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Women of the Politburo

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, December 10, 2007

The women we look up to, if we know what’s good for us…


Name : Gao Xiao Jie – ‘Vivy’
Age : 25
Official Position : Assistant Vice Deputy Secretary, Harmonious Military Dancing Troupe Commission In An All Round Way; Massage Expert
Hobbies : “I very like sleeping, playing PC games, and shopping.”
Best Feature : “I am very diligent and Mr Hu say I have correct political opinion. One day I want to have trading company and very fashion. I like rice and so on. Mr Wen say I give good head.”

2 Responses to “Women of the Politburo”

  1. rc said

    I’m not too sure about this ‘Mr. Wen’ character. I hope he’s not too high up in the party. He seems to have bad judgment. In an all round way, that is…

  2. Mate, WTF. Where do you find those mutts? Bloody scary material.

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