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Wayne Barnes – Rugby’s Refereeing Poster Boy

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, October 7, 2007

Referee Profile
Full name: Wayne Barnes
Born: Gloucestershire, 20 April 1979
First Test: Fiji vs Samoa on 24 June 2006
Latest Test: Wales vs France on 26 August 2007
Number of Tests: 8
Profession: Barrister
World Cup experience: None

Wayne Barnes is the youngest and least experienced of the Elite-level referees, having refereed just 8 tests. I’m not saying that Mr Barnes is anything less than honest. I am merely suggesting that some more experience at the highest level of the game might have been a good thing, particularly in light of the number of poor decisions made in his most recent game, the game that cost the worlds’ greatest side the World Cup. In the very apt words of Hamish McBrearty:

Although the All Blacks played badly and did not deserve to win, the worst performance of the night came from referee Wayne Barnes. The sin-binning of McAlister was comical and perhaps cost the All Blacks the match, and somehow all three officials missed an obvious forward pass leading up to Jauzion’s try.

McAlister was shown a yellow card in the 46th minute for taking out a French player who was chasing a kick. Replays, even at full speed, showed McAllister turning to chase the kick and Jauzion running into his back.

Of course, this is what a certain other media commentator had to say on the subject:

Fantastic! Sheer fantasy! Amazing Saturday went spirally upwards into fantasy! There has never been a day like it in World Cup rugby.

Whether France deserved to win or not, doesn’t matter one iota.

I’ll let you figure out for yourselves where that twat guy comes from…

I’m off for a drink.

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