order?

    So independent minded, and clear on what they want. Bavarians are like little kids…

  5. sinocidal said

    Shit, mate – you still out there!!! :-)

    • MyLaowai said

      Someone has to be, I guess.

      • 0112337 said

        Laowai, I am in Shanghai. The people here treat your kind too nicely…

        I was in a situation where a Chinese woman, myself, and a US laowai were talking about business. I insisted on talking to the Laowai in Chinese, because I am the buyer, and can you believe it, the Laowai looked shocked! Like as if he expected me to speak to him in English because of his looks!!

        Even the Shanghainese woman was giving ME bad looks…This will NEVER happen in the US, in most of Europe.

        And here you are complaining about this city…unbelievable..

      • 0112337 said

        Muthafucka, you need to be HIT!

      • Princess Margaret said

        Wow, you lead an exciting life!

      • Princess Margaret said

        Typical social-inept geek boy, focusing on one little detail totally oblivious to the big picture, and wondering why the real world doesn’t sync with his rationalizations.

      • 0112337 said

        Which village in Euroep are you from B?

        Admit it, the only reson your kind like a place in Asia is if the people there tret you like royalty.

        pathetic, shameless. How laughable. Go teach english

      • 0112337 said

        I make a pnt of not speaking a wrd of English whenever I go to Shanghai and see your kind.

        Most of your kind thereabouts’ gay anyways, espcially around 徐家汇

      • Prince Harry said

        Rydw i o Gymru ac rwy’n credu hefyd y dylai tramorwyr siarad yr iaith leol, yna nid ydynt yn meddwl eu bod nhw yn Lloegr. Felly brwsio ar eich Cymraeg pan ddaw i Gymru, fel bachgen da.

      • Prince Harry said

        Sorry to burst your bubble, oh wise one, but your jealousy-inspired stereotypes are just that: jealousy-inspired stereotypes, but don’t worry, you have my permission to give yourself that big pat on the back you so desperately crave anyway, so don’t let your total lack of charm and wit worry you too much, will you?

    • 0112337 said

      B, take a good lok around YOUR village today, and den take a look at Shanghai and you can tell me who’s jealous!

      Mofos, stay in Shanghai, don’t come out. You are not welcomed in real China.

      And you, B, speak English. You lot were conquered, act like it.

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