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Monday Motivation for June

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, June 25, 2012

13 Responses to “Monday Motivation for June”

  1. Long Long Time Been Here said

    And it comes in many flavours, such as tea flavoured shit which is good for cleaning out the digestive system, just be sure to take plenty of paper with you where ever you go! There is also shit to cure your shang huo (上火), it gives you an intense fever to balance out your internal fire and rid your body of the evil cold that is the cause of the worlds diseases and ailments.

  2. Jeff said

    Reminds me of a 1970s John Waters movie “Pink Flamingoes”
    mmmmmm num nnum num! :-)
    Aw whack in on the barbie and does it with soysauce and call it a beef ball. lol

  3. Dwy'n hoffi coffee ond dwy ddim'n hoffi china said


  4. subhuman said

    my last chinese fuckhole.ehh…”gf”…used to shit after having sex.. when i said that it’s not so nice to do it so obviously and all the time and so openly. makes me feel strange. she responded: this is china. (btw: the whole house smelled after she took a dump..is it because of their disgusting food they eat every day? the chemicals and disgusting lazi? i dont know…but it always smells terrible….they dont even care…they want us to smell it..like their shit is something “precious”….a totally sick race. chinese girls shit smells terrible…and when they sleep and breath…they smell out of the mouth…it’s smells like acid…check it out guys….on the next morning the whole room smells…….they stink from the inside..really.

    i have had german, spanish, french, danish gf’s..they never smelled like the chinese….i say again: it’s because of the shit chinese food they eat every day.). Btw.- this was one of those u would consider pretty. LOL. that is Just a chinese facade, trust me. They are all disgusting and lame and primitive. Do you like having sex with a neandertal who APPEARS to be a civilized whore? fuck a chinkgirl with high heels. :-D.

    ok back to this real enocunter in china: she shitted after i cum into her ape pussy because her mom told her that after a laowai cums in her dirty pussy a chinese girl must shit so that in case she get pregnant, the baby will look more chinese and all the laowai sperm goes also out (through her chink asshole..it is chinese culture). she was totally serious and even quarrelled with me when i said “you are sick” (!!!). And I was speechless. she said it’s “traditional chinese culture” and i am “laowai”, i cannot understand china. Muahaha!

    ***LOL***. a week later i cum on her chink ape face for the last time (i made sure to ejaculate a good portion of my precious white/aryan sperm in her stinky chink mouth) and dumped her after that. How does laowai sperm taste, you dirty shitting animal chink whore? go and have a shit and eat it. thanks for the boring fucks. I did sex with an animal. bye bye zhongguo pussy hole. I already got a next one. I love china.

  5. subhuman said

    btw: she was one of those typical chink high-heels “marketing”-“managers” you see so often in china (LOL) = a typical chinese corrupted animal/slut who wears the mask of a civilized human.and she is even “married”. :-D. nope, she DID NOT get the contracts and the comissions she wanted to get for fucking me in the hotel room :-D. She got very upset about it. LOL. But i got my cums on her fucking face. I moved to another city. Damn…there are the same types here as well!…they are all over! china’s women…they are a zoo animals with a mask, they are easy-to-fuck-holes. married or not: they are all the same and eaaaasy.. they do all for cash. and shit afterwards. It smells. a lot. China is like an ape zoo.

    • Howard said

      As an American, I can only say that I hope you head back home.

      They don’t need your types in this country: You’re going to be in for the shock of your life when you realize that life isn’t what YOU want it to be…or think it is.

      • Subhuman said

        It’s not about me. It’s about chinese women in China. It’s not about how about I want life to be. It’s simply a matter of fact. Try it out yourself. In Chinaaaa please, ok?. And you’ll see what I mean *hahaha*

      • 0112337 said

        Don’t worry Howard, he is going to get AIDS.

      • 0112337 said

        Natural Selection, let nature do its work…

      • alltrue said

        I fucked the chinese of an american (USA) in china. she was more than willing. She got lots of money for it and a contract for her chinese boss. Enjoy your chinese “wife”.

      • alltrue said

        even so i made a typo you can believe me: I fucked the chinese wife of an american (usa) who lives in china with her….etc.etc…and again: enjoy your chinese “wife”. better marry a chimpanzee. a chimp is more loyal than a chinese “wife”. no joke. good luck.

  6. I do not like this kind of stupid idea.

  7. Barbie said

    I wish I knew you’ll be able to say thanks personally if I can phone you I would, you aided change my gaming life. I today dont’ think I’m about to spend very much doing what I used to do, I may possibly a little more fashion aware or maybe converse with more girls whilst still being figure out how to balance life a bit.

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