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International Children’s Day

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, June 1, 2009

June First, and the day when the entire (Communist) world celebrates International Children’s Day. Personally, I’m not against the idea of having a day for children, though really I sort of figure that every day ought to be Children’s Day, in the same way that every day ought to be Don’t Torture People Day or Let’s Not Imprison Our Political Dissidents Day.

I was waiting for a friend this morning, and as luck would have it, our meeting point was outside of a primary school. I was therefore in the correct location to hear the following come over the school’s Public Address System:

“Get ready! We must fight for Communism! Get ready!”

There then followed a disgusting sermon on the values of Communism and victory over foreigners.

This was, remember, coming from the PA system of a primary school.

Now, there’s probably more than a few people out there in the (civilised) world who are a bit lost for words at this, so for you I have this explanation: Children’s Day is the day when the Chinese Communist Party hold their annual induction into the Young Pioneers of China, a mass youth organisation that falls under the direct control of the Party. The purpose of this organisation is to indoctrinate the youth of the nation as early as possible, and instil in their tender minds the correct hatred of anything that isn’t Han Chinese. They renamed themselves the Little Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, which sums it up rather well. The exact number of children who are members is not currently known, but there were 130 million of them back in 2002.

The Young Pioneers have their own flag (which is red, symbolizing the victory of the Revolution. There is a  five-pointed star in the middle symbolising the leadership of the Communist Party, while the torch above the star symbolises brightness down the path of communism), and their own uniform, which consists of a red scarf. Young Pioneers are in fact often referred to simply as ‘Red Scarves’.

The Investiture Ceremony consists of new members having their scarves tied for them by existing members. Children wearing red scarves are a common sight in China.

The Young Pioneers Constitution explains that the red of the scarf comes from the blood sacrificed by martyrs of the Revolution, and that all members should therefore wear the scarf with reverence. Lovely.

This is the slogan: “Be prepared, to struggle for the cause of Communism!”

And this is their pledge: “I am a member of the Young Pioneers of China. Under the Pioneers Flag I promise that: I love the Communist Party of China, I love the motherland, I love the people; I will study well and keep myself fit, to prepare for contributing my effort to the cause of communism.”

But best of all is their song:

We are the heirs of communism,
Inheriting the glorious tradition of the forebearers of the Revolution;
Love the motherland and the people,
While the crimson red scarf flutters at our chest.
We do not fear hardship, nor the enemy,
Studying hard and struggling with resolve;
Towards victory, courageously advance,
Towards victory, courageously advance,
Towards victory, courageously advance;
We are the heirs of communism.

We are the heirs of communism,
Along the glorious path of the forebearers of the Revolution;
Love the motherland and the people,
“Young Pioneer Members” is our proud name.
Ever be prepared, to contribute to the cause,
And to destroy completely the enemy.
For [our] ideal, courageously advance,
For [our] ideal, courageously advance,
For [our] ideal, courageously advance;
We are the heirs of communism.

Entry age to the Young Pioneers is 6, which because of the way in which Chinese count age, means 5.

Before I leave you with that sobering thought, I’d like to pre-empt anyone who wants to make comments like “Oh, but in America the children all know the Oath of Allegiance blah blah blah”. It isn’t the same thing at all, you blithering idiot. One is a (possibly misguided, I admit) attempt to encourage faith in one’s country, the other is filling the mind of innocents with hatred and lies, with a view to destroying any trace of humanity in them.

Happy International Children’s Day.

14 Responses to “International Children’s Day”

  1. Hunxuer said

    I used to be bothered by assholes around here that didn’t slow down their cars for old folks and their grandchildren crossing the streets on to way to/from school.

    Now I just hope some useless old turds that are wasting their golden years ferrying little snots around get wiped out along with the little bastard future Jabbas…

  2. justrecently said

    To love your country doesn’t mean that you need to love your compatriots. China’s a great illustration of that. ;)

  3. Hunxuer said

    To stab thy compatriots in thee back whilst beating ones chest proclaiming “Zhong Guo Jia You!!” is the new Motherland Love.

  4. Jamie said

    actually for today’s young Chinese, this youth orgnization, the red scarves, slogans and the song were just “empty words or ideals” – they bear no deep meaning or feeling whatsoever. I grew up and learnt all of those but they didn’t leave anything remotely “communist” on my mind, character, etc. You can ask other young Chinese and they would tell you so. These are just some old-fashined formalities you have to go through during schools years. No one would expect you to remember or understand those things.
    So, though scary or odd as they seem to be, they are just skin-deep formalities.

  5. Eric D said

    You know what I got for Childrens’ Day? I’ll tell you (oh god.. here we go…)

    3 little Koreans looking at me saying in perfect Singaporean English, “Teacher Eric!” Don’t fucking call me that. “It’s Childrens’ Day La!! You have to give us stuff La!”

    “No I don’t. You’re not Chinese. Korean Childrens’ day was last month.”

    “No!!! You’re a Bad BAD MAN!” The class is in an uproar. “You BAD LA!” Damn right.

    Sorry, MyLaowai, but the kids of China have NOTHING on some of their Korean counterparts. Schools may teach the “Values of Communism” but Korean PARENTS teach the values of hating EVERYONE outside of Korea and being demanding little bitches.

    I’m bitter today.

  6. Hunxuer said

    North or South, Koreans are all hateful little shits. That’s why they go to black neighborhoods in LA to open convenience stores…to provoke the locals there to start a race war.

  7. MyLaowai said

    This is the sound of me not arguing…


  8. MyFenwai said

    I’m bitter today.

    Aren’t you the typical white faggot.

    Go back to Australia.

  9. MyFenwai said

    That’s why they go to black neighborhoods in LA to open convenience stores…to provoke the locals there to start a race war.

    Anyone who actually has experience with niggers knows that it’s not just Koreans who have problems with them.

    Niggers are like white people, except they’re still in the “loot n’ sheeit, cuz i done gots raycism’d” phase that their albino cousins went through in the last 400 years.

    Give these fat-lipped nigger savages another 400 years of stealing and spreading disease and they too will settle for being corporate fat cats and shameless self-aggrandizing twats like any other waste of flesh honkey or kike piece of shit.

  10. MyLaowai said

    MyLaowai would like to point out that the above opinion is by no means untypical of that held by all CCP drones. It’s a cultural thing, for which we can thank Patriotic Chinese Education.

    Have a nice day, Stoogie.

  11. MyFenwai said

    I’ve never set foot in the PRC (hint: Asia isn’t just China). Now go tend my fields, Caucroach.

  12. justrecently said

    This is the sound of Stoogie arguing…

  13. Slap2tickle said

    Stoogie, you have fields? I thought I could smell something bad.

  14. MyFenwai said

    I thought I could smell something bad.

    Your mother hasn’t washed her cunt.

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