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The Axe Wound Trophy

Posted by MyLaowai on Thursday, May 27, 2010

There’s a lot of hand-wringing being done in the press over the fact that a few useless and emotionally crippled losers topped themselves down in Shenzhen recently. It seems that it’s becoming a bit of a fashion statement for Foxconn employees to leap off tall buildings in a single bound, and the usual bleeding hearts and pinko muppets have all taken to bleating about the inherent unfairness of society, whatever the hell that means.

MyLaowai has another take on the whole situation, and it goes something like this: Harden the fuck up.

Tsinghua University social science professor Guo Yuhua and eight sociologists criticised Foxconn in an open letter last week, saying a lack of basic human rights was the reason behind the suicides.

Really? Is that a fact, Mister Smarty-Arse Professor? Well if a lack of basic human rights leads to suicide, then why haven’t 1.4 billion other fucktards not taken long-overdue walks off short fucking piers this week? Huh? I’ll tell you why, genius: it’s because you’re talking out of your arse. The reason these blokes took the quick route to the ground floor was because they were mentally weak and probably insane.

“[Manufacturers] use the term `migrant workers’ as an excuse and pay them monthly salaries much lower than the average of underdeveloped countries, forcing them to leave their hometowns and families behind, and live a struggling life without family care and dignity,” the letter said.

Do me a favour, Sparky, shut up. Just shut up. All of us grown-ups here in China (by which I am referring to the expatriate community, naturally) have left our home towns and families behind. We all live a struggling life without family care and what’s worse, we are surrounded on all sides by a stinking barbarian horde. And as for the low salaries, well here’s another newsflash – these lily-livered jellyfish-spined misfits probably aren’t worth what they got, regardless of how low it is. Holy Crybaby Batman! If it’s that tough, nothing and nobody is stopping them from leaving their poorly paid jobs and going back to their precious home town and families.

The real problem here, is that China is filled with the emotionally weak and crippled dregs of a 2,300-year selective breeding programme designed to weed out anyone with balls, backbones, or brains. The result is what we see around us all day, every day. If a few of these rejects decide to stop wasting our oxygen, then that’s just fine with me. There’s no soul-searching required. They’ve done us all a favour by removing their defective genes from the local gene puddle.

So, please, stop with the whining already. If these guys want to push up daisies, let them. Hell, I’ll even come down there and push the ones who are a bit undecided. I’d be happy to lob their families over the parapet, too. Line ’em all up, I say.

These weaklings don’t leave empty-handed, however, because they take with them into the afterlife the coveted Axe Wound Trophy, awarded to the useless wastrels who have done most in the service of mediocrity.

On the other hand, at least now they won’t be making as many stupid iPhones. Which is encouraging.

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