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Please Allow Me To Introduce…

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, June 4, 2007

Laird Keir.

Can’t drink the water. Can’t breathe the air. Site of a massacre by its dictatorship which thinks people are too stupid to vote but any idiot can drive through red lights and spit everywhere. Yes, Beijing would be a perfect site for the Olympics….

7 Responses to “Please Allow Me To Introduce…”

  1. Commercial Roofing said

    Yup. Beijing is the host country for Olympic.
    So much houses had been known affected about the “Olympic Building”.
    The government of China should give relocation allowance….

  2. Commercial Roofing said

    Yup. Beijing is the host country for the upcoming Olympics…

    However, despite of being the host country some people especially those affected with the construction of new infrastructures are unhappy. Some said that the government is not giving them enough relocation allowance.

    I’ve just heard it in TV news anyways…

  3. charlotte roofers said

    Wow that Olympic ceremony in China was amazing last year. I hope we win more gold medals next time.

    • Lemon Wang said

      yes was best in world all times.China show world that is big and strong and best in world and superpower.strong,rich and leader of world,best in making olympic and China rich in world and show that waiguo is not good and so boring.China must soon take all olympic because China is strongest in culture and more rich.I agree and also China very superpower.Waiguo must be China.all world must China. we no need Olympic too because is waiguo, we only use this.our leader is smart. China make the own things.

  4. charlotte roofers said

    Where is Olympics hosted next time does anyone know??

    • Lemon Wang said

      in waiguo i think.in the Xinhua i read next olympic will be in China again. because waiguo no money and poor and China more rich for economic.also china make best olympic in the world before,big impress worldso is possible in China again.i in peron think all olympic must be in china,hope our ledaership will be ruler of this olympic comitee.

  5. michaeljing said

    China show superiorty very well in olympic. best show best olympic in all world all time in al world and most gold win by China!you see now china race is very stronger than waiguoren and very rich!world belong to china!!!PROUD!

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