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Athlete Wanted

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, July 13, 2008

“Freedom of expression is something that is absolute. It’s a human right. Athletes have it.”
– I.O.C. President Jacques Rogge

Who will stand up for Tibet this summer? Who will inspire the entire world with their courage and character? Who will show us all that freedom of expression, religion and assembly truly matter?

If you are competing at the Beijing Summer Games, it could be you.

You have probably seen Tibetans and many world citizens protesting the Chinese government’s use of the Olympic Games to whitewash its image and legitimize its claims on Tibet. Yet as an athlete who has spent a lifetime preparing for these Games, you may be concerned that they have seen so much protest.

Please be assured: Tibetans and their supporters are not suggesting a boycott, as we respect the athletes’ sacrifice and determination. Instead, we are pressing the Chinese government and the International Olympic Committee to uphold the true Olympic values and ideals, so that the Beijing Olympics can become a catalyst for positive change for Tibet.

You are not the first Olympic athlete to hold the power of change in your hands. Others before you have championed social justice and human rights, emerging as world heroes. In 1936, Jesse Owens defied Hitler, and set a tidal wave of change in motion.

Now, the chance for change has come again. The 6 million people of Tibet pass their torch to you. Will you carry it for them in Beijing?

What can you do? Check out these ideas:

Raise the Tibetan Flag
After your event has ended (and hopefully you have triumphed!) why not take your victory lap waving your home country’s flag together with the Tibetan flag? You can also incorporate the colours and images of the Tibetan flag into your headband, socks, warm-ups or boxing gloves!

Wear or Present a Khata
A khata is a traditional ceremonial silk scarf used in Tibet as a way of bestowing honour and respect on someone. It can be presented at any festive occasion such as a wedding, birth, graduation, or athletic competition. It symbolises goodwill, auspiciousness and compassion. Ask the Tibet Support Group near you to present one to you before you leave to Beijing, purchase one to present one to a teammate, or have a family member present one to you after your event.

Shave Your Head
As a way of showing solidarity with the thousands of Tibetan monks and nuns who have been killed or jailed leading nonviolent protests in their homeland, consider shaving your head as a symbolic gesture. When giving interviews, discuss the lack of religious freedom in Tibet and demand that the Chinese Government reveals the whereabouts of monks and nuns who took part in the recent uprising in Tibet.

Wear Team Tibet Gear
Because Tibetans are not allowed to field their own team at the Olympics, Team Tibet is now a movement of people everywhere who are determined to give Tibetans a voice in Beijing. By wearing a “Free Tibet” T-shirt or Team Tibet gear, you can symbolically stand in for Tibetans who don’t have the opportunity to be there themselves.

Wear a Rangzen Bracelet
‘Rangzen’ is the Tibetan word for ‘Independence,’ and these bracelets were originally woven by nuns serving prison sentences for political “crimes” such as participating in freedom marches or publicly calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet. The bracelets are now worn by Tibetans around the world as a show of support for their country’s freedom.

Dedicate Your Medal
If you are one of the elite few who wins a medal, consider dedicating your medal to Tibet. Whether on the medal podium, speaking to the press or speaking out on your website, let the world know that you value freedom and human rights by dedicating your hard work and effort to those who are engaged in the greatest struggle of all: that of life or death. Lend your voice to those who have had theirs silenced.

In the Press, Before You Go
After you arrive in China, there will be severe limitations on what you will be allowed to say or do. Take advantage of the freedom of expression you enjoy in your home country by speaking out about Tibet before you depart for Beijing. AthleteWanted.org can help coordinate interviews, press conferences, op/ed pieces and feature stories.

On the Net
Do you have a website or a blog? This is the best way to reach people and share your personal thoughts on issues such as human rights, freedom of the press, social justice and athlete activism. AthleteWanted.org can help drive traffic to your site, get more sites and search engines linking to you, and help get your blog syndicated on other prominent websites. If you don’t have a website or blog, let them know. They’ll even help you get one!

At the Games
Talk to the press while you are in Beijing. There will be thousands of foreign press correspondents in China, and many of them will be looking for original angles to cover the events and the athletes. The IOC has stated that athletes should feel free to discuss any and all issues when giving interviews, and you should take advantage of this opportunity to speak out on Chinese soil. This is a freedom that Tibetan and Chinese people simply don’t have.

After Your Event
If you plan to remain in Beijing after your events are completed, this is a great time to take action for Tibet. Whether you speak openly about the issue with journalists and fellow athletes, or decide to do something bold such as join a protest, don’t let this historic opportunity to fight for the rights of Tibetan and Chinese people slip by.

Back Home
Understandably, your number one concern at the Games is competing and winning. Some athletes support Tibet, but don’t want to lose focus on the task at hand: bringing home a medal. For Tibetans, the Olympics is an opportunity to shine a spot light on the occupation of their homeland, but Tibet will need continued media coverage and support after the Games have wrapped up. It’s never too late to get involved or speak out!

Let your voice be the voice of Freedom!

26 Responses to “Athlete Wanted”

  1. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    After your event has ended (and hopefully you have triumphed!) why not take your victory lap waving your home country’s flag together with the Tibetan flag? You can also incorporate the colours and images of the Tibetan flag into your headband, socks, warm-ups or boxing gloves!

    How does one do this when they are already carrying the Lakota, Hopi, or Powhatan flags? I’m sure fat, disgusting hypocritical white Americans have a duty to display these and show their solidarity with the people they continue to rape into total extinction to this day.

    In fact if you’re feeling especially generous you should lend some time to learning about these people- they exist outside of casinos and museums for those of you who are mentally retarded (90% of the American population).

  2. MyLaowai said

    If you look hard enough, you may even find Lakota, Hopi, or Powhatan athletes in the American team. After all, it’s a team that is selected on the basis of merit, not political views.

    Nice, isn’t it, that even minorities get given an equal chance in some countries.

  3. Hi Disgusting,
    if you think it makes sense to wear some feathers in your hair during the games – just do it!

  4. Neddy said

    Disgusting Stinky, you want to know “How does one do this”? This is how: Say, Amerindians have suffered their part, long ago. But today, they are free people. They remember the past, and have learnt from it. And they may not like to see that what happened to them is repeating itself today, in Tibet (for example), as we speak.
    So there’s a good chance of one of them wearing a Tibet flag. Why? One: They are civilised people who care about the human race. Two: They are not morons, like yourself. Stop projecting your own thin-skinned victim mentality on others, you retard!

  5. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    But today, they are free people.

    No they aren’t you ignorant patronizing motherfucker. They are some of the poorest people on the face of the planet because you stole all the productive land and you callous, heartless fucks won’t do shit at all to help them.

    They have been herded into little isolated and barren wastelands where it’s virtually impossible to find jobs or work out of poverty. Yet you disgusting, filthy dogs are now overseas doing the same to Iraqis and sucking their oil out like the murdering pigs you are.

    What happened in America is NOT happening in Tibet, mentally retarded cocksucker. Last I checked the Tibetan population is higher than that of Native Americans and they are also growing much larger. Some of them even have longer life expectancies than Native Americans. Of course you don’t know this because you’re too busy pointing your chubby finger at China in order to feel superior.

    You have no sympathy for Tibetans or any other native peoples for that matter, but like a typical paleface vulture you pretend to have human feelings in order to extort foreign countries.

    And that’s right. Stop projecting your own thin-skinned victim mentality on Tibetans, you dumb fuck.

  6. You are a crybaby, Disgusting. Noone will stop you from patronising Tibetans whose ideas differ from yours, and populating their land (I suppose you are Han Chinese). But you won’t stop most of the world from looking at it and drawing their conclusions, either.

  7. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    Who is the one whining about Tibet? That would be you and other white subhuman hypocrites. Maybe they can flood Tibet until it’s 98% non-Tibetan, then the “New Tibet” can declare independence after herding all the Tibetans into reservations.

    After a few years they can invade some Middle Eastern countries together for oil.

    Sound good? Yeah I didn’t think so, shut your fat mouth European monkey.


    Europeans and whites are rapists and pedophiles.

  8. LoveChinaLongTime said

    Our rabid friend above must be one of those “employees” of the PSB paid to monitor various websites in the effort to make an insecure government strengthen their vise grip on an oppressed people…

  9. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    Yes because everyone who disagrees with pig disgusting white supremacists is a Communist.

    That was convenient for Hitler too.

  10. “shut your fat mouth European monkey”

    Are you referring to peoples’ mouths here? In that case, let me tell you that you are in no position to tell me when to shut up.
    I think you are getting something wrong. We are looking at Tibet and how your government is handling it, we are discussing it and making up our own minds. Maybe this thread gives you a little feel about how “patriotic reeducation” must feel for Tibetans. Then again, I’m probably overestimating you. Strange to see people who oppress others but whine about a “lack of respect” and admiration for themselves at the same time.
    You are living in the age of tv and the internet. If you can’t handle them, switch them off.

  11. “Our rabid friend above must be one of those “employees” of the PSB”

    Hi LoveChinaLongTime,

    I’m not sure if the PSB is smart – but they aren’t THAT stupid.

  12. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    You are living in the age of tv and the internet. If you can’t handle them, switch them off.

    Yes because everyone who doesn’t suck the teat of CNN or Fox News is a brainwashed Communist! Oh wait, in 2000 it’s actually “terrorist”. Anyone who disagrees with Bill O’reilly should be sent to Gitmo.

    You probably don’t know what actually is going on in Tibet. Even the least honest reporters who actually go there admit that the place isn’t nearly as bad as they learned it was from Joe McCarthy.

    No one is demanding respect from Westerners. Westerners don’t respect anyone, including their own family and themselves, so if they pretend to “respect” you you are probably a babykiller or rapist.

  13. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    own families*

  14. Disgusting: you can’t handle it.

  15. Neddy said

    Never mind CNN or Fox News, but I know a brainwashed commie when I see one: When it looks like a turd, and when it stinks like faeces (that’s a polite word for “shit”, Stinky), it must be Disgusting Sicko!
    No, Disgusting Stoopid cannot handle it, indeed. An escapee from a padded cell… If only could we see his face when his luck runs out! In the meantime, here is your 50 cents, CCP whore. And buy yourself a dictionary, twat, you are repeating yourself.

  16. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    Typical white response, empty or full of shit: just like white skulls.

    When it looks like a turd, and when it stinks like faeces, it is probably a white person.

  17. FOARP said

    @DAH – As a European who respects his home, family, and culture, I’ve go one thing to say: Keep posting. Keep saying what you actually think rather than what you think we want to hear. Tell all your friends to do the same. Maybe then people will see what the Chinese actually think of us, rather than what they think we want to hear. Asides from that, enjoy your Australian/New Zealand/Canadian/US/whatever citizenship.

  18. MyLaowai said

    American citizenship would be my guess. He’s writing from Falls Church, Virginia from the IP, so that makes sense. And it’s a good place to live for a foreigner who wants a decent lifestyle, good medical care, good education, clean environment, friendly people, and many opportunities to spy.

    I may just find myself a forum in his area, and let his colleagues and neighbours know what he really thinks…

    Whaddaya say, DAH?

  19. I suggest leaving the “unmasking” shit to cultural revolution fans. If DAH’s environment can’t find out that this mortified gentleman has some big personal problems, they are probably blind. Granted – he will reserve his pearls of political and “racial” wisdom for the internet. But whereever he is – he comes across as an obvious loser, and he won’t make it into spyworthy positions. That’s why he has… umm… issues?

  20. MyLaowai said

    It’s a fair point, justrecently. Well said, Sir.

  21. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    @DAH – As a European who respects his home, family, and culture, I’ve go one thing to say: Keep posting.

    As a non-European who respects his home, family, and culture, I’ve got one thing to say: Keep posting. Maybe then we’ll see what the disgusting, evil, genocidal Europeans really think of us, rather than what they think we want to hear. Aside from that, enjoy your cheap goods and Iraqi oil you disgusting European butcher.

  22. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    he comes across as an obvious loser

    Actually this is the thinking of all nations pestered by dirty European scum, as evidenced by the London train bombings and the 9/11 attacks.

  23. mor said

    Dear Disgusting American Hypocrite,

    Do you know somebody called Ferin? Cause he could be your twin brother. Tell me, am I onto something here?

  24. Disgusting American Hypocrite said

    I’m from plus4chan.org

  25. What’s that? A kiddy porn ring? Most likely in your case.

  26. BigBan said

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. keep working!

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