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China Full of Shit? No, Way Beyond That.

Posted by MyLaowai on Friday, July 8, 2011

Living in China presents unique challenges. For me, one of those challenges is reading China Daily without dying of laughter.

Seriously, reading any media is always an exercise of filter the propaganda, read between the lines etc. But China Daily? OMG. Plagiarism, lies that stink to heaven and back, bald-faced propaganda and… shit that they say that they simply don’t realize us ‘cultured educated folk’ (yes, yes I know you avid xenophobes, we are the barbarians and you are the cultured race – HA!) look at this shit and laugh.

Today, right now, this is too much.

The article starts with “A photo of a good-looking flatbread maker has created a frenzy on China’s twitter-like Weibo service, catapulting the figure – a 22-year-old Xinjiang native – to overnight fame.

Wow. Food for thought

IT GETS BETTER KIDDIES!!! Let’s read another article:

China’s high-speed rail better than Shinkansen.
A spokesman of the Ministry of Railways (MOR) said Thursday that China’s high-speed rail technologies are much better than those used by Japan’s Shinkansen Line. The remarks by the MOR spokesman, Wang Yongping, came after Japanese company Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. threatened to take action if China files for patents on high-speed trains made using Japanese technologies. “The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Japan’s Shinkansen line cannot be mentioned in the same breath, as many of the technological indicators used by China’s high-speed railways are far better than those used in Japan’s Shinkansen,” Wang said, rejecting the Japanese accusation of pirating. “We Chinese will not claim technologies owned by others as our own. And we will never give up our rights to file patent applications for innovations developed through our efforts and wisdom because of others’ irresponsible remarks,” he said.

Let’s take a deep breath, well, everyone except the KTV girls servicing the government officials: it’s difficult to draw a breath when you… let’s leave that thought alone huh? Toothpicks tickling your throat are always annoying.

High speed rail? Where DID that come from China? Oh yes. That’s right. Other countries (let’s not mention any names like GERMANY shall we) offered to build you an example, and in return you would consider taking on their engineering services. What did you do China? R&D, yes. Ripoff And Duplicate.

Nuclear reactors? Oh shit guys. Canada. Remember them? They built your first reactors for you on the premise you would buy Canadian uranium. What did you do? “3q wery much. We now copy them and buy Australian Uranium.

Should I go on? Like how Baidu is the biggest infringer of IP in the world, and is an SOE?

No, let’s return to that original article. To quote again: “…on China’s Twitter-like Weibo service

Why is it that Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps etc are under attack (and blocked by the Great Firewall) in China? Here is a simplified version of the government dialogs: “Shit, these pricks make money. Hey, let’s ban such things unless they a) have a license they have paid a crapload for and have agreed to the next point; b) cede total censorism to us; c) are owned by Chinese

This wouldn’t be a good rant unless I circularly returned to the original statement:

The case of a John Doe coming under the spotlight occurs on an irregular basis in China, as netizens develop an interest in hyping up the ordinary

Oh dear. Someone please book me a hernia repair operation. Irregular? Yeah, only a few times every year. Brother Sharp. Lotus Little Sister. Etc. Why? Well, if you study the word gossip, you will find that people with no lives take extraordinary interest in people with unusual lives.

China. A country of people with no life, no creativity, and an atavistic love of fucking everyone else over at any cost. Welcome! Come here! NOT

18 Responses to “China Full of Shit? No, Way Beyond That.”

  1. Hans Dampf said

    where can i sign?

  2. Long Long Time Been Here said

    Yeah, I remember when a Chinese scientist claimed he had created the first home grown CPU and there was a big thing about it only to be discovered that it was copied from Intel, then there wasn’t such a big thing about it anymore and it all disappeared just like the many critical posts do these days. Makes me feel glad that mylaowai isn’t on sina or any of the other Chinese blog sites, we’d have a hard time getting anything said at all!

  3. Scoobydo said

    It’s much worse than just the Chinese ripping off Western R&D.

    The whole concept of international trade is based in David Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage.

    The theory is a little counter intuitive but at one level is quite simple.

    If each country specialises in producing what it is best at, and trades with other countries doing the same, then everyone is better off.

    The theory however comes unstuck in 2 regards.-

    (1) It assumes that domestic capital will not leave a country but will rather be re-employed to another domestic use.

    Capital however does leave a country to build factories in other countries.

    Rather than say American capital being used to specialise in whatever the Americans produce the best, it flows from West to East and American workers end up unemployed and wages are driven downwards in the USA as they compete against Chinese workers.

    That isn’t supposed to happen in Ricardo’s theory but economists, for whatever reason ignore, the fact that it destroys the whole application of the theory of comparative advantage. I suspect that the vast majority have just never thought about it.

    (2) The theory assumes that capital can be re-employed from one domestic purpose to another.

    In real life however, no one has worked out how to convert a steel mill into a sheep farm.

    I think economists are just a bit dull – most economic study concerns arcane theories with little study of how they actually interact in the real world. One economists I spoke to couldn’t understand how a steel mill going out of business destroys capital rather than releases it for another use. He just couldn’t see it. The don’t call economics the dismal ‘science’ for nothing.

    The politicians on the other hand are either uneducated, which isn’t surprising in light of their economic advisors being a bit dull, or treasonous.

    • kingtubby1 said

      Crikey, how about a 101 on Ricardo’s theory of ground rent which has eluded me for about three decades.

    • 0112337 said

      You idiot. How dare you call yourself a professor Scooby. The point Ricardo was trying to make was that each country was supposed to produce what it was good at, not try everything, and certainly not produce what some other country was good at. When that happens, ceterus paribus, everyone becomes better off.

      Is the U.S. producing at its competitive advantage? What is its competitive advantage? America is the world’s leader in scientific innovation, in financial services, agriculture, and in its mighty military forces. So when China takes some American jobs in manufacturing, which America does not have a comparative advantage in, is that a clear sign that Ricardo’s theory is BS? Read again what Ricardo proposed.

      America SHOULD HAVE devoted more resources to clean tech and bio-tech research, but what is it doing instead? It’s buying up guns, airplanes, and fighting two wars at the same time, walking down the road of the Soviet Union. In the near future, that means America’s comparative advantage will lie in its war machine. So according to Ricardo, if any country needs to fight a war, it should call on America. Where America is a mercenary country that fights other people’s wars to balance its own debts.

      That’s scenario 1, scenario 2, is where America will be the world’s farmer. The Midwest can produce enough food annually to feed the whole world and because of this, the U.S. never had a food shortage problem and it was able to send food aid to poor countries. But in the future, such generous donations will no longer be possible, since Congress is proposing cuts in farm subsidies. America will tap its competitive advantage and become China’s farmer, where China will become America’s banker.

      Russia will become the world’s resource supply giant, and England, being the puny, isolated (non-euro) island nation that it is, will have to focus its energies on finance and bet against the winds. If another financial crisis hits, it will go along the route of Iceland.

      But that’s too much for now, the point of this post is, Scooby, you are a scam and an idiot. I no longer believe that you are a professor. Reread your economics books.

      • Scoobydo said

        “You idiot. How dare you call yourself a professor Scooby. The point Ricardo was trying to make was that each country was supposed to produce what it was good at, not try everything, and certainly not produce what some other country was good at.”

        I’ve never called myself a professor. You did.

        By the way, for a sock puppet your reading comprehension is very good. For a person, it stinks.

        I wrote

        “If each country specialises in producing what it is best at, and trades with other countries doing the same, then everyone is better off.”

        Now off with you, back to the sock drawer.

    • 0112337 said

      here, check this out.


      Can you calculate for me what percentage of the U.S. GDP is manufacturing? How about retail sales? Who are these retailers? THE FUCKING LAOWAIS ON MYLAOWAI.COM.

      God help your “students”.

    • MyLaowai said

      Right, so by your ‘logic’, China produces at a competitive advantage… what? Let us see:
      Poisonous foodstuffs… check.
      Lethal medicines… check.
      Exploding car parts… check.
      Dangerous children’s toys… check.
      Corruption… check.
      Cheap weapons for brutal dictatorships… check.
      High tech trains… Nope, but they do steal the tech well, so maybe a half-mark there.
      Pollution… check.
      Ugly men with no balls… check.
      Skanky women with plenty of balls but no soul… check.
      Fictitious accounts of historical events… check.
      Bad feelings with absolutely every single neighbour… check.

      So yes, you might have a point. But then again you might be a bit of a nonce. I’ll let the viewing public decide for themselves (I can say that because whilst I am in China, this blog isn’t).

      • 0112337 said

        Again, Laowai, comments such as these make me question what your real profession is, perhaps you are a tabloid professional?

        Like I said, I absolutely don’t care what you or your reader thinks of my comments.

      • Bill said

        Mylaowai, Gotta reblog this comment. As usual, you capture the essence of the China experience……

    • Nips Are Great said

      Tough day Scooby?

      • Scoobydo said

        I did actually.

        I felt bad lying in my bed for having such a go at Economists.

        But still, they are pushing the flawed application of Ricardo’s theory which is going to be the downfall of the West.

        The really ironic thing is, China puts great restrictions on Chinese capital from flowing out of China. Yet the West allows its capital to flow into China.

        You really do have to wonder what is going on.

      • 0112337 said

        Why doesn’t Chinese capital flow back to the West? Because there is simply nothing truly worthy to invest in.

        I think I don’t need to explain why capital is flowing into China right?

  4. Scoobydo said

    “So yes, you might have a point. But then again you might be a bit of a nonce.”

    You are just sore because you are helping to transfer wealth from West to East.

    By the way, what is it with all the sock puppets in here?

  5. Bill said

    The Chinese are correct when they said, “Japan’s Shinkansen line cannot be mentioned in the same breath, “.
    It most certainly cannot, Japan’s line works, can the same be said for the ‘disaster in waiting’ that runs from BJ to SH?

  6. […] comment from mylaowai here. […]

  7. ChuckNorris said

    Thank you mylaowai for exposing the shithole that is China.

    I can think of another reason why the West invests in China – to build up a credible foe to restart the cold war that was so profitable for the mil-industrial complex. The present hot wars are not that profitable. We need more black hole R&D projects to suck up taxpayer dollars/euros.

  8. Brock said

    I FULLY AGREE!! The Chinese in all hi tech organizations across Zhong Guo don’t have any imagination, creativity or the ability to grasp and/or apply innovative, abstract concepts whatsoever! They have stolen every bit of intellectual property from its rightful owners, that they now claim as their own and have botched much of that through incomplete reverse engineering because they don’t possess many key elements that western countries have wisely encrypted. Due to these grave violations and miscalculated, common practices of theivery, it’s time to make them pay by forcing them back into their rightful place where they belong — Third World Status!

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