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Feeling Well?

Posted by MyLaowai on Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you feel tired, listless, and depressed?

You must be Jiang Zemin.

(who hasn’t been dead since the middle of last year)

5 Responses to “Feeling Well?”

  1. Comrade Jiang said

    Rumours of my death are greatly oversimplified…

  2. Nips Are Great said

    Fucking Commies.

    This past week on the Commies’ military channel I watched 1. helicopters attacking surface ships – getting ready for the South China Sea, 2. ‘The Downfall of the Soviet Military’ – a reflection of their greatest fears, no doubt units of the PLA will be fighting each other before ten years pass. 3. And footage of Jiang Zemin dug out from the archives – Jiang writing chinky calligraphy/chicken scratch with his paws, Jiang reviewing PLA troops, Jiang telling everybody about his Wear Three Watches philosophy (or what passes as thought in the land of the yellow monkeys).

    The fact is nobody knows the truth because here in the land of the chinks there is no truth. And one major factor for that is the gobbly-dee-gook they call a language is malleable, conducive to dishonesty. There’s lots of reasons why chinkyland is a shithole, but that is sure-as-hell one major reason.

    The Chinese, the women work hard for a piece of foreign meat and the ‘men’ are cowards.

    • MyLaowai said

      The Chinese, the women work hard for a piece of foreign meat and the ‘men’ are cowards.

      And that’s it in a nutshell, my friend. The fine people of Japan wouldn’t have been able to completely dominate their far larger neighbour to the west if China had had an all-female army, although they would still have been welcomed with open arms and open legs. Chinese men are natural cowards and the women put out at the first sign of any man who knows how to wash and speak a human language.

      As for the truth, I always read ChinaDaily and assume that the opposite of whatever they are squealing like stuck pigs about is close to the mark. Hell’s bells, no one whines and bleats like Johnny Chinaman! Not a day goes by that half a billion of these bastards don’t throw their toys out of the pram.

      I hate them. But that’s ok, because they hate all of us and each other as well.

  3. Bill said

    Is it just me ore does comrade Jiang look like Zius from Planet of the apes?

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