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Posted by MyLaowai on Saturday, June 21, 2008

I received this from a reader the other day. It’s short and to the point, and frankly I couldn’t write it any better. Read this:

Now then,

I was sat in the Big Bamboo the other day watching Sweden play Spain in Euro 200b on an overseas Chinese sports channel called Ben Sports. Everything was fine until the breaks when suddenly this message began to repeat on the screen (I didn’t get a photo):

The world laughed at you for being backward;
The world was full of envy and anxiety when you opened up and progressed into a financial powerhouse;
The world condemned you when you put law and order into the upheaval and lawlessness created by followers of a self proclaimed Robin Hood in t¡bet but failed to applaud when you used your influence to save the lives of Burmese monks;
The world threatened to boycott and disrupt the August Olympics on ground of your violations of human rights standards set by the West who by apartheid policies and discrimination of coloured people blatantly violated for ages the same standards set.
Let me tell you Mother as a dragon seed brought up outside China;
They fear you Mother as you out compete them;
They fear you Mother as you are set to replace them at the healm of world order faster than they can accept;
They fear you Mother as you refused to take sides in every international dispute as you believe that to each his own and from each his best;
They fear you Mother as you have by hardwork hastened the failure and decadence of self assumed western supremecy system;
And finally for the period 12th May to eternity, you have shown the world the tenderness, love and care of the best guardian government and leaders the Chinese People can ever have contrasting greatly with the aftermath of the Florida and Burmese cyclone.
Mother, words of praises and admiration will never come from the West as they have painted you falsely as a hardcore monster with no feelings for your own for too long and the Western World is watching with total disbelief on CNN, BBC, Fox Media, live, the search, rescue, care and rebuilding operations to restore life and normalcy into the millions of displaced victims led by brothers Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao demonstrating love care and simplicity with no political agenda whatsoever.
Mother, we whether in or out of the Great Wall are lucky and proud to be descendants of the ever Supreme Dragon.

Mr. Ben Chairman/CEO Bensports Satellite TV May 2008

People were pretty pissed off to have their football match interrupted with this kind of racist nonsense, and the content pretty much makes clear what the Chinese think behind all their nice Olympic Harmony lies. The fact that it’s printed in English means assumedly it is directed against westerners.

Others write about it here:



I think you should definitely write something about this.

Hope you’re well.

3 Responses to “Verbatim”

  1. I am developing tears in my asshole, reading Mr. Ben’s drivel. I reckon you Wet Pussy Award for June is a given. What a wanker.

  2. “They fear you Mother as you refused to take sides in every international dispute as you believe that to each his own and from each his best;…”

    Geez. I thought that was the UN Security Council.

  3. FOARP said

    Fascist really is just the only word for this.

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