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Song of the Grass-Mud Horse

Posted by MyLaowai on Saturday, March 21, 2009

This song is a clever protest of China’s censorship of free speech and profanity on the internet.
The major characters in the song have names that sound similar to Chinese curse words.

There is a herd of Grass-Mud Horses (fuck your mother)
Who live in the MaLe Desert (your mother’s cunt)
They are lively and intelligent
They are fun loving and nimble
They live freely in the MaLe Desert (your mother’s cunt)
They are courageous, tenacious, and overcome the difficult environment

Oh, lying down Grass-Mud Horse (Oh, fuck your mother!)
Oh, running wild Grass-Mud Horse (Oh, fuck your mother, hard!)

They defeated the River Crabs (censorship)
In order to protect their grassland (free speech)
River Crabs (censorship) dissappeared from the MaLe Desert forever!

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