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Simple Calculations Lecture One

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, April 2, 2012

Life can, in many ways, be reduced to simple mathematical equations. Pythagoras can be credited (or blamed) with first coming up with this concept. Pythagoras was an ancient Chinese philosopher from the Chinese province of Samos who believed that all things could be reduced to mathematical concepts. His work was taken seriously by other Chinese philosophers and mathematicians from the Syrian and Egyptian provinces, and today form the basis of Development With Chinese Characteristics and the Great Hu’s Scientific Development Concept. One such example is as follows:

Where R(B/d), or bowls of rice per day, is equal to (the length of the day, less the time in hours spent sleeping), divided by the interval between meals in hours.

Thus, we have the following simple calculation:
R(B/d) = (24-12)/2
R(B/d) = 6
Simply put, the average Chinese requires six (6) bowls of rice per day in order to function normally. This rice intake powers the important activities of sleeping and planning the next bowl of rice.

quod erat demonstrandum.

5 Responses to “Simple Calculations Lecture One”

  1. David Crawford said

    Hey, they could be Koreans, which means a side dish of kim-chi with each of those bowls of rice.

  2. Jeff said

    Hey! watchit there “Kim Chee” is my ‘dress up’ name!
    – 80 y/o German CD visiting Shanghai looking for nice local boy to caress my piles after a difficult tour of Thailand.

    Ooooops sorry I thought this was C***slist
    heheh. ;-)

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