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Great Kid, Don’t get Cocky.

Posted by MyLaowai on Thursday, November 4, 2010

Expo 2012

14 Responses to “Great Kid, Don’t get Cocky.”

  1. Hans said

    a bit weak no? ;)

  2. John Galt said

    I really miss your rants. Made part of my day!

  3. MyLaowai said

    @ Hans:

    @ JohnGalt:
    Why, thank you. There’s more on the way, trust me on this. As long as I draw breath, the hate grows strong within me.

  4. Hans said

    when i first checked this morning, there was not picture, I could only see ‘Expo 2012’, hence my comment

    I can see clearly now :)

  5. Hans said

    This is probably stupid, but i keep posting, but cannot see my post, i case there is multiple times the same, my apologies

  6. Hans said

    and just like this I have ridiculed myself …

  7. Chinese Netizen said

    Here’s a bit from today’s South China Morning Post (article by Will Clem)…

    “Air pollution levels in Shanghai skyrocketed on Monday, the day after the city’s World Expo finished, to figures far higher than those seen during the fair’s six-month run.

    The sudden jump in smog levels caused some embarrassment for the city, coming just as environmental officials were slapping themselves on the back for the marked improvements in air quality during the expo period due to control measures.

    he city’s Air Pollution Index (API) hit 156 on Monday, its highest level since March, and the cause was a massive increase in airborne particulate matter. Tuesday’s reading was 138, and it dropped to 64 yesterday.

    The State Environmental Protection Agency considers readings below 50 to be “excellent”, and up to 100 as “good”. On days with higher readings, it begins issuing advice on health implications. The highest the index reached during the expo period – which began just before the gates opened on May 1 – was 113, and it went over 100 on only two other occasions. The low readings are believed to be largely due to a moratorium on construction work in the city, clampdowns on heavily polluting trucks and emissions controls on factories in the surrounding region.”

    etc etc etc…

  8. Slap2tickle said

    Or there’s some fiddling going on with the figures which can happen, when I lived in Jinan the government schools and offices would close if the temp reached above 40 degrees, yet when my thermometer reached 43-45 degrees the official figure never went above 38 degrees.

  9. 0112337 said

    Believe it or not Laowai, your webpage is actually accessible in mainland China. The English version is not, however, but when you view it under the “google translate” service, the Chinese version bypasses the State filter. I saw it while I was in Shanghai a few months ago.

    Shanghai is far less polluted than Beijing. Of the five days I was there, the sky was constantly bright and clear. Visibility in my city is usually limited to 100 meters in any direction when viewed from the street. All the pollution gets trapped in the valley while the one in Shanghai gets carried away to the sea. We haven’t complained yet, what are you complaining about? And since you said you lived on the outskirts of the city, my guess is you probably live somewhere near Suzhou or Hangzhou, which have some of the cleanest air around. You live in a fucking city, air will not be as clean as in the countryside. Man up or leave.

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