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Latest: Typhoon Krosa

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, October 7, 2007

From that shining beacon of truth, Xinhua (faithfully reported by AP):

Powerful Typhoon Krosa made landfall in east China on Sunday afternoon, forcing the evacuation of more than one million people…

Krosa, the 16th typhoon this year, landed at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday near the borders of Zhejiang’s Cangnan County and Fujian’s Fuding City, packing winds of up to 126 km per hour, the Zhejiang Provincial Flood Prevention and Drought Relief Headquarters said…

Krosa is expected to trigger gale force winds, torrential rains and even landslides in some areas…

More than one million people have been evacuated […] while schools, airports, expressways and shipping services in some areas have been shut down. Meanwhile, vessels have been recalled to harbor.

The tourism authorities in Zhejiang have closed almost all scenic spots along the coast, and evacuated more than 500,000 holiday-makers who had flocked to the seaside resorts for the week-long National Day holiday ending on Sunday.

MyLaowai says: Utter Bollocks. Play a new record, Mister DeeJay, this one’s crap.

For the record, Mrs MyLaowai was in one of those scenic spots. In fact, at the time of writing she is on her way back from there. She says it was “a bit rainy”. No one was ‘evacuated’, schools have not been ‘shut down’ (because they were not open anyway – National Holiday, remember?), airports and expressways are all open for business as usual, and the ferries are still running. And I’ve just about had it with the Associated Press for having the audacity to repeat these lies over and over.

News in China? Give me a break.

UPDATE (late Sunday night): Ferries in the area have now been stopped by Government order, but although there is quite a lot of rain, there is nothing resembling a major storm or typhoon. Shanghai has just a light drizzle. Thank you for your attention, you may now return to your regular programming…

5 Responses to “Latest: Typhoon Krosa”

  1. Megs said

    Just wanted to post and say love the blog! Especially love the “This is your life” posting. Freakin’ hilarious.

    Was going to send a text saying this, but my phone is out of minutes at the mo’. Blargh.

  2. hey, nice blog. which shexpat “character” are you??

  3. Eric D. said

    Yarrr!!! The ships were a tossin, and they were a tipping over at the massive 15 kph winds, yes they were! It was a dreadful day to be sailing down the Huaihai River!

    Oh wait, those were PEOPLE, not waves! Ewww, and some of them touched me too!

  4. MyLaowai said

    Wash. Immediately. Use carbolic soap.

  5. Well at least we weren’t holed up in the pub, slowly but steadily getting shitfaced, waiting for a typhoon that never came (or was it one big eye?) like that Wipha. Even the typhoons are fake here!

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