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Poachers Should Be Shot

Posted by MyLaowai on Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 Responses to “Poachers Should Be Shot”

  1. Chinese Netizen said

    China’s historical legacy territory extends to George Clooney’s front yard in Malibu. It was discovered 12,000 years ago by Gavin Menzies and some Chinese eunuch he was salad tossing…

  2. Chinese Netizen said

    From today’s South China Morning Post (partial):

    An anchor on a state-run television network has accidentally declared the Philippines a part of China, in an embarrassing gaffe as tensions between the two nations run high.

    He Jia, anchor for China Central Television’s (CCTV) nationally televised news broadcast, made the claim during a late Monday broadcast that has been repeatedly replayed on the internet.

    The anchor apparently meant to say that the Huangyan islands – known in the Philippines as the Scarborough Shoal, and claimed by both nations – is China’s territory.

    “We all know that the Philippines is China’s inherent territory and the Philippines belongs to Chinese sovereignty, this is an indisputable fact,” she said in the broadcast, which has since vanished from the CCTV website but is available elsewhere online.

    Viewers joked in online postings that the presenter’s nationalistic fervour led to her mistake.

    • MyLaowai said

      Yeah. The anchor may have said that accidentally, but the accident was in saying it aloud – after all it’s something all Chinese seem to believe. They have actually been teaching middle-school kids for several years that Japan will be a Chinese province by 2020, and just about every nationalistic little toerag in the country thinks Vietnam already is. Obviously, these mistaken and retarded gobshites also think that Taiwan and Tibet and East Turkestan and Inner Mongolia is part of China, many even believe that Yunnan is too.

      Fuck, the list goes on…

      • Chinese Netizen said

        Alaska falls into that category…the yellow scourge walked across when the Aleutians were still connected to the Asian mainland. it’s why the natives are of Mongoloid stock and eat some seriously f**ked up shite. And I’m talking about Sarah Palin!!

  3. Qin said

    stupid foreigners!!! you know nothing!!! Japan was always a chinese province before and will be CHINESE province again!!! Philipinnes was taken by the laowai Spanish then fucking Americans before———- but ALWAYS is CHINESE! Also it will be CHINESE again, belong to CHINA!!!. Vietnam is part of CHINA before too. also will be CHINA very soon ny LAW of People’s Republic of CHINA!!!. All South Asia got Culture from CHINA before. CHINA has RIGHT to take all ASIA (first SE Asia) back to CHINA, because all belong to CHINESE PEOPLE! and CHINESE CULTURE!! Read History!!!! You brainwash stupid foreigner! Also this talking about South CHINA (!!!) sea is funny by you foreigners. Look at the name: South CHINA sea. It belongs to CHINA!!!!! SOUTH CHINAAAAAAAA SEA. You see this name?

    • Howard said

      Come on, these can’t be real Chinese responding. This is some expat posing as Chinese, right? They couldn’t have really swallowed up the whole “It’s all mind” — a sort of Monroe Doctrine of Asia? Or is that really what’s up their sleeves?

      Not without a fight from Vietnam, the Phillipines, Cambodia, Laos, Japan et al.

      It should be interesting. Should it ever happen, what a loss to the world!

      Give me Asia…but give me China in bits.

  4. 0112337 said

    孙儿啊, do you miss me? 你爷。。。我, certainly missed you! I cannot help but notice there is an interesting bit of news floating on the net these past few days…!

    A British mule, around 27-30 turns of the seasons, bald and well hung, had the dingles to rape…..wait…wait…you ready? No, it’s not another fat, drunk, potty mouthed, bloody drugged up white whore/brit woman on the island that I am talking about. That would be too normal! The mule had the balls to launch off on A CHINESE girl in MY CITY!

    Clearly…he wants to sell his balls and can’t find buyers. You can find information about that here.

    Ah…and so what is the outcome, my little ones? Why of course, the mule got schooled…by my fellow citizens…just like I told you all in the previous posts!! This brings me an unspeakable sense of pride, admiration, and gratitude. Thank you, thank you. Bravo!! Bravo!! Well done!! Well done!! And ENCORE!!!

    Unlike the people in the video, who, I believe let the guy go too easily. That pig was trying to play dead. See, I would have methodically taken his pants down, patiently and calmly asked for a scissor, and then just castrated all that mess right there. Cut that shit off. Seriously, just cut ALL that shit off, the testicle, penis, stem…you know, so nothing is left and it won’t grow back. Then we can see him pretend to play dead, sing in different chords, and we can record his screams on to itunes and sell it to a cellphone company in China. It will fetch A LOT of money. Chinese consumers will really dig that stuff. Maybe a cigarette burner will accentuate this effect on an open testicle wound? I don’t know What do you think? Any animal farmers out there? Surgical experts? Butchers?

    I will pay $100,000 dollars to the original video taker if he can get a video of PART II, this mule’s time at the detention center. A further $2,000,000 to the prison guard that…shall we say…deliver his dingle sack to me, so I can stew it…grind it, charcoal it, and feed it to my horses. Further premiums will be placed if I can get a video of this sacred ritual cutting, with $1 more for each minute of additional suffering. The louder the pig squeals the better. We must SEE pain! And the last bonus will be given to the prison guard if he could do this pet peeve of mine…stuff his freshly cut off balls into his mouth, have him taste his own blood and cum…um….yum..yum….cum and blood all over his mouth…..dripping white and red…

    …alas…too bad, your grandfather wasn’t there. Otherwise, YOU would be able to see this Brit’s balls in this video. But perhaps other brits here can do me the favor and perform the same act again in my city? Maybe…oh…maybe….I can be lucky enough to be present when you do it???

    So I can cut off YOUR balls? PLEASE?


    • MyLaowai said

      Rape? You call that rape? Where was the terror? The intimidation? The violence?

    • Dw'in hoffi coffee said

      I like how they beat the guy to a pulp without even drawing a drop of blood. Magic that is really. And why is there a big gap in the middle between them confronting him and him lying in a pool of invisible blood, covered in no cuts and bruises whatsoever, but with a Chinese shushu saying “let me at him. He’s done one of our sisters,” with a load of other shushu’s blocking his way? (I think this is the typical beating with Chinese characteristics. I might have been on the receiving end of one of those myself once). And why are the photos of him assaulting girls on the subway that are on the Internet just pictures of him standing there doing absolutely nothing at all out of the ordinary.

      You said “It’s not another …. white..” If you actually bother to look at the pics, you’ll notice he’s not white.

      Probably what actually happened was he came across of one of those touchy, feely flirty Chinese girls who just think they can act as they please with foreign men, and when he, being a bit drunk, thinks his luck’s in and he can make out/snog with her in the street and then they get an audience, she gets a bit embarrassed and decides she can instead get a bit of attention off her Chinese “brothers,” who wouldn’t normally give a 外地人 like her the time of day and would normally just tell her “外地B都滚回老家种田去.” Then the whole story gets spun out and blown out of proportion by insecure nationalists. Even rapists know to drag their victims into a bush or alley or something. Either that, or it’s just all acting. They could have at least used some ketchup or something for fake blood.

      So what the real story actually is, I don’t know, but I do know it’s definitely not the one presented to us by the ludicrous Chinese media.

      I see in the latest saga in the standoff between China and the Philippines, the Chinese have dealt a lethal blow to the Philippine Navy by impounding a load of Philippine bananas. Impounding bananas, is that out of the Art of War or something?

      I’ve actually decided I quite like living in China. Just a pity the economy is just starting to tank worse than the US, EU and Japan all put together. I don’t care what the official GDP figures say, the stark reality is all around me, brand-new but empty shops, malls and offices, all built with the savings of the ordinary people to make all the local officials into billionaires off sales of land snatched from the ordinary people. Certainly is a lucrative business, this serving the people.

    • Dw'in hoffi coffee said

      And in no way do I mean to defend this creep. He needs how to handle his booze and women.

    • Dw'in hoffi coffee said

      She was all over him because she was after his wallet. There’s gotta be some reason why he thought he could get it on in the middle of the street. Calculating rapists just don’t operate like that.

    • 0112337 said

      Ahhh….look at the imaginative, voyeur fantasies of the animals on Laowai.com. It is not rape unless there is terror, intimidation, and violence! So you didn’t see thrusting, ripping, breaking, the foaming in the mouth. Are you disappointed? Why not just say it’s not rape because you don’t have a bag of popcorn in your hands as you are watching the video?

      But since you are experts, and seem more knowledgeable on the subject than I, why don’t we arrange a time to meet up in Beijing…some night, and YOU can demonstrate by grabbing a girl on the street, show me, the novice, how it’s REALLY done, and I will show you, the novice, how to REALLY cut off your balls?

      Don’t worry, I am a professional. You will absolutely be sure I cut off your genitals when I am done, no doubts.

  5. 0112337 said

    Laowai, this means you. Seriously consider. I will make you a celebrity. People all over the world may not know you, but by the end, they will absolutely know your balls.


  6. chinanumberonehappy said

    white race and laowai must die all.chinese race cultural is best and the stronger!chinese are handsome and strong and more smart in world!inovating all progess in china and the world!!! ALL BY CHINESE!!!!must beat and kill all laowai and bring civization to white race and destroy and make chinese!!!china is the harmonious people like all people chinese strong is strongeer.but laowai must to respect to chinese peoples first because we are best and the cilivilize people!!laowai animal!out of china!!!!!!!!!!!world is chinese!!!weak laowai! chinese beat you!!!haha!strong china!Go!!!

  7. Ned Kelly said

    A slight digression, but relevant to China’s racial greatness:


  8. fuckinghateem said

    well, farewell to all of you, i am, lucky as I am, done with this motherfucking place. I am moving on.
    Fuck you China, fuck you Chinese people, may an atomic explosion eat your whole damn race. fuck you. I’m out. Off to Vietnam… lol :D

    • 0112337 said

      Go further south to Thailand or east to Japan, both nations tolerate your clueless dumbass bitch work better than anywhere else. There you can unleash your clueless nonconformity, unreleased sperm, eccentric angst, boyish fantasies, and the amateur rebellions on every poor, starving, equally dumb ass, skinny ladyboys till there is not a single anus left that’s not ripped.

      But if you decide to do that in MY CITY…hahaha…well…we will make sure you leave…like a woman!


      • Long Long Time Been Here said

        And there is nothing wrong with your obsession with cutting off balls…..?

      • 0112337 said

        Well…I mean, aren’t most of you that come over to Shanghai/south…the weaker/crazier kind anyways? Why do you reject the hand of destiny?

        By cutting off your balls, I am helping YOU, completing you…harmonizing you. Shouldn’t you thank me? Doing something you always wanted done, but never got the balls to do so?

        Oh…I think, I think, that mule in the video should be neutered! Don’t you?

        Besides, women are smarter, prettier, and more interesting than men anyways. They smell better too…

      • Long Long Time Been Here said

        To a certain degree I’m inclined to agree with you on some of your points. With forced steralizations happening all around the country, why fight it? As for the mule in the video I agree on this point, he should be neutered for sure. With regards to women, I think western women smell better, Chinese woman aren’t quiet there yet.

  9. dr. zhang said

    Chinese is most male and perfect race.amd best blood in world. this is proved by beijing universitie,because of pureness of chinese race the chinese are most clean and superiors to other people especially to white inferior race..the power of chinese blood you can see in the fact of chinese citizen count!1.400 Bbillion! foreigner countries have very less people:.means: westerners are very weak for make babies and not strong like chinese.this is china science work make in beijing univ!famous inworld!!!!in CHINA!also in 10 years we make study: chinese will be dominanta race in world and also mix our strong and pure blood with white woman to make more chinese perfect to make more white the chinese look more handsome.because foreigner stole our gene and japan also.is history!pls read..so is good for world and all chinese.stronger win.chinese stronger.we study darvin and change the foreign darvin to chinese realty!.and we know this how to do. //zhang from Beijing school of life science.soon DR of biology and genetist of china.

  10. Here is a good piece about China’s take on ‘history’, it mirrors what most humans who live in this dump already know, but kudos to the author for having the stones to write it.
    excerpt “The conflict between the Philippines and China over the Scarborough Shoal may seem to be a minor dispute over an uninhabitable rock and the surrounding waters. But it is hugely important for future relations in the region because it showcases China’s stubborn view that the histories of the non-Han peoples whose lands border two-thirds of the South China Sea are irrelevant. The only history that matters is that written by the Chinese and interpreted by Beijing.”

    Link here http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303918204577446202239267134.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

  11. site said

    Is it fine to place part of this on my weblog if perhaps I publish a reference to this web-site?

  12. daisy jiang said

    all foreigner country on south CHINA sea belong to CHINA.is very true.you foreigner not understand china.see the name:south CHINA sea.means:: belong to CHINA.also filipinnaes also belong to china and vietnam,tawian (of course!!!),part of japan,malyasia,indonesia belong to china. btw.CHINA bring culture to them before in acnient times,so they are chinese and belong to china!you stupid foreigners not do the understand of china and our big history and cultuire. shut up or the die you!!!

  13. daisy jiang said

    no is more right to say: ALL japan belong to CHINA.,all japan(japanese very bad stole our culture and very bad people not educate like the chinese, to use must the chinese must civilize the japanese and belong to china very soon as province of peoples republic of china! china so strong, i so sproud,wecan do all and getting all!!! CHINA!!

  14. realist said

    stupid white cunt getting his head kicked in

    you fucking dickheads are too retarded to see what ‘multi culturalism’ is doing to your european societies

    enjoy eurabia in europe and a washed out race, what a bunch of no conviction losers who are allowing 3rd worlders to rape your women, transform your societies all in the name of political correctness

    you stupid lao wai are committing genocide to your own people, here in china it’s called treason

  15. ChinaisNumberONE said

    Yes! stupid white foreigners must be beaten hard!and die all!kill all the foreigners and ugly white savage animals not educat people,all dirty people the foreigners the white all americans and japanese!!!must kill!!!!Chinese are best handsome race! we go all world.world is belong to CHINA ALL!!!!!!!We boss!Long live the best strong CHINA and our decent chinese people and best big culture best in world!!!!!!

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