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Competition: What Did Justrecently Mean?

Posted by MyLaowai on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What has seven letters, and is considered rude to your host?

(Hint: It’s an old swearword, invented by some uneducated carpenters somewhere in ZhongYuan, 5000 years ago).

Please send your answers to:

MyLaowai Seven Asterisks Competition
c/- MyLaowai AT Gmail DOT com

The first place winner will receive a week in China. Second place will win two weeks in China.

15 Responses to “Competition: What Did Justrecently Mean?”

  1. justrecently said

    I’m not eligible.

  2. MyLaowai said

    Your wife would probably agree.

  3. justrecently said

    That depends on her mood.

  4. Sinosceptic said

    Hmm, must begin with a vowel or vowel sound since he called you ‘an *******’.

    Can we play ‘almost-like-hang-the-man’ style. I guess –


    You thought I’d take the easy shot and go with a******

  5. MyLaowai said

    I reckon it’d be better to see what possible words we could come up with.

    Incidentally, did Chinese carpenters actually use the letters ‘a’ or ‘h’ back in ZhongYuan 5,000 years ago? I thought they used slightly more complicated versions of the same pictographs they still use today, thus demonstrating their linguistic superiority over all other races, who seemed to have to evolve and improve their languages over time.

  6. You have stayed in China for so long and still don’t know that everything that others ever invented was invented in and around Zhongyuan long before? What a stubborn and uneducated hegemonic ******* you are.
    (I’m not confirming that ******* contains an “h” or “a” at all.)
    Of course, the 0.01 percent of those who could write did use slightly more complicated versions of the same pictographs they still use today at the same time.

  7. Sinosceptic said

    Here is a pictogragh of justrecently, albeit a simplified version of the original and traditional.


    In modern usage it translates roughly as ‘tea towel holder’.

  8. And this is a much more colorful and not-so-simplified pictograph representing you, sinosceptic.

  9. Sinosceptic said

    I’m afraid that it’s true and you’ve found me out – I am your wife’s identical twin brother.

  10. She’ll share her dirty family secrets with me at a time of her own choosing.

  11. justrecently said

    But please go ahead.

  12. FOARP said

    Is it too late to put a bet on “Harmonious”?

  13. justrecently said

    S’pose its never too late because there’s no deadline. Is it in 5000 years? But Harmonious has only five asterisks. You feel it’s time to get back to the motherland, at least for a week?

  14. MyLaowai said

    I’ve seen Chinglish that would make spelling “Harmonious” in seven letters look inspired. Like this, from a tyre manufacturer here, talking about the history of the tyre:

    It is the most common reason the accident happens on the highway in a car that the tire is pierced through and blown up. When the car goes at a high speed, if the tire is inflated and pressed and disappeared(usually call it and lose pressing) suddenly inside, the tire is unable to continue offering enough supporting strength and side direction stability for car while going, the driver will lose control on car, the result may cause the car to collide or turn over, cause the serious traffic accident in this way. Even if the car has stopped safely, the driver must get busy about and change the spare tyre. Just think in one cold a will it be night winter, driver break down, at sky way, order 50 kilometers from the maintenance following, ahead maintenance some position only way only toughen one’s scalp clear, get off and save oneself drawing back the neck. In order to change this kind of state, world tire industry has already tried to find out more than half centuries totally

    The safe tire is also called ” zero presses the tire “, its English is run-flat tire, mean the flat tire that still can leave, industry leave ” run angry to guarantee tire ” on literal translation. After the ordinary tire is stung and pitches by the other thing, leak gas quickly first, then take place and collapse under the side of fetus, enclose and break away from the rim in fetus, light and unable to continue going, lead to the fact heavily the vehicle topples. Compared with it, the safe tire will not very slowly leak gas or leak gas after being be pitched by the thorn, can keep going in the outline, the fetus is enclosed and still fixed on rim, thus guarantee the car can go steadily for a long time or temporarily. After the car installs this kind of tire, not only safe performance is improved greatly, but also no longer need to carry the spare tyre.


  15. FOARP said

    @Mylaowai – Get 200 people to draft equally rubbishy documents describing hopelessly un-inventive inventions, turn them into patent applications and get about 40% of them granted and you will have gone some way to wreaking the kind of destruction on the world of intellectual property that I did in my last job.

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