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Ode to the New China Man

Posted by MyLaowai on Thursday, September 24, 2009

You may have wondered why things have been so quiet around here. Wonder no longer, schmucks! Great artists require peace and quiet in which to perform their wondrous feats of magnificence, and Team MyLaowai, being more wondrous than most, have been nose to the grindstone crafting this post. What, you think writing an award-winning blog is easy?

This is in honour of our dear friends Stoogie, MyFenwai, and all the other patriotic New China Men who flock to this blog in droves (Tianya Anti-Foreign Forum is a source of many, many hits – thanks, Stats Page!).


Please do bear in mind that this is copyrighted material, so don’t illegally download it or anything. If you want a copy, write to me at MyLaowai@gmail.com and I will tell you where you can go. To buy a copy, that is.

If this doesn’t play for you, that means you are in China. I’m sorry. Really.

3 Responses to “Ode to the New China Man”

  1. justrecently said

    This stuff is too unharmonious to please the motherland’s boys.

  2. LoveChinaLongTime said

    *Ding*!!! (sound of nail getting hit squarely on head)

  3. Sojourner said

    Ode to the New(Poor, laid off) Yank Man,


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