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Vote MyLaowai or the baby Panda gets it!

Posted by MyLaowai on Saturday, November 29, 2008

The China Blog Awards 2008 are on, and I’m holding a baby Panda hostage in order to get your votes.

Now, some of you may think I’m not serious, or that I’m bluffing. You may even suspect I’m pulling your leg somewhat, so in order to show you how wrong you are, here’s what’s been done to the little XiongMao already:

I’m not kidding around here. So just you get yourself over to Chinalyst and cast your vote for me. Or else.
Voting now open.

MyLaowai: defending Democracy; not practising it.

30 Responses to “Vote MyLaowai or the baby Panda gets it!”

  1. FOARP said

    Has Chinalyst taken your listing down or something? Can’t find anything under Mylaowai.

  2. MyLaowai said

    Fixed. Thanks for that, FOARP. Seems my account number was different this year.

  3. Neddy said

    Ok, the good news is, that your voting link now actually points to your entry on Chinalyst. And, of course, you are listed under Wo Shi Laowai – Wo Pa Shui, not MyLaowai.

    Now not so good stuff: Accessing your entry via your direct voting link, seems to be the only way to find your blog there! Reading your entry, I see it says “general blog”. So I go back to Chinalyst ‘Categories’, select ‘General’ and… can find nothing there!

    But before they rearranged things, a day or so ago, and added voting fields, your blog was on that list, although in the ‘Personal’ category. So WTF is going on here?

    I think that your blog actually appearing on the list of the appropriate category is not only how things should be, but may be also of benefit to you now in this voting season: Among other things, you may pick up some extra ‘donkey’ votes from people browsing through the listings.

    Anyone cares to double check my observations?

  4. Neddy said

    An amendment to my comment #3: This blog is listed, but only on all-blogs pages (Home Page: browse > existing blogs). By virtue of MyLaowai’s “fixing” things with Chinalist (ref. comment #2), it is the latest one added, and appears at the top of very first page (out of the total of 29). Very prominent place, but only due to dumb luck. I still think it should show on a category list; after all, I believe the vote is for the best blog in a category, no?

  5. Neddy said

    Either I am blind (but I don’t think so), or someone just fixed it. This blog now shows where it should, and at the top of the page, too. Now I am going to pry my foot out of my mouth. Patience, please…

  6. MyLaowai said

    I did move it from Personal to General, so perhaps that was the problem. I also changed the point-to URL to http://www.MyLaowai.com and I think it’s at the top because I have the most votes thus far :)

    Thanks team, remember you can vote once per day! Happy happy everyday!

    A vote for MyLaowai is a vote for the Panda.

  7. Neddy said

    Well, if WE can vote like that, everybody and his uncle can, too. Better think up some real election campaign strategy. Like friends asking their mates to mobilise their homies… Spread the propaganda, twist some arms if needs be. The last do of that kind I remember, was when Sinocidal was “electing” the CLB.

  8. […] The Baby Panda will get “it” […]

  9. Neddy said

    Re comment #6 paragraph 2: It ‘helps’ if you delete site’s cookies before going back there. Just saying…

  10. BigDogX said

    I voted panda

  11. boo said

    That’s cool, I’ll vote for you every day, and also use different IPs to vote multiple times a day. You’ll win for sure. Thanks for recommending we vote again and again. Also, great point about deleting cookies – we don’t want them to know we’re cheating. :-)

  12. MyLaowai said

    Here’s another handy hint: deleting your cookies can prevent your wife from finding out that you’re cheating, too.

    MyLaowai – keeping you out of the divorce courts for nearly two years.

  13. Neddy said

    So you see, Boo! MyLaowai is saving the world from the dreaded falling cow disease, keeps us out of the divorce courts, and we are… er, yes… saving the baby panda. Everybody is happy happy evely day, and smelling of *cough* roses. Not to worry about about a little electioneering with Chinese characteristics! See also my new favourite:


  14. Neddy said

    Hello everybody, and listen up!

    At this moment, we are a little over one week into the voting game, and the score is 152 votes for MyLaowai, 110 for chinaSMACK, and 53 for A Modern Lei Feng. So far so good, but don’t fall asleep yet, there’s more than 3 weeks to go, and so many more floors to fall!

    Till now, this electioneering business has just been a whole lot of fun for this old bunny. I mean, I DO wish that MyLaowai gets his trophy, if he fancies it, and I DO want to make a statement of my own by seeing his blog a winner. I am doing my best to make this happen, but I would NOT lose my sleep over being a second to another bunch of good sports with a decent blog!

    But not everybody thinks this way, it seems. Someone on A Modern Lei Feng got his undies in knots, saying:

    “I don’t mind losing to China Smack, which is a great blog that I really respect, as they do so much work translating interesting stories from the Chinese web for English speakers. However, we don’t want to lose to the current leader, a blog that looks like it could win a China Blog award despite the fact the writer(s) seems to hate China.”


    So I think it’s high time for everyone here to seriously get their arses in gear, and keep chipping at it until 2nd of January, 2009.

    Vote Chairman MyLaowai in, and the humourless tits out!

  15. MyLaowai said

    “Blog about all things China from the perspective of those living in China and the US…Commonly discusses news, food, and regularly includes street photography and a weekly mp3 post.”

    Well, at least he has a tight focus and well-defined purpose in writing his blog, instead of just writing to kill off his spare time. For my part, I feel it’s such a pity I’ve killed off the Wet Pussy Award.

    Thanks, Neddy.

  16. justrecently said

    Love-China cat, hate-China cat – what matters is which blog you like best. I think huoleifeng’s view of the Blog Awards is overly politicized.

  17. justrecently said

    Feel free to revive the Wet Pussy (the picture is terrific).

  18. MyLaowai said

    I’ve been reading that LeiFeng blog since it was mentioned, and I have to say that the writer certainly appears to be a very well-meaning and decent chap. Yes, he’s a naive idiot who has totally bought into the whole ‘China is a victim of foreign aggression but is rising peacefully’ line, but that notwithstanding, he means well.

    I honestly do feel it’s such a pity when decent people get sucked into believing the bullshit that the Party puts out.

    Here’s the Official MyLaowai Recommendation: if you’re feeling tired, jaded, and depressed, then you’ve obviously been spending too much time at http://www.MyLaowai.com and need to go visit LeiFeng to chill out.

    Feel the lurrrrve, peeps.

  19. justrecently said

    What makes you so sure that decent, naive people who buy into bullshit are better people than those who know that they are wrong, but do the wrong thing anyway? All I know is that the former kind of people – in real life – is much harder to get along with than the latter.

  20. MyLaowai said

    Indeed. In truth, both groups are arseholes in real life, but one must attempt to give the benefit of the doubt, as one would hope is given is return.

    With those who believe The Lie, there is at least the possibility of reformation. With those who know the truth but choose the darker paths regardless, there is only bribery or threats to correct their aberrant behaviour.

    I’ve always believed that the the harshest critic can make the staunchest supporter, with the right application of logical argument. And possibly household bleach and cardboard, or whatever it was MacGyver used.

  21. justrecently said

    Ha! You are naiiive yourself! When you try to explain to a well-meaning idealist where he is wrong, he will consider you to be the snake in paradise!
    Cracks aside: Both kinds of people are unpleasant with pretty bad effects – but people who knowingly do the wrong thing will never hate you for being different. They’ll only make use of the idiot’s idealism.
    I really think the decent idiot is somewhat worse than the asshole.

  22. MyLaowai said

    Once upon a time I would have agreed completely. I have met, however, one or two people who, when presented with the Truth in an understanding way, have proved to be excellent converts to The Cause.

    Decent Idiots, Assholes… equally bad.

    Converts, on the other hand, make for an excellent source of intel :)

    Time for a Gratuitous Sex and Music Interlude:

    Yeah, I know I’m plugging it but hey, gotta win this voting thing, right?

  23. justrecently said

    Geez. Never thought of MyLaowai as a missionary. Did I misunderestimate you?
    I’m taking a thoughtful break.

  24. MyLaowai said

    It’s just a position.

  25. justrecently said

    Yes. A standard.

  26. ‘Decent Idiots, Assholes… equally bad.’

    Stalin called them ‘useful idiots’. We call them the ‘pink coloured glasses brigade’.

    During Hitlers’ regime they were called ‘the half educated’.

    History keeps repeating itself. I invested heavily in the molten glass business. If only there was an easy way to neutralize radioactivity.

  27. Neddy said

    Well, ladies, gentlemen and the others, at this very moment MyLaowai is #1 with 352 votes; the runner-up got 239 of those. Meaning you can relax a little, after all ’tis a season to celebrate, and to get pissed, but whatever you do, DO NOT fall asleep yet! There are almost 2 more weeks to go.

    Pity I did not follow other categories. There’s a man in trouble there in the News Blog category, Michael at The Opposite End of China. He is a runner up right now, but too far behind by about 70 votes.Maybe it’s too late to help, but try anyway.

    Why I support him? Read his post “Luvchina’s One-Man Nationalist Fatwa”, including all comments:


  28. MyLaowai said

    I’ve done my part to help him. Although, let’s be honest, my amazing subtlety and diplomatic cunning may be in vain.

    MyLaowai is putting out a call to help our little friend Michael. Support him as you would your own kin. We must stand with him shoulder to shoulder, don’t show any fear to the natives, and wait until you see the bloodshot yellow of their eyes… Let ’em have it lads!

    Damn, I need a drink.

  29. Eric said

    Drinks and titty bar next week? Vacation is beckoning!! Kicking ass on the votes too!

  30. MyLaowai said

    Drinks and titty bar are always good. Except in China, where the drinks are watered down bootleg, and the women have no titties to speak of. Not that it matters, because most of ’em are so pig ugly you’d need two paper bags – you put one over your own head in case the one over her head comes off.

    But hey, on the plus side, by going to a titty bar we’d be demeaning them, so it evens out, right?

    Yup, drinks and titty bar it is. Anyone else here care to join us?

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