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Not A Happy Camper

Posted by MyLaowai on Thursday, April 24, 2008

I haven’t published much of late, and for that I apologise. The thing is, that on top of real life commitments, I’ve also not been in much of a mood to say anything nice. Truth is, this place and the horrid people in it has been giving me the shits, and although they’ve been providing me with plenty of material, they’ve taken away my enjoyment of writing about it.

Take the following three events, for instance:

1. I’m walking down the street near my home one morning, minding my own business, when a middle-aged woman who is walking past me, decides to take a swing at me. I shit ye not, she saw me, and took a swing, out of the blue (and then started shouting some anti-laowai mumbo-jumbo). I’ve never seen her before, and hadn’t even noticed her until I saw the arm moving. Sure, it was a piss-weak punch, and didn’t actually hurt at all, but it was bizarre and disturbing all the same. Taking a swing at someone you don’t know, in the street, just because they are foreign… The sad thing, the really unfortunate thing, is that if I’d cold-cocked her back, it would have been me who got into trouble.

2. A good friend here has a girlfriend from the Philippines. Until recently, she was a maid working for a married Chinese couple down in Guangdong. Her duties involved cleaning and cooking dinner. She quit when she was asked to cook some meat that the wife brought home. The ‘meat’ turned out to be a baby human foetus. The wife hadn’t been pregnant, so chances are she purchased the dead baby from a hospital. That makes it a commercial transaction involving a larger number of people. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Cannibalism?

3. I got into a taxi the other night, in the back seat. I’d just started giving the driver directions, when a young Chinese girl opened the front door, got in, and started telling the driver where she wanted to go. I interrupted her, telling her that the taxi was already taken. She gave me the hairy eyeball, the up-and-down contemptuous look, before turning back to the driver and telling him where she wanted to go. I interrupted again, asking her to please get out of my taxi, and saying a polite but firm “Good bye”. Thereupon, she turned and screamed at me: “Bye-bye you, dog fart laowai! This is China!” Then she turned back to the driver, and asked him if this was a patriotic Chinese taxi or a laowai taxi. The driver looked at me, thought about it for a second, then asked me to get out. Fucking hell, but I hate these people so much I could kill at times!

That’s but a small sampling of the events that have pissed me off recently. I’m still not in any kind of mood for an essay, but at least I have this month’s winner of the Wet Pussy Award decided. In the meantime, however, let me leave you with this excellent piece by Tim Johnson, Beijing bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers:

Tibetans as second-class citizens

One of the factors in the Tibetan crisis that hasn’t had a good airing is why Tibetans are treated as second-class citizens.

Chinese citizens are generally freer than ever. They can get passports. They can change jobs at will. They can choose where they live and marry whom they wish. Some of that also applies to China’s 56 minority groups. But Tibetans don’t enjoy all the freedoms of other Chinese. They are restricted in their movements within the Tibetan Autonomous Region, frequently turned back at police checkpoints. They can’t get passports very easily, sometimes waiting years and occasionally flatly denied them. It is a similar situation among Muslims in Xinjiang [East Turkestan]. And when Tibetans and Muslim Uyghurs travel around China now, hotels often deny them rooms. In the run-up to the Olympics, it simply appears to be an unwritten rule that hotels must turn them away.

China has poured huge amounts of development aid into Tibet, and many Chinese wonder why Tibetans aren’t grateful.

This issue of second-class status is one of the reasons. It is not separate-but-equal. It is separate-and-unequal. For many Americans, it evokes still-fresh memories of racial discrimination. The issue came up at a hearing on Tibet Wednesday of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington.

One of those speaking was Lodi Gyari, the special envoy of the Dalai Lama, and a resident of Washington.

Gyari brought up the issue of discrimination in getting passports and in checking into hotels to the panel. I’ve bold-faced two passages below that I thought are relevant:

“If your identity card says that you are Tibetan nationality, you can not even check into any hotel or any accommodation as all other Chinese citizens can do. And if your identity card says that you are Tibetan nationality, you cannot get a passport easily. On the other hand, the Chinese are just giving passports very easily because they would like the economic advantage to be taken. So what I’m saying is that there is a very dangerous discrimination by the Chinese government to the Tibetans as people. And this is really leading into tremendous animosity between the two peoples. This is of great concern.”

A few minutes later, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Arkansas, responded thus:

“And your very specific examples of how through what might be considered a small act — denying a Tibetan citizen the opportunity to check into a hotel, for instance, might be a small act, but what that action does to further the tension and you used the term ‘ethnic conflict’ that is being built in China through incidents just such as that, or whether it’s the issuances of passports. You’re treating your citizens differently depending on where they are coming from. And if you want to further inflame ethnic conflict, you kind of build up through smaller incidents like this and hope others on the outside don’t notice. I think the record should reflect that we’re noticing.”

58 Responses to “Not A Happy Camper”

  1. Neddy said

    Welcome back, and no apologies needed. Call it a one very long BCD. I am (still) out at the moment, so I have been spared of those things that happened to you, but the idiocy of the China blogosphere has turned me off, too. A poster called ‘stoogie’ comes to mind: “If you kiss my arse you are my friend; when you disagree with me, you are my foe”. His words were different, of course; the translation from the “you do not understand China”-speak to plain English is mine.

    Sorry about not having commented on your last Wet Pussy Award post. The simple answer is that I had no direct knowledge of who the bleeder was. Oh well, getting out of touch…

  2. Miscel said

    Sounds like it is time to get to a safe place, quick.

  3. Neddy said

    @ Miscel
    Generally speaking, yes. I assume our host has a safe place to go to; I do, too. But it gives me shits when I think of 95% of my family, who are Chinese, ranging from educated, well-to-do beneficiares of current system, down to almost-rustics who still manage (regardless of what their loyalties may be) to be civilised, having to suffer this kind of crap. They have nowhere to go. Natural (in)justice?

  4. PiPi - le pew! said

    Well, all I can add – in my not so usual succinct way is – Fuck Me!!

    1 – Ignorance and Racism all in one encounter.

    2 – Are you shittin’ us? Fuck Me Again!

    3 – Well that’s just typical of those fkn bitches!

    I hope all 1.3Bn of these fuckers are embarrassed by the actions of their so fkn called cultured comrades in shame.

  5. Hi Laowai,

    I’m getting the impression that you start taking the fucktards to serious. I know there are MANY of them, but patriotic taxi drivers have to know who comes first, don’t they? Maybe he wasn’t “patriotic” first and foremost, but afraid that the Chinese girl might have a very important influential daddy who’ll turn his life into hell.
    Somewhere some time ago, you wrote about a fire brigade exercise, and that it was great to watch live disasters like that one and even to get paid for the enjoyment. I hope you’ll be in the mood for such posts again, soon.
    Meantime, maybe this will make you happy:

  6. MyLaowai said

    @justrecently: Yep, those are the kind of posts I’d rather be publishing, too. Serious but with a bit of a laugh involved somewhere. There’s more there, don’t worry.

    Nice link, by the way. Although I have to say, I thought it was a ChinaDaily story for a moment. Reads the same way, at any rate. Good find.

  7. taide said

    Many tanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment. Of course it was meant to be a China Daily story, but they didn’t take it. Suppose it wasn’t patriotic enough, as it came from a foreigner.
    Seems to me that your cab experience resembles that of many Tibetans. If they can afford a cab and get the kind permission to travel. I think it is interesting that this sample of Chinese patriotism is worth exactly 1 cab ride. When patriotism and opportunism start going hand in hand, it’s no good for the beloved country.

  8. stoogie said

    Every time when there is a bit of commotion happening in China, Neddy would immediately jump onto his high horse and with all his animated indignation, start to tell the whole world his 2c worth.

    When the great visionary PJ Keating gives credit to the bosses in BJ for their performance in managing such a large and difficult place, does the opinion of a boxhead like Neddy count at all?

    Yes, it is tart uncomfortable for your mate guilao to be king hit by a mid age woman in Huihai Lu SH, but it is nothing compare to a good old bloody flogging by a beefy black fella in Evelyn St Redfern, isn’t it ?

    For fuck sake Needy, it is not the end of the world … get real.

    Learn to put things into perspective, may be that is asking too much of you.

  9. Neddy said

    Every time when there is a bit of commotion happening on China blogtosphere, a stoogie or ten pop up, spewing crap. How predictable of these boneheads who have nothing to say no matter how many words it takes. So take your meds, and go home play with yourself.

  10. stoogie from Downunder said

    btw, I seriously don’t give a shit whether you agree with me or “don’t understand China”. It is not my problem.

    but the thought of you on your fours licking my big yellow hairy arse is really disgusting.

    Yurk. You poof !!!

  11. Neddy said

    Stoogie boy, shut your trap when your betters are speaking!

    First, here’s something for the others to read (two items, in fact):

    Ok, you can read, too, but first stop sucking your thumb, and promise not to drool! Wait, I have an idea how to keep you quiet: A nice, shiny bauble just for you. A medal, see?
    All yours, and you are welcome.

  12. justrecently said

    @ stoogie: if “the opinion of a boxhead” doesn’t count, why do you spend so many lines on it? Just wondering.

  13. stoogie said


    good point. In the scheme of bigger things, opinons from boneheads like me and boxheads like Needy doesn’t count at all.

    I’m just having a bit of fun at his expense.

    This is how we lighten up in the office during a dull day, acting like a redneck to poke fun at the rednecks.

  14. MyLaowai said


    “When the great visionary PJ Keating gives credit to the bosses in BJ for their performance in managing such a large and difficult place, does the opinion of a boxhead like Neddy count at all?”

    Answer: Yes, it does. That’s the point, really. His opinion counts, just as you would hope that your opinion counted, too. That’s the thing that the goons and thugs who run Red China don’t understand – everybody’s opinion counts. I might not agree with it, I don’t have to like it, and I’m well within my rights to try to debate it and even change it, but never forget that a man’s right to hold his own opinion is at the cornerstone of human dignity. I suggest you keep that in mind if you want to play in my sandbox, friend Stoogie.

    “Learn to put things into perspective”

    My thoughts exactly. A hundred million (plus) Chinese butchered by their own (illegal) ruling clique in the last 60 years, nearly a dozen neighboring countries attacked, three of them annexed, and dozens of revolutionary and anti-government groups financed and materially supported (including such lovely people as the Shining Path and Osama Bin Laden), not to mention the ongoing preparations for war on a regional scale… And you want to call people names because they point out that China has some problems? Please, Stoogie, a bit of perspective…

  15. Neddy said

    Not the mention the fact ,that if you want to be treated in a civilised way by others, you have to start behaving like a civilised human being yourself. If you come to someone’s blog spewing shit and insults, and generally behave as a pig, you’ll get what you give. And don’t you “you do not understand China” me – this is not about China, it is about you, a pimple on China’s butt, who should be denounced as a traitor for hurting his country’s image in the world.

  16. FOARP said

    @Mylaowai – Am I glad that I’m over here, the whole Olympics-inspired nationalistic mania thing has gone into overdrive just the way we all knew it would. Perspective is needed of course, it’s too easy for the ex-pat paranoia to kick in and convince everyone that the next Boxer rebellion is just around the corner. But this kind of thing just illustrates a very basic fact about China that the whole world should know: A lot of Chinese people hate foreigners – not the majority mind, but a lot of them. They keep a lid on it when they’re speaking to you – if they aren’t yelling racist abuse at you in the street that is – but hate you they do. This isn’t restricted to the poorly educated or the easily convinced as it is in the UK or the US – I remember one economics professor at my old university decided to give a long speech to his students on how unemployment in China was caused by foreigners taking Chinese jobs. Nor can you call the professor who called for the head of Chinabounder or the people who wrote China can say no stupid in anything other than their opinions.

    And what is the cause of this? The nationalistic education that Chinese people receive from a young age and open racism found in much of Chinese popular culture must take the blame. Racism may be a part of western culture, but in my opinion it is hidden most of the time and is almost never given voice and only rarely allowed to affect decisions. China, on the other hand, operates laws which quite clearly discriminate between people on the basis of race. There is no distinction in the minds of the average Chinese citizen between someone of Chinese ethnic extraction and a Chinese person – one is the definition of the other.

    Will I ever go back to China long term? Probably not, and that’s a decision I’ve come to based mainly on the xenophobia and closed mindedness of a large portion of the population.

  17. PiPi - le pew! said

    Hey FoaRP – how ya you doing mate?

    I’m up in Scotland right now and heading back to the Motherlessland on Tuesday. God I’m filled with fkn dread – I used to look forward to going back but now I know that I’ll dry-heave as soon as I see those ignant-fkheads hanging about the airport gates.

  18. Voice from China said

    Hehe, for almost several hundreds yrs, you guys have been used to your super-level arrogance to CHinese, now, facing a temporary ‘contemptuous look’, you begin to feel you are not happy?

    what you plant, what you will get

    You plant hatred, then you got hatred. if not you got the torch relay into a a stupid funny political mass, you will not feel this kind of angry patriotic attitude

    I told you be objective, be a little kind and nice with you smile, not a apperance full of hatred and bias

    Your face will betray you, betray what you think in your mind, and everybody can tell it

    In fact, people put their mind in the darkness, they will live in the darkness, what they see and they hear will be in the darkness –this theory comes from Buddhism

    Don’t decry the sunshine is not shinning on your side, that is because you direct you back to the light. Why not turn around?

  19. Voice from China said

    Chinese people are friendly

    but have rules

    when the hypocrisy cover outside your face was tored down, only naked hatred and poison shew out —-pls ask ur self, before the mirror can you smile friendly to yourself?

    In fact, Chinese people are still calm enough. They know average people in not equate to the western gov.

    They experience so many problems these days, one over, another come, but they just gave u, a Chinese-hated person ‘contemptuous look’, but see urself, u, just experienced a look, what your ugly reactions?

  20. Voice from China said

    be nice, be kind, full of hope, open and friendly, is not only be good to Chinese people, also for yourself

    Think about it

    BTW, I think your articles doesn’t deserve any more commons, because some of your ‘facts’ sounds you got from outside this earth, –that is, your were lying

  21. MyLaowai said

    @Voice from China:

    Interesting that you choose a Buddhist quotation, particularly since Buddhist people have suffered so much at the hand of China’s illegal ruling clique. Millions of Buddhists murdered in the most brutal way, many more torured, their religion and culture banned… It’s a bit disingenuous using their quotations to score points, don’t you think?

    As for ‘hypocricy’, well at that I have to laugh. China and the Han people are known throughout the world as being the most hypocritical bunch of goons and thugs that ever lived. Or perhaps you just don’t know what the word really means? On the other hand, as for me giving your ‘people’ a contemptuous look… Well of course I do. How can I hold the vast majority of you in any other than contempt? It’s a position you have put yourselevs in, and one in which you seem very happy to remain. Contempt is precisely the word for the way I feel about the ruling communist clique, the country, the Han people, and you.

    Finally, friend, instead of shooting your mouth off and calling the entire rest of the world liars, why not actually tell us specifically what it is we are lying about, and then prove it to us by use of facts. You might find that, if your debating skills are up to it, and you use real facts to support your arguments (and not the CCP-generated ‘facts’ we all hear so often), that you might actually be able to convince some of us that you have a point. With regard to facts, try to use evidence that hasn’t been manufactured by the CCP, for instance when talking about Tibet, get infomation from non-CCP sources… Like Tibetan sources, for example, or sources that date back to before the invasion of their country in 1950.

  22. Voice from China said

    Interesting that you choose a Buddhist quotation, particularly since Buddhist people have suffered so much at the hand of China’s illegal ruling clique.

    Are you sure? you are the jounalism, you can influenced so many people, why not be more serious and careful when you make a commons?

    In China, Buddhism in not only in Tibet . Tibet Buddihism have some problem that is forbiden by the real buddism: such as use person’s bone and have sex except with your law-wife

    I can tell you, me, is a buddhist

  23. Voice from China said

    goons and thugs

    hahaha, this ‘gift’ i think you’d better keep by yourself.

  24. Voice from China said

    I can tell you, I have several what your called minority friends until now: TUJIA, BAI, DAI, HUI, KOREA, and when I was a child, the town near my home is a town of HUI

    and, My brother went to Tibet for several times

    hehe, talk about debating skills, if you can speak Chinese, based on the situation you lived in China several yrs,

    I will be gald to show my skills

  25. Voice from China said

    and in 2005, I went to XIANG GE LI LA, I think you should know this place’s name, where we met some real Tibetan

    you know what, what most impressed me and surprised me is: they told me, that the two persons they respect most: Chair MAO, and BAN CHAN

  26. Voice from China said


    and at the back way, the taxi driver, who is also what you called minority, LI minority, he convinced me what those REAL Tibetan people told me

    use your mind

    hehe, for my friends, they from minorities, in fact, they have some superities than me, such as the College entrance exam, then can enjoy 10~20 scores lower; and some of them can have more kids than HAN people, Han only can have one


  27. Voice from China said

    IF you can read CHINESE, I can show you my ‘minority’ friend’s blog, show you how she is angry with what your western people’s done these days

    She even is much argrier than me

    I told you, u, never got the core of Chinese culture, although you got some award, congratulations, but that ‘s nothing

    BTW, the CORE for a jounalist, should be objective, fair, open, calm, sorry that I can’t find them from u

  28. Voice from China said

    Then what are u proud of ?


    yes, your English skills better than me, but remember, if in Chinese, I will give no chances for you speaking

  29. Voice from China said

    Interestingly, Uighur men are prohibited from growing beards, due to the twin facts that a beard is a sign of respect and authority in Islam, and Han Chinese seldom grow more than a few wisps of hair on their face

    hahahaah, you killed me

    who told u or where u got this information? if the person not silly, is u are silly. are you sure you are not in insane?

    I told u, one of cousin, her husband, he is HAN, he grows the beards on his face, her parents think that’s not cute, but their idea just stop at here, and my cousin loves him, now they have one cute daughter

    AND, this is only one exsample in my hometown, so many HAN man have beards on their face, who cares?

    It seem you care the ‘beards’ more than us


  30. Voice from China said

    THis is not lying? where u got the stupid lying information???

  31. Voice from China said

    And, as a real buddhist, if you want, I can show you some website of REAL Serious BUDDIHISTS, in China, or in AMerica, can you talk with them, what is the REAL buddhism, and you can find how they think about the TIBET buddhists (but you should can read Chinese)

    And you can read some Buddhism books by yourself, to make it clear whether the using alive person’s bone and having sex with teenager girls is allowed or not by the Great Buddha’s rules

    You know nothing, poor guy! how u can finish you job?

    that’s why you just copy some stupid lying informations as YOUR ‘FACT’????!!!!

  32. Voice from China said

    At last, I told you, my brother went to Tibet in 2006, and he stayed there for more than 1 month and a half. he traveled with several friends, some of them are real tibetan, not those MONEY-HIRED pro-TIBETAN, they get well with each other, my brother even wrote and published one book about his trip


  33. Voice from China said



    Now, do you still think you have the right? you are WHO? based on what? your lying?

  34. MyLaowai said

    @Voice from China:

    I am curious what you, as a Buddhist, think of the practise of using prisoners (generally your neo-Buddhist brethren, the Falun Gong), for slave labour, or of killing them in order to extract their organs for transplant for profit. Or of stripping their skin from their still-living bodies, in order to produce cheap colagen for cosmetics.

    I am equally curious what you, as a Buddhist, think of the practise of selling women and young girls into slavery as ‘wives’, which even your own government admits happens to more than 50,000 women and girls in China every year.

    I am interested in knowing what you, as a Buddhist, think of the behaviour of the dictator Mao Zedong, who had sex with hundreds of young girls, some as young as 12, and many young boys, too. Of course, he did far worse, being directly responsible for more murders than Hitler and Stalin combined – what do you think of the Chinese practise of putting his face on the money and his portrait on the walls of restaurants?

    But mostly, I am interested what you, as a Buddhist, think of the writings and teachings of Buddhist people and teachers all around the world – the ones who don’t write only in Chinese for a Chinese audience. Y’know, the ones who are real Buddhists and not CCP agents? The ones who are currently protesting every chance they get to be near the Olympic torch, the ones who cry “Free Tibet!”… as a Buddhist, do you stand with your brothers? Or do you stand with your ruling clique?

  35. Voice from China said

    In fact, you went to China, you have many many chances to meet some interesting person and learn rich different Estern knowledge,

    but what you chosed? u choose to float on the water surface, with your ignorance and arrogance, have your mind focused on the darkness of this world


    you know, what u met mentioned in your article, you can experienced at other country. you can get a Contempt look in you American street, if you show your hatred face.

    why not be more humorous?

  36. Voice from China said

    Falun Gong??


    hehe, that is not our brethren, if you learned more, not just be so biased, you can find some of their behaviors were forbidden by Buddha’s rules
    and this has been informed by the Chinese Buddhism Associate

  37. Voice from China said

    the ones who don’t write only in Chinese for a Chinese audience

    you means the books of buddhisms?

    yes, sorry for that, because, buddhism transported to ancient China and most books now in Chinese

    but so many buddhists are trying to translated to English

    If you interested, I can give you a website in English

    you can read them, espeically ‘The Surangama Sutra ‘, you will find why i said that TIBET buddhist and FA LUN GONG are not the real buddhists

  38. Voice from China said

    I stand with my self, hehe

  39. Voice from China said

    you can check my commens, think carefully, anything what I said is like a ‘teacher” of CCP?

    haha, in China, most people can choose what they want and what they believe

    if you think that the buddihist around the world are all CCP, hehe, that is your problem

    believe or not, use your mind

  40. Voice from China said

    If you think every pro-China are CCP, hehe, from this torch relay you will find billions billions CCP in the world

  41. Voice from China said

    OK, 88

    if you want that website, I can give you

  42. justrecently said

    @ Voice from china: at the beginning of this thread, there was some talk about “perspective”. I’m coming back to that. Let’s put the olympic torch relay into perspective – most of the world’s billions don’t care much about the fuss at all. They just live their lives.

  43. Voice from China said

    justrecently said,

    Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    @ Voice from china: at the beginning of this thread, there was some talk about “perspective”. I’m coming back to that. Let’s put the olympic torch relay into perspective – most of the world’s billions don’t care much about the fuss at all. They just live their lives.

    OK, cons for then, they are normal.

    You know what, at the beginning, me, even don’t know where and what time of the torch relay, I also have myself lives, Olympics just a sport

    but things changed for some weird reasons who put this sports into a stupid political hurricane? and who take me, my friends, and many Chinese people, they like me, at the beginning never care about it, into this stupid hurricane???!!!

    By the way, I means pro-China are billions billions

  44. Voice from China said

    ANd you guys, blame that now CHinese people give some bad looks to you, has anyone ask ‘WHY’?

    Before the torch go to Paris, I really didn’t care so much for this torch relay

    isn’t it just a little flame?

    isn’t olympics a sport?

    You pro-free-Tibet, that is OK. but, A man, attacked a handicaped Chair-sitting girl, to snatch the flame, every one, if he is normal, will feel disgust

    If this happened to your country, how you feel?

    This is what you called “gentlemen”?

  45. Voice from China said

    and, the worst thing now, in Australia and Japan, some pro-China sutdents were hit by those persons, called “pro-free-Tibet”

    the funniest thing is that, from a Youtube vedio, you can see those person even have no idea where is Tibet located, and the last American said: I don’t care where is Tibet located, I want the world know that California is the powerest state in the world’ —what nonsense!!!

    And, some even cried out: free Japan–

    do they know what they are doing? And they are really pro-free-tibetan?

    but who can tell me why those people apperance looks not in Asian faces? in France, they are mostly French people, in USA, they are mostly american people, and in Australia, they are mostly Australia people?

    You think noboby know the truth behind all this stupid fuss?

    And, do they really care about the REAL Tibetan people life? have any one talked with A REAL Tibetan people from the Place called “TIBET”?

    So funny, they choosed the road full of lying, and still hope everyone will be convinced by them

  46. Voice from China said

    Chinese people are friendly, are nice, are kind, but I said, we have rules

    You tried to irritate The chinese goverment, that is OK

    But you tried to irritate the Chinese people, you choose the worst way

  47. Voice from China said

    If you can read Chinese, go to the website, to listen what the average Chinese saying?

    Don’t feel bad or not happy, this time, before the fires you irritated in Chinese heart, you have no right to say that words!!!

  48. justrecently said

    If a woman from my country was attacked in her wheelchair while carrying the flame, how would I feel? Sure I would feel disgust. But if it remained an isolated case, I wouldn’t spend days and days thinking of it. Besides, it isn’t only the activists who are politicising the torch relay tour. Doing research to make sure the torch can be taken across the mountains of Tibet is pretty polical, my friend.
    Don’t complain. If you want to become a great power, you can’t expect everyone to love you. Just ask some Americans abroad about their experience.

  49. FOARP said

    @Voice from China – Dude, chill out and stop posting, write all those little comments of yours onto the back of a pirate DVD or something and mail them to Father Christmas and see what you get come Christmas time, because you’ll get nothing here. China ex-pats have to be the worst audience on earth for your kind of talk, as they hear it every day from taxi drivers, students and random strangers who think they’re French – if they’ve not been convinced by now they never will be.

    @Pipi – Doing alright, exams are coming up and all, had an interview with a firm in Paris a couple of weeks ago and they’ve said they’re going to send me an offer – however I’m still waiting!

    As for going back to China, I guess it’s quite possible that I’m going to be spending some time over there whatever I do as all patenting either have or want Chinese customers – but only after I get fully qualified (takes 3-4 years) – hopefully by then things will have calmed down somewhat. Either that or we will have moved on to arguing about something else – a Chinese invasion of the Moon perhaps? Or whether Chinese androids should be subject to the one-child policy? Or whether the Martians should have to stick to the one-China principle? Or will we still be arguing (or rather, being argued at) about the same pointless shit?

  50. FOARP said

    @Voice from China – Better yet, why don’t you tell us what you have ever done for China? Do you think that by ranting on a site like this you are doing anything to help China?

    Do you somehow imagine that by doing this you are doing your patriotic duty?

    You are not, in fact all you are doing is further injuring China by convincing people that they never want to return to your country. You probably think ‘good, now we will be free of the imperialists’, but these pointless displays of brain-dead so-called ‘patriotism’ are more like the love a stalker has for his victim than any kind of real love of country. True patriots try to improve their country, not simply attack those they think are their country’s enemies. Sure, a lot of the westerners in China may be time-wasting students and teachers (no insult to time-wasting students and teachers – I was one) but a lot of them do work which helps your country – they manage factories, they work as quality inspectors, they work as buyers for overseas firms. Vietnam, India, Indonesia etc. will all look that bit more attractive for sourcing products because of these protests.

    So why don’t you do something that actually helps your country? The next time you see an unlicensed taxi – report it, the next time you see a brothel operating openly on a street – report it, the next time you see pirate DVD sellers in your neighbourhood – report it. What? Too many of them? Well then I guess you have a lot of work to do then – you certainly shouldn’t be wasting time here.

  51. stoogie said


    Report the pirate DVD sellers? Are you crazy !!!! The ex-pat community would kill you.

    Ok … only after I get my hands on the latest french art flick in D9.

  52. stoogie said

    Come on Neddy, just relax man …

    A little bit of sarcasm and you start to get all uptight and upset. Where is the good old aussie humour?

    Actually, you are right. All these endless blogging of one’s prejudice is like “playing with yourself” in the public – you believe you are enjoying yourself; you hope your audience enjoying the spectacle and yet after the moment of euphoria, you zip up your pants and you still feel something is missing .

    Wanking after all, is not real sex.

  53. Voice from China said

    Thank you, you are right.

    But I have to say, just like successful commercials on TV, they really did a perfect job at a ‘right’ time. This should be a textbook for commercial student: disgust but you remembered–

    But at the same time this should be appreciated, so many reasons

    Thank you–


    You are right, he is crazy, he imagines he is living on a new planet, doesn’t he? haha

    no unlicensed taxi, no brothel, no pirate DVD… ehhh, you wish !

    seems from Mars….I guess..

    FOARP@ hi, Man, thank you anyway. Though your suggestions seems a little more advanced for our earth human beings, but I decided to try some time, they sound not bad… but not now, now I have to find sth. to eat..

  54. Heiney said

    Neddy, FOARP, PiPi, MyLaowai –

    Just wanted to say Hey. I’m still around lurking in the dark corners of the China blog’o’sphere.

  55. Heiney said

    @FOARP, PiPi, Neddy, MyLaowai –

    Howdy, y’all!

    Just thought I’d let you guys know I’m still lurking in the dark corners of the Chinese blog’o’sphere.

  56. Neddy said

    Your moderated tone is noted, and appreciated, but you are still on probation. The thing I would like to know is, where does your definition of sarcasm come from, a dictionary, or China Daily BBS? And since when does sense of humour signify tolerance of boorish behaviour? I found long ago that school yard bully understands only one argument: a big stick.

    But everything else is hunky dory. I even agree about the pirated DVD; don’t you dare touching them, or we’ll boycott… umm, boycott, yes, but what?

    There are signs of strain and exhaustion all over English-language China blogosphere. Is it this unending barrage of weighty events, or is it something else? My vote goes to Imagethief, who in his recent recapitulation says:

    “Imagethief is aware that this blog is at risk of becoming all Olympics, all the time… I promise I’ll write something funny soon, if for no other reason than I could use a post that isn’t a troll-magnet.”


    The issues are worthy, debate can be fascinating, but there are no real opponents, only trolls. And trolls are so boring… Take Voice from China, as it issues from his rear orifice.

    I am off to troll. The Quacking Ducks, perhaps (or is it Ducking Quacks)?

  57. justrecently said

    Hi Voice,

    the activists certainly placed their actions very efficiently. But so did your government. Everyone is talking about how evil the West is – and the situation of the Tibetans who are confronted with Han settlements and a way of life they didn’t ask for has become a small issue in your country. You can ignore these tensions within your own country, but only at your own risk. This is a propaganda war, and propaganda wars are never nice. But as individuals, we can choose if we want to do propaganda, or discuss issues, right?

    Best wishes

  58. stoogie said


    Not sure about your fascination with China Daily…. I only notice its existence when you mob mention it.

    It is all very well for you lot to accused others of juvenile wanking. In fact I find it quite normal for angry youths to have a bit of whinge and let off some steams. At the end of the day, most of them will go back to their books when the passion dies down because that is what their parents and society expects of them. Hence I don’t think they will turn into little Nazis like stranded Popeye’s father’s generation.

    But now, what do you make of our friendly, mid-age, seemingly well-to-do host engaging in similar hand exercises? is this a contest of who shoots the furthest?

    If people are serious about the whole things instead of acting like a troll…er…chardonnay socialist, can you put a bit of effort into understand the real issues like this guy http://discussions.pbs.org/viewtopic.pbs?t=68073&start=0

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