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@Chinese Netizen

Posted by MyLaowai on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chinese Netizen, is this you making comments elsewhere?

Have you been seeing other blogs behind my back?

2 Responses to “@Chinese Netizen”

  1. Chinese Netizen said

    Whaaaat?!? I am not allowed to give some perspective on other sites??

    Wait a sec…

    Hold on…


    LOL ha ha hohoho LOLOL!! Me so funny!!!!

  2. DaBizarre said

    Nah, what was funny was my latest KTV GF telling me after I banged her silly that she now loves foreign cocks because they are so much bigger and fatter than Chinese ones, then indicated a length of maybe 3 inches long and a 1/2″ across.

    Laowai lovers: satisfaction guarenteed while on your back

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