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In the News (from Taiwan)

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who could have predicted this?

Hoteliers lash out at Chinese tourists.

Taiwan’s travel industry is being forced to deal with many negative consequences — from damaged hotel equipment to delayed payments — coming from the influx of Chinese tourists, hotel operators and travel agencies said.

One year ago yesterday, Taiwan allowed the first Chinese tourist groups to enter the country on direct cross-strait flights. However, one year later, Taiwan’s hotel and tourism operators have more to complain about than to praise regarding their guests from across the Strait.

Although Chinese tourists did increase occupancy at hotels and boarding houses, they have also caused a lot of trouble, hotel and boarding house operators said at a meeting with Taipei County Tourism and Travel Bureau Director Chin Huei-chu (秦慧珠) earlier this week.

One hotel operator in Taipei County said that after his hotel stopped providing ashtrays following the January ban on smoking indoors, Chinese tourists began smoking in their rooms and putting their cigarettes out on the carpet and wooden tables, or use its bathroom cups as ashtrays.

Another hotel operator said that although his hotel provides ironing boards in the rooms, Chinese tourists often iron their clothes directly on the floor, burning the carpets.

He said that he had even found a missing alarm clock in the electric water boiler in the room one time after guests from China left.

Other hotel operators said that while it was not news that guests often steal towels and slippers, they still found it quite shocking that Chinese tourists would take shoe brushes, shoe horns, hangers and even closet door knobs away.

Hotel and tourism operators said that some of the other complaints they often receive about Chinese tourists include littering, walking around wearing only underwear in public areas and spitting.

Chin said that hotel operators could ask Chinese tourists to leave a deposit when they check in. However, representatives from the Tourism Bureau and travel agencies were opposed to it, saying there was no legal basis for requiring deposits and that it may make Chinese tourists feel that they are targets of discrimination.

China, on the other hand, suggested that hotels should ask travel agencies to pay for damage inflicted by their customers.

Meanwhile, travel agencies complained in a separate meeting that their partner travel agencies in China often write checks payable only after three to six months, causing them tremendous financial pressure.

Taipei Times

21 Responses to “In the News (from Taiwan)”

  1. Surprised it took them so fkn long to start complaining. I’ve always said I dread the day that your average Zhou starts to tour the world. Sometimes I think the world is far too bloody small. I wish I had the energy to go on ranting about these fuckers – but I’m all ranted out. I’ve got less than 6 months to go in this fucking hell hole – then I’m gone, back to the land of fresh air and peace and quiet!! I will NOT miss this place.

  2. Macau Dave said

    Theses hoteliers need to man up and start requiring a deposit like any other country in the world. That’s what we do in Macau and we get no problems from the hordes of mainlanders.

    Admittedly it is smoker friendly in Macau so we have no issues with burnt table tops. Free standing ashtrays dotted around the place also provide a perfect receptacle for the mainland’s phlegm supply as well.

    As long as smoking is legal hotels should be supplying rooms for smokers – inclusive of ashtrays.
    Methinks Taiwan is at fault here.

  3. “…stopped providing ashtrays following the January ban on smoking indoors,…” – which part did you forget to read? Also, the ‘smoking’ and related problem were only a small part of a longish list of issues. Did they put the alarm clock into the water boiler as a protest or…?

  4. justrecently said

    Me recommends Kärcher. For the aftermath, not for the perpetrators. Don’t get me wrong.

  5. Ned Kelly said

    But before the perpetration, I recommend that Taiwan repudiate the stupid American fashion of persecuting smokers of tobacco, and I recommend smoking clove cigarettes as a means of expediting the rehabilitation of Taiwan.

  6. Ned Kelly said

    PS, to JR, didn’t many of your own compatriots actually INCREASE their smoking during the Nazi interlude, as one of their ways of demonstrating their resistance against the Nanny State?

    Weren’t cigarettes and jazz two – among other – subtle symbols of Germans’ refusals to subordinate themselves entirely to the Nanny State’s endeavours to make Germany 100 percent “healthy”?

  7. Ned Kelly said


  8. justrecently said

    Very true, and exactly my point – as of October 10 last year.

  9. Ned Kelly said

    But the damage done by smoking tobacco PALES beside the damage done by – for example – the majority of non-smoking-middle-class people in metropolitan Los Angeles who puff a thousand times more toxins into the atmosphere from their stupid bloody cars, than any smokers of tobacco do.

    Tobacco has become a very American scapegoat, to distract Americans from thinking about their REAL sources of pollution, their stupid bloody automobiles.

  10. Ned Kelly said

    PS, and yes, JR, I see your point (which considerably agrees with mine), and good on ya for that!

    Hm, so it seems even the bloody Krauts OCCASIONALLY make sense! :-) Actually the Krauts have a pretty good record, of mostly making sense for the past 2,000 years since the time of Arminius in the Teutoburg Forest! In context and relatively speaking, those nasty 12 years from 1933-1945 were just a burp…

    …lasting far shorter than America’s delusions of Empire, circa 1945 to 2009 and beyond…

  11. Macau Dave said

    S-F-S: Let me re-phrase then: ” As long as smoking is legal people should be allowed to smoke in dedicated hotel rooms. Methinks Taiwan is at fault here.”

    Also, most of the grievances (missing alarm clock and damaged items) can be addressed by requiring a deposit as I suggested in the first line of my reply. Which part of that line didn’t you read?

  12. Sex is legal as well – it’s just that it’s forbidden in certain places. Smoking is ‘forbidden’ in certain places, i-fkn-e – illegal. Back in the not-so-wild west, smoking is legal – but it’s banned almost everywhere.

  13. MyFenwai said

    Taipei Times

    I laughed.

  14. Billy-Joe-Bob-Evans said

    Laughing at the fact that though mostly ethnic Han Chinese, Taiwan has an independent media not constrained by the whims of the Party? The only Party?

    Wonder why mainland tourism bureaus and tour companies have to coach their customers on how to behave and define what common courtesy is? It’s a shame those banners, signs and slogans constantly hammering “develop a civilized society” into their skulls simply doesn’t sink in…

  15. justrecently said

    Billy-Joe-Bob-Evans: Myfenwai laughed because he was embarrassed. Which is understandable.

  16. FOARP said

    “It’s a shame those banners, signs and slogans constantly hammering “develop a civilized society” into their skulls simply doesn’t sink in . . ”

    Yeah, turns out all that shit doesn’t work, who’d’ve thunk it?

    @Sino-fucking-sceptic – Dude, you’re going for good? Where did you suddenly get the common sense from?

  17. MyFenwai said

    Yeah, turns out all that shit doesn’t work, who’d’ve thunk it?

    As far as I can tell it doesn’t work, they just improve on their own. In China you’ll see all the elderly, pregnant women and the sick seated on public transportation while the men, younger generations and able-bodied are standing.

    In America you’ll often see mystery shitslime on the ground, used needles, burnt joints, bullet holes, blood spatters a couple of jabbas fornicating somewhere in a corner. That and a bunch of self-centered freckled white brats (generally immensely overweight) hogging two seats while an old lady in crutches and bound to a breathing tube gets tossed around by the moving vehicle.

    In Detroit’s Metro airport I’ve watched as an elderly white lady in a wheelchair roamed around lost, hauling a few moderately heavy bags, as various common white American jabbas and jabbettes sipped their pissotinis or crapoulés (or whatever they call their newest trendy, overpriced Starbucks garbage) and more or less ignored her.

    Finally I found it intolerable and helped her to her terminal, and she was so grateful it was like she was getting used to living in some mixed-race shithole of a nation that is completely lacking of even a pretense of civil society, and would never expect even a little courtesy in half a million years.

    I’d put my longterm bets on the young Chinese, over white KKK brats (guidos, rednecks, wiggers, you name it).

  18. MyLaowai said

    “In China you’ll see all the elderly, pregnant women and the sick seated on public transportation while the men, younger generations and able-bodied are standing.”

    This is what is commonly refereed to as ‘a lie’.

  19. MyFenwai said

    So you admit the rest is the truth, I see.

  20. woody said

    A father and son pick pocket team preyed on many foreign tourists, the son, after went on for too long started having this moral dilemma.

    “Isn’t it wrong to steal, Dad ?” The son asked.
    “It’s ok, who asked them to be so rich” The Dad replied.

    So the loot continue.


  21. […] https://mylaowai.com/2009/07/05/in-the-news-from-taiwan/#comment-9107 A father and son pick pocket team preyed on many foreign tourists, the son, after went on far too long started having this moral dilemma in his thought. […]

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