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The Best Rant Ever

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, July 15, 2007

I received this as a comment on one of my posts. The spam filters caught it, oddly enough, which is a pity, because it really is classic stuff. It’s so good, in fact, that I gave it a page all to itself.

It starts off well, with this:

You white people capitalizing in China are fucking crazy. You fail to recognize the historical pattern and you will suffer for exploiting the Chinese:::
– Death Valley borax mines abused the Chinese and great misery befell them.
– The fisheries on Monterey’s Cannery Row exploited the Chinese badly. Cannery Row remains a rebar-studded, uncompleted eyesore for decades as a clue.
The gods are preying on you and using the evil company you work for to accomplish this. Everytime you exploit the Chinese you are losing time and priveledge on the other planets.

Asians are the gods most favored race. It is evident in their uniformity. It is evident in their cultures.
The gods place high barriers to entry for (some) Asians into the United States. This is yet another good example of reverse positioning, for the gods are really trying to protect those whom they grant favor upon.
There are no barriers to entry for Latinos.
When white people capitalize or exploit Asians they incurr and one day will be punished. This includes Chinese buffet restaurants, so prevalient in disfavored cities and the Southern United States, for the gods hate these people and want them to incurr.

The gods still make effort through the Chinese government to protect the Chinese people. We hear about it in the United States, their Manifest Destiny/reverse positioning is used to label it “human rights violations”, paving the way for cancer that is democracy.
Much as we saw in the United States regarding matchmaking, midwivery, female conservative dress and other topics, this tactic will slowly deteriorate this protection until China is completely infested with Westernization.

But then he really gets into his stride. Check out this:

The optimal ascention senario is when parents depart Earth with their young children BEFORE their minds are posioned by this society.

And this:

If I had my mind this thing would have been great. The gods are motherfucking control freaks, evident with the Italian boot.
More importantly they are CHEATERS, exhibit degenerate charecteristics and display no integrity.
Most importantly they positioned this so as few disfavored would be receptive as possible. The fact they set these “have-not” families up for their fall supports it.
Because of the weight, because of the height, because of Damien Omen, because of isolation, because of anal penetration, because of repression, because of exploitation, because of minimization I will NEVER EVER invest in this trillion-year-old filth that runs the show.
When you know you are going to lose you stay out of the fucking casinos.
I hope your worst nightmares befall you. I only wish I could do it to you.
How many heterosexual casual sex encounters does it take to equal one anal sex incident? 25?

Anyway, this guy seriously needs help. I’m talking the kind of help that only comes from expensive Harley Street surgeons, or possibly 9mm nickle-jacketed aspirin tablets. This guy not only has lost the plot, he threw away the entire script. Oh yeah, the wheel is spinning but the hamster is long dead.

So let’s all have a laugh at his expense, shall we? The full 10,246-word rant can be read here. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “The Best Rant Ever”

  1. Tex said

    Jesus. This guy must be up to his eyebrows in Chinese tapwater

  2. I got the same comment on my blog I think this guy just copied and pasted it into every blog about China he could find

  3. Stranded Mariner said

    I think you are right, because he dumped it on my blog yesterday. It ended up in the spam filter.

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