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Minging in the Rain

Posted by MyLaowai on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I was talking the other day with a newly-arrived young man, who asked me about the quality of Chinese poontang, and was it as awesome as he’d heard. This reminded me of a conversation I’d just had with a friend, in which he’d told me he’d met a girl who had a clit like a pickle.

I asked in wonder: “Wow, was it really that big?”, to which he replied:

“No, it was that sour”.

5 Responses to “Minging in the Rain”

  1. Jeff said

    I like that one! Sour Clit. that sounds like a good nickname, up there with “vinegar tits”

  2. 0112337 said

    Tell you friend he should have bit hers off. She does not deserve to have it, for being so stupid, as to fuck a ‘loose’ person as your friend.

  3. Jeff said

    errr. 0112337 bite a clit off?
    Awww thats not nice.
    I think ‘loose’ is ok ….you mom was ‘loose’ ….she was ok!

    Q:-Who’s yo daddy? Who’s yo daddy 0112337?
    Its me, yeah me!
    I’m yo daddy! why I’m yo daddy 0112337?
    cause I did this –
    .|. into (|) and (_*_)
    to yo momma! yeh yo momma! She sweeeeeeet yo moma sweeeet!

    • 0112337 said

      Can you be a ‘daddy’? Are you sure you can .l. or more aptly, l when you see a (l) ?

      Don’t be confused…not everyone can be a man. Be well.

      • Jeff said

        Could I be your ‘Daddy’?
        Lets not go there……..I’ve done a lot in China I regret (using beer goggles)

        Don’t be confused? Never!
        sorry to hear your androgenous dilemma.

        Be well……be super
        Have a glass of Mengniu on me!

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