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Asians and Deer?

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, June 14, 2010

Asians and Deer

21 Responses to “Asians and Deer?”

  1. Chinese Netizen said

    Been there…done her. The one on the right, of course.

    Later I naturally killed it for its hoofs and antlers because I wanted to make an elixir of Chinese medicine that would guarantee potent erections on demand and the sex drive of a rabbit on crack.

  2. s said

    which one is mrs mylaowai ?

  3. 0112337 said

    You know, I sometimes wonder what western women would look like without the civilizing amenities. You know, if leg hair and facial hair (especially greek and italian women) razors didn’t exist, and deodorants weren’t invented. I bet western women would go back to their roots and look tribal.

    From an asian to all western females, with all due respect, please…lubricate those legs before intercourse. The skin on your legs can feel like sharkskin from the incessant razor shaves. That will turn off many un-prepared, un-suspecting males.

    Also, if you are interested in in asian men from asia, don’t go naked the first time you meet them. Don’t go naked after you get excited. Otherwise they will just think you are an air headed sex doll. Good men will not talk to you anymore.

    Try to be civilized, gentle, prudent, pure, and innocent. Act smart, even if you are not. And most importantly, try to be subservient. No sane asian man wants to date another man or marry one.

    • MyLaowai said

      “I sometimes wonder what western women would look like without the civilizing amenities.”

      That’s like wondering what Mrs MyLaowai would be like without bound feet – she has ’em, end of story.

      “if you are interested in in asian men from asia,”

      Yeah, that’s a good one. Interested? What for, target practice?

      You really do talk some shite, ‘Numbers’. And there’s no way you have a Western girlfriend.

      • S said

        mr mylaowai is not only into animals, you are a podophilist as well ! how dodgy can you get ?

      • 0112337 said

        What? Can’t take a little criticism can we huh? Did I hurt your feelings?

        You make fun of our women and you expect us to not make fun of yours?

        Maybe I should copy you and also smugly write some sarcastic comment back after a western female reader respond to my post above?

        What do you think?

      • 0112337 said

        I love my girlfriend very much. She is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I am saying that not because she is of European descent. She might very well be african or latino or asian.

        She is truly the greatest woman I have ever met. I don’t know how I will live if she ever leaves me one day.

        But the other western women.. I view them just the same way you view our women MyLaowai…

      • Scoobydo said

        I have been unfortunate enough to be in the company of a few Chinese girls in miniskirts with hairy legs.

        Bloody hairy legs and a mini skirt. It was revolting. Just horrible.

        I feel a bit sick just remembering it.

      • justrecently said

        I doubt that 0112337 has a girlfriend. But if so, it’s probably Lisa Carducci.

    • Scoobydo said

      It was the miniskirt, trainers and (my face is contorted in disgust as I type) the hairy ankles.

      Hairy ankles.

      Just imgine that. A bird in a miniskirt with not only hairy legs but hairy ankles.

      I don’t think they had boyfriends.

  4. justrecently said

    Methinks now is the time for you to see a neurologist, 0112337.

    • 0112337 said

      JR, are you a woman? Please answer my question.

      • justrecently said

        No, I’m a man. Why do you think it matters, 0112337?

      • 0112337 said

        It doesn’t, JR. I was just curious.

        By the way, your drawings suck. They look like they were drawn by a 10 year old. Especially the “good ganbu”.

      • I’m blogging – something most people, including me, do for their own amusement primarily, and for the amusement of others if they are amused. My drawings may stay at their current level, or develop – time will show. Stay tuned, if you like. And if you don’t, I suppose you’ll still keep watching them anyway.

  5. RecoveredSinoholic said

    Ah yes, Chinese “women”, the perfect solution for the guilty, closet pedophile. No thanks, I prefer women with thighs, boobs and butts. And isn’t it just lovely how so many of these alien creatures with the bodies of pre-pubescent boys just lie there like dead fish? “Oooooh no, I nevah do dat! Dat dirty! Berry, berry dirty!”

    Sexually repressed, ignorant and naive to the point of inspiring hilarity, frigid, butless and boobless. The Chinese ladies have it all.

    • whiterice said

      thankfully for me, after the poor SOBs get over their yellow fever and start to share your outlook.. then they seek me out… a women with curves, mind, and an oral fixation hehe..

      that’s what i want, a man who’s got every STD in china, but loves me for my mind.

  6. 0112337 said

    My feelings from reading your posts are that most of you Laowais are down in the South. Why don’t you come up North? Things are very different here. You will see that the culture is very different.

    The financial center of China is Shanghai and the political center is Beijing. What are you all doing in the south?

    Are you all factory owners or managers who oversees manufacturing productions in cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen?

    I have to say, I was very surprised when I was in Guangzhou a few years ago. Some of the Laowais I met there could speak fluent Cantonese but not a word of Putonghua (mandarin). The strangest was the European woman who spoke English with a Singaporean accent and Cantonese with a Fujianese twist.

    She got it all wrong….

    Perhaps Guangzhou fits your idea of how China should be? The warm tropical city with lush greenery and gray buildings?

  7. taide said

    How long does an average foreigner (or an average Chinese) have to stay in China to think of something else than good food when seeing deer?

  8. Scoobydo said

    Some of the Laowais I met there could speak fluent Cantonese but not a word of Putonghua (mandarin).

    Regional identity is very strong in Guangdong.

    Don’t forget that the richest cities in China by GDP per Capita are HK and then Guangzhou and that HK allows foreigners to set up HK companies which can then operate in the mainland under more advantageous laws. A HK company only costs about $5,000 to set up which also then lets you set up a representative office if you so wish. They all trade even thhough they aren’t allowed to. The tax man taxes them though.

    Perhaps Guangzhou fits your idea of how China should be? The warm tropical city with lush greenery and gray buildings?

    The mountains are high and the Emperor is far away. Who would want to do business in the North? You would just end up paying even more bribes to government officials.

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