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LangLang Phone Home

Posted by MyLaowai on Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is a public service announcement for LangLang, of Sinocidal fame.

LangLang, you haven’t called home in over two months, and your family is worried about you. Hell man, you didn’t even phone your poor mother on Mother’s Day. Sheesh. (I didn’t call home either, but they’d be worried if I had).

If you are not LangLang, but happen to know where he may be found, please give him a prod.

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7 Responses to “LangLang Phone Home”

  1. Hunxuer said

    He’s out doing relief work in Sichuan, banging little 18 yr-old Beichuan “barber shop” employees…

  2. MyLaowai said

    I’m almost afraid to ask whether or not you’re joking.

  3. justrecently said

    Love thy compatriots…

  4. Eric D said

    ^ Isn’t that the essence of the world? “Love thy neighbor” and my neighbor is actually pretty hot! And has no concept of curtains.

  5. Ned Kelly said

    If you try to love they neighbour as you love thyself, you’ll be arrested.

  6. KAT said

    ((((((LOL))))))) (((((sigh))))))- I’m 99% sure Hunzy’s right – the last time he disappeared like this he was out in the sticks with a female.

    He finally surfaced within a few days of My Laowai’s posting claiming a bad internet connection….Personally, I think he finally threw his back out and had to rest.

  7. MyLaowai said

    I’m just glad you found your LangLang again, miss.

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