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Monday Motivation for June

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, June 11, 2012

14 Responses to “Monday Motivation for June”

  1. Chinese Netizen said

    Off to dong guan and factory labor if you don’t win gold in London this year, bring glory to your country and humbly thank the communist party for all they’ve given you!

  2. WangZhuang said

    jealous foreigner.so silly.yes china already prove in 2008 that is the very best in sport.China won MOST!!! gold meadal!!!so proud of strong china!!!.so,means:chinese are superior to all world and the wthite inferior westerners..is because chnese are strong and very old history and best culture.now you do the very poor.very cheap olympiac game in dirty london.haha.foreigers so funny. so poor. because you have no money..china show to all world is very rich we make best olympic game in history.best show of all world. number one is china.you lost foreigner.china is the master now. ypu lose and you do what we say and you not strong.we strong. china and all sport in china are best in world.number one.

    • MyLaowai said

      Of course, I completely agree. By the way, have you eaten your daily breakfast of clenbuterol and melamine yet?

      Oh, and go get your fuckin’ shoe shine box…

      • WangZhuang said

        what you say?? i am CHINESE you not talk with me like this!!! you understand??? you respect chinese peoples and our big power china!stupid foreigner!go out of china back to your dirty country!!!you have not the culture like chinese!low people!you animal!i report you! must block you and go out of China!!!! you insult chinese peoples!!call all chinese for searching this arrogant foreigner of this bad page! go out of china foreigner!

  3. Chinese Netizen said

    Stupid foreigners excel in games that generate fan appreciation, revenue, excitement and greater merchandising opportunities.

    Stupid Chinese excel in utterly useless shit like air gun shooting, badminton, little girl exploitation and ping pong.

    Think it’ll EVER be possible for Chinese men to put together any sort of championship TEAM (alien concept for the men)?

    • MyLaowai said

      Certainly, yes. Trampolining, for example. Or (and I’m not kidding – I saw this on Chinese TV), synchronised singles diving. And remember, China always has the largest team for the Special Olympics, with over one and a half billion potential athletes to draw on.

      Read more about China’s national exercise system here: https://mylaowai.com/2007/07/01/keeping-fit-in-the-prc/

      • WangZhuang said

        stupid foreigner.youknow nothing.china has best system for the exercise in world!look how strong china is now.also you are stupid you don’t know that china invent most sport in world.you foreigner use now!!soccer,the tennis,running(first do on our great wall by chinese!),vollyball,the basketball and many many other all invent firstin china!you brainwash foreigner.

      • MyLaowai said

        True enough when it comes to running – the Chinese army practise that every time a Japanese tourist arrives at the airport.

      • Jeff said

        Just yell out “Banzai! gibberish gibberish deska! Banzai” watch the queue or mob at the airport disperse. haha!

  4. Long Long Time Been Here said

    @LittleWangZhuang: According to the CCP the Chinese invented the world……………enough said!

    • WangZhuang said

      you are not right.china not invent the world. but china invent civilization and culture and the morale of world (aristeles stole from china our ideas and stole from chinese people to give to greece!) you foreigner use now!this you can read in all books in china and also see in chinese TV.so you know nothing.you not right about the truth because you are foreigner. please read more.thank you.

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