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Honk If You Have A Small Penis

Posted by MyLaowai on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The last couple of days around this time there’s been this almighty honking of horns. I think it’s officially known as:

‘Three Minutes Silence With Chinese Characteristics’

Anyway, I’m taking advantage of this to have a few moments of quiet contemplation in the bog.

4 Responses to “Honk If You Have A Small Penis”

  1. Neddy said

    Or, as someone said elsewhere, “the noisiest three minutes of silence on record”. For once, I defend the “cultural difference” POV. The “firecrackers to frighten away the evil spirits away” kind of thing, you know.

    The “Honk If You Have A Small Penis” may seem unkind. Not to me. Humour is a survival trait.. Without detracting from the grief human beings can feel for others, I wish that those, who believe that their despair is somehow different, and special, from anyone else’s, and that no one else is qualified to “understand” it, remember that that there is only one race. The human race.

    In forgetting that, you may jeopardise everyone’s survival…

  2. Neddy said

    Found another “possibly related post” (@ SeekJapan.jp, Ask Kazuhide), named “Why are Japanese guys so hung up by the size of their shlong”.

    Q (by Mystified):
    “I have a question! Why are Japanese guys so hung up (pun totally intended) by the size of their shlongs? I love Japanese guys. After a few beers and dodgy Japlish conversations at an izakaya, I am usually in the mood to feel the motion of their ocean, so to speak.
    Which is when they ruin my mood (and their chances of getting laid) by telling me, quite emphatically, that they have really small peenies. What’s the deal!? Don’t they realise that I’d much rather find out (and judge) for myself than have them tell me. You seem to be an expert on Gaijin-Nihonjin relations! Help a mystified girl out!”

    A (by Kazuhide):
    “Dear Mystified. Japan is indirect and porite country. Basicarry they say penis is small to not offend. Truth is they fear your large hole.”

  3. I'm Here All Week - Try The Veal... said

    Like the line? I got a million of ’em.

    BTW, we still need a T-shirt of that one – in characters, right?

  4. MyLaowai said

    Right. Lah.

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