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A Literary Lunch with Gavin Menzies

Posted by MyLaowai on Friday, October 9, 2009


Fruity Whackjob Gavin Menzies:
The Chinese Contribution to Global History

Friday, October 16, 12.30pm


RMB 188, includes rotting tofu for lunch


Enjoy a delicious three-course lunch of rotting tofu as
bestselling author Gavin Menzies, author of 1421 and 1434,
paints a portrait of the Chinese contribution to
global history in the 15th century,
“a historical detective story,”
according to the People’s Daily News
Menzies will share his research on how admiral
Zheng He set sail for the new world before
the European age of discovery
(1421: The Year China Discovered the World)
and his latest book,
1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to
Italy and Ignited the Renaissance

that traces the roots of the European Renaissance to China.

Book signing will follow.

About the Author:

Author Gavin Menzies was born in England and lived in China for two years before the Second World War. He loved China so much that he joined the Royal Navy in 1953 and spied on his mates in submarines from 1959 to 1970. Since being kicked out of the Royal Navy for incompetence, he has returned to China to be paid many times, and in the course of his research, he has become despised in 120 countries and banned from more than 900 museums, libraries, and major seaports of the late Middle Ages.

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24 Responses to “A Literary Lunch with Gavin Menzies”

  1. Yeah, the guy is a nutter. Guess his writings are a combination of prolonged exposure to low oxygen contents on the subs, and a substantial grant from the regime here.
    There was a documentary on Discovery about him, and even most of the Chinese scholars commented that he was talking out of his arse. What a tool!

  2. LoveChinaLongTime said

    These receptions will be at the Book Worm in Beijing?? Sign me UP!!

  3. MrsMyRaowai said

    The CCP wouldn’t fund this.

  4. MyLaowai said

    Why not? They funded his first two books and a lot of his ‘research’, why not fund his signing as well?

  5. “Although Beijing scholars have rejected Gavin Menzies’ theory that Zheng He discovered America (according to his best-seller “1421 The Year China Discovered America”), they have however underscored China’s peaceful historic voyages through Zheng in this region.”
    People’s Daily, July 30, 2005

    “Map Bolsters America-discovery claim”
    People’s Daily, January 17, 2006

    Hehe. Beijing can only resist the temptation of forgery when it is absolutely futile. Sometimes not even then.

  6. LoveChinaLongTime said

    Well, considering “academics” in the heavenly middle kingdom of this 60th year of the CCP dynasty are a bunch of plagiarizing opportunists, is any of this surprising?

  7. Neddy said

    This guy reminds me somewhat of Erich Von Daniken and his extraterrestrials schtick:
    The difference between the two being that von Daniken was more entertaining. In one of his 26 books, for example, he managed to find a link between long (and presumably boring) space journeys, and sex becoming a fun & recreational activity, as opposed to an act of mere procreation. There was also something there about how this evolutionary trend resulted in humans growing bigger dicks. Fascinating!
    Conclusion: Von Daniken was funny, whereas Mr Menzies is a big dick.

  8. LoveChinaLongTime said

    I’d say Menzies is of the Chris Devonshire-Ellis camp of Chinophant

  9. Ned Kelly said

    Neddy wrote:

    “There was also something there about how this evolutionary trend resulted in humans growing bigger dicks. Fascinating!
    Conclusion: Von Daniken was funny, whereas Mr Menzies is a big dick.”

    I just want to point out that those words might offend some homosexuals or other sexual minorities. It is insensitive to talk about the size of dicks. If anyone is sensitive about the size of his dick, then those words will be a “hate crime”.

    We can only hope that China’s government will someday become as exquisitely sensitive to anything related to genitals or how people use them, as Americans and Canadians are….

    …which, by the way, WILL probably happen as soon as China’s lawyers begin to realise that they can make a lot of money from lawsuits based upon insensitivity to penis sizes and/or how penises are used.

  10. justrecently said

    Menzies is no good. Von Daeniken isn’t that bad. But Titanic is still better.

  11. Slap2tickle said

    @9 “I just want to point out that those words might offend some homosexuals or other sexual minorities. It is insensitive to talk about the size of dicks. If anyone is sensitive about the size of his dick, then those words will be a “hate crime”.”

    lets ask the homosexuals or other sexual minorities.

    Fenny and Stoogie, any comments?

  12. Neddy said

    What do you know! Mister Menzies got himself mentioned as a *cough* historian in this Shanghaiist item:
    And there I was, secretly hoping that MyLaowai was only pulling our legs about this ‘1434’ themed literary lunch! What a rude awakening.
    Note to myself: Must register with Shanghaiist. Not enough shit stirring, snarky comments there…

  13. LoveChinaLongTime said

    Shanghaiist will only cover stories with a gay/lesbian slant so I wonder which way Mr Menzies swings???

  14. justrecently said

    Snarky comments on Shanghaiist? IC no comments at all there. Not even stilted comments.

  15. LoveChinaLongTime said

    They can’t comment because all their Taiwanese-American dual passport holders, flaunting their non-mainland-ness, staff have cocks in their mouth at this moment…(and it ain’t the chickies – who have butch minge on their lips)

  16. Slap2tickle said

    It’s so quiet here, I wonder if S and F have fallen victim to the latest effort of the CCP to crack down on all proxy services. Now that would be a pity if their own government has prevented them from earning their 10c a post and the ability to vent their frustrations from being social outcasts and rejects.

  17. justrecently said

    The crackdown spells trouble for capable people, and for China’s development, but might be a blessing for folks like Stoogie/Myfenwai (provided that they live in China). Now they can attend their overdue anger management course and resume their studies where they left them in April 2007.

  18. Ked said

    Personally, I miss Mr. Myfenwai a little bit. I don’t know Mr. Stoogie, but Myfenwai’s thinking is very interesting to me. As somebady pointed before, I think that Myfenwai is not a native Chinese but an overseas Chinese who has been educated under heavy Western influence. Probably Chinese-American or Australian. He would be a fake Chinese with a white face. Anyway, his way of thiking, it seems to me, is very Western. Usually, fenqings are very emotional. I’m not saying that Myfenwai isn’t emotional at all, but his thinking and discussion is not the way how ordinary Chinese (or more generally Asians) do in the talk. It looks like he is used to getting involved in harsh discussion, keeping his pace perseverantly, searching for evidence on the net, attacking each comment based on the evidence he found, and all of them with perfect English. Westerners might think that searching for evidence and talking based on it is very natural in discussion, but it’s really difficult in some culture. You have to think logically and inductively. Of course, how logical and how based on the evidence is another matter, but it’s very Western, I think. At least, you have to live in a free society, where you know you can find what you want on the net. It’s impossible in a place where the information flow is severely restricted.

    I don’t see Chinese blogs or discussion boards so much, but the comments reveal how they think. That is, “Hurl words against the other”. There is no constructive discussion. I don’t think that the act of “Hurl words against the other” is completly absent from Western thinking, but most fenqings’ way of discussion is not matured as Myfenwai’s. Of course, it would not be enough if I don’t mention that reinforcing the discussion by bringing up the Japanese (and Koreans) is very unusual among native Chinese.

    Thank you for reading.

  19. Slap2tickle said

    Well judging by the lack of response recently I would assume that F and S are users of one of the many proxies that have been blocked, the mere fact that they are using proxies would in itself indicate a certain level of competence and knowledge of computers though I’m not sure if that constitutes intelligence (providing they live in China). As for “hurling” words around S and F do plenty of that which would also point to somebody who is Asian in origin though the limited range in vocabulary used in direct insults (“Hurl words against the other”. There is no constructive discussion.”) would suggest somebody with more time on their hands to play on the internet. Personally I think S and F are the World of Warcraft type who sit in a small dark room wasting their lives away with no hope or scoring with a hot chick, but that’s just my opinion.

  20. justrecently said

    I tend to agree with Slap2tickle’s theory. If Myfenwai/Stoogie doesn’t/don’t re-epiphanate soon, we’ll need to re-invent them.

  21. MyLaowai said

    I reckon the truth is somewhere in the middle. Lost in the depths of mysteriousness. A bit like the place my odd sock always hides. Or is it the Sock Pixie?

    Anyway… Come back fenqing, we miss you.

  22. Neddy said

    Offhand,I’d say good riddance! But if you believe that every self-respecting blog should have one (or more, in case of a prize-winning, first-class blog like this one), then I suggest you trade them in for a more upmarket model.

    But how do you attract a quality troll? Dunno, all I can offer is a little bait for the snappers. It’s called “I like Chinese”, by Monty Python no less.

  23. Slap2tickle said

    Quality piece of video there, but you can’t beat a dish of chainsaw chicken with every thing included such and the head, beak and claws. It’s enough to make anybody like “Chinese”.

  24. @7: Dicks in Spaaaaace! :)

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