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(Evil Step-) Mother

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, June 22, 2008

Evil Step-Mother,

The world took pity on you when it saw how backward you were, and tried to help you in every way it could;
The world was somewhat nervous when you focused your newfound financial power on building the worlds largest military, complete with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s) and a military space program;
The world condemned you when you butchered tens of millions of your own people, but was willing to forgive you for invading just about every neighbouring country and teaching lies as history;
The free citizens of the world refused to boycott the Olympics, despite the fact that you boycotted more Olympics than any other nation in history;

Let me tell you, Evil Step-Mother, as a free man brought up outside China:
They fear you, Evil Step-Mother, as your people have no morals;
They fear you, Evil Step-Mother, as your ambition to dominate knows no bounds;
They fear you, Evil Step-Mother, as you take the most callous side in every international dispute;
They fear you, Evil Step-Mother, as your generals have stated they WANT a nuclear war with the West;
And finally, for the period Qin Dynasty to the date of your inevitable demise, your people have shown their blinkered, xenophobic hatred of all things foreign, contrasting greatly with the civilisation seen in the West.

Evil Step-Mother, words of praise and encouragement have come all too often from the West, most of whose people are willing to let bygones be bygones, and who have tried so very hard, for so very long, to drag you into enlightenment, despite yourself and despite your hostile attitude towards them in return.

Evil Step-Mother, I’m fucking glad I’m not one of the poor bastards who was born in your realm, but that said, I’m doing what I can to give you yet another chance. Not that you’ll take it, but that’s what we civilised people do.

I hope it doesn’t all end in tears.


12 Responses to “(Evil Step-) Mother”

  1. “Let me tell you Mother as a dragon seed brought up outside China;…”

    Give the poor punk a break, Mylaowai. He wasn’t even brought up in China. He’s just having problems with his neighbours or with his REAL mummy, or with a trade union, or with the taxman, or with his wife. China is only a display dummy for his dirty fantasies. He needed it.

  2. That stuff reminded me of Lucian Pye who once said (I don’t remember the exact wording) that IF Chinese ppl express feelings, they often do so in a destructive way.
    This link could be interesting:

    Click to access v27n1-a.pdf

    Mind the footnote 38, too, with a reference to Chinese nationalism’s lack of “a substantive content”.

  3. 100 Mate.

  4. Neddy said

    Too kind as always: “Give the poor punk a break…” The man knew what he was doing. He is a brown-nose with a mission.

  5. Neddy: you are right. I’m way too harmonious. But what else is that punk doing, than making fun of himself and everyone who agrees with his hypocritical schmaltz? Don’t you think that he has a problem with his real mummy? How else could he refer to the Communist Party (that’s what he’s talking about after all) as his “mother”? I think he is doing a lousy job in convincing any sane mind. Let him talk, and make himself known.

  6. P.S.: My apologies to all real punks. I know the difference.

  7. Roelof said

    This is so awesome mate, you make my milk come out of my nose ;)


  8. MyLaowai said

    Oddly enough, three girls said the same thing to me last week.

    Of course, I was naked at the time.

  9. Roelof said


  10. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    as your people have no morals… contrasting greatly with the civilisation seen in the West

    Extermination of Neanderthals by European Cro-Magnon
    Greek expansionism and genocides
    Roman expansionism and genocides
    Germanic expansionism and genocides
    Slavic expansionism and genocides
    Many more intra-European wars
    The Crusades
    Spanish Inquisition
    More intra-European wars
    Christian religious wars
    Transatlantic slave trade
    Extermination of Amerinds
    Extermination of Australian Aborigines
    Expansionism into Siberia
    Scramble for Africa
    Economic imperialism in East Asia
    More intra-European wars
    Founding and spreading Communism
    Holocaust and Nazism
    Butchering millions and supporting dictators to fight said Communism
    Sex tours, pedophilia and rape in Southeast Asia
    Genocidal Race Wars in Iraq and Middle East
    Continued destruction of Native peoples
    Massive pollution of the earth


    Do the world a favor and kill yourself, white scum.

  11. FOARP said

    @DAH – Right back at you in spades. You’re not even Chinese are you?

  12. MyLaowai said

    He could be half Japanese, depending on what his mother was doing in Nanjing at the time that Japanese tour group visited…

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