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June 4th. Happy Massacre Day.

Posted by MyLaowai on Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This year marks the 19th Anniversary of the Massacre, the day when Tienanmen Square stopped being known as a place, and became known for an event. Many of the participants are still rotting in prisons. Well, those who are still alive are, at any rate.

Why is it that, in China, re-education takes longer than education?

2 Responses to “June 4th. Happy Massacre Day.”

  1. Neddy said

    Commenting on this topic is like an inverted “gilding of a lily” proposition: What can you add that has not been said before?

    So I’ll only mention another blog I came across recently: Found in China. The post is called “It’s time”
    and the bit I wish to quote is the last paragraph:

    “Tiananmen on this day nineteen years ago is a demon locked inside the hearts and minds of the Chinese people. They should be allowed to talk about this. It’s time.
    Light your candles.”

    Disclosure: Yours truly got involved in that one, after getting pissed off by a troll there. But don’t let that spoil your appetite, and check it out.

  2. Bill said

    Thanks for your memory. Neddy: You too..

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