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From the Vault – China 2007

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, July 5, 2010

Though I did not eat as many crayons as PiPi growing up, I’m sure we all remember the first day we tasted wax. How can something *look* so tasty, yet be totally bland. But I digress. Due to the sissy-fication of America, Crayon colour’s names have been slowly but surely changed over the years in order to be more politically correct. For example, in 1962 the crayon colour “flesh” was renamed to “peach”. A travesty of justice in my opinion.The replacement name should have been more suited to represent both the actual colour AND the history of the crayon’s original name. I would have named it “honkey-hued-hei-ren-hanging-honeydew”. Having said that, let me present the Sinocidal Chinese CrayonColours. Be sure to suggest your own colour names as well!

The Sinocidal Ones – R.I.P.

By kind permission of LaoLao.

7 Responses to “From the Vault – China 2007”

  1. Slap2tickle said

    Beijing dust storm orange
    Jinan atmospheric pollution and particle dust brown.

    Just a couple that pop into my mind..

  2. Chinese Netizen said

    Props to the ‘Cidal!

  3. PiPi said

    I was eating all the crayons at a time when I was going through a ‘pure-food’ phase and needed something that was readily available and more nutritious than Chinese food from the convenience store. I also found the short, stubby ones to be very good butt plugs for my Chinese wench.

    – Facial Cream (slightly off white)


  4. ChinaMatt said

    Officials’ Audi Black
    Baijiu Drinker’s Remorse (multi-color)

  5. RecoveredSinoholic said

    Taiyuan sky purple (or pink, or yellow, or orange)….

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