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Pigs in Spaaace!

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yesterday, an unidentified falling object (UFO) crashed fell to Earth in Inner Mongolia, a part of Mongolia that is currently under the control of the Chinese Red Army. Observers witnessed three androgynous, identical space-clones emerge from the battered wreck of their ship, and wander unsteadily towards a group of Red Army soldiers nearby.

China’s space agency, the National Astronautics Department, have subsequently confirmed that the three drone-like space-beings originated from the Handromeda galaxy, and were forced to land on Earth when their ship ‘got broken engine because no maintenance’.

Lt. Gen. Susan J. Helms, the U.S. officer charged with Space Security, immediately announced that her entire force had gone to stage one battle readiness, and would remain in that condition until the intentions of the sexless alien clones were made clear. “We don’t at this time know for certain what their intentions are,” she stated to anxious news crews, “for instance, are they planning to set up some sort of space-noodle shop using us as the dog-meat, or are they going to go ahead and turn the planet into a giant laundry? We just don’t know yet.”

Liberal scientists, on the other hand, were seeing wonderful possibilities in the serendipitous event: “This could mean great things to the entire human race if they share their advanced technology with us!”, exclaimed one excited young scientist, who looked a bit like a hippy despite his white coat, “These visitors could really advance our understanding of how to cook noodles that are safe to eat, or show us how to make dry-cleaning fluid that doesn’t smell suspiciously of diesel!”

NASA scientists, on the third hand, were not really very impressed: “We knew where these neuter-clones came from the minute we saw them walking unsteadily and requiring help even to stand erect.” yawned NASA boss Charlie Bolden, “Handromeda galaxy? You can keep it, nothing to see there but a super-strain of the clap if you ask me. Big whoops. Go ahead, get all excited, but don’t blame me when your todger starts to sting. Hell, when we found out that this was all there was out there in space, we just went ahead and cancelled our Star Gate project – Really, what the hell’s the point of exploring the universe if it’s filled with sexless mannequins anyway? I mean, we got totally lied to by Gene Roddenberry. Good luck getting some with one of those, Captain Kirk!”.

Chinese state media sources are claiming that China discovered the Handromeda galaxy five thousand years ago. Or possibly the other way round.

One of the androgynous space-clones, being helped with the apparently really difficult task of walking in a straight line, or possibly even standing erect.

64 Responses to “Pigs in Spaaace!”

  1. jeff said

    Next is the solar powered idiot meat and noodle instant hotpot.
    Shoot some taikonaut zombies towards the sun ( at night so we don’t burn the contents.) when the capsule comes back and lands….. hey presto! pulled noodles and clones a la soyuz, suggested accoutrements – stinky tofu and Meng Niu melamine milk.

    more fun than a barrel of fresh monkey brains,
    cute enough to kiss
    Yum enough to chew

    • MyLaowai said

      Me likee this comment very muchee.

      • jeff said

        As the ol’ Chinese proverb goes
        slowlee slowlee piss on the monkee.

        ever notice when a foreigner says something lame like “he’s a naughty monkey”, the Chinese raise their heads looking around with the expression of “you talkin to me?” ala taxi driver?

        I call everyone a monkey but my sino colleagues and subordinates seem to think its a racial slur.
        well in the 50s the Russians put dogs in space. in the 60s the americans put chimps in space, 50 years later nothing changed in china.
        Why send a man to do what a chimp can do better huh? [or something like that….lol]

  2. Chinese Netizen said

    You have hurt the feelings of the entire nation of Peoples Republick of Hermaphrodites

  3. Jeff said


    Yassu malaca! lol I love greek hehe.

    Actually I hurt 1/2 the population . the other 1/2 would know what I’m talking about.

  4. zhaoyingdiana said

    hahaha!jealous foreigners!China go to space!!!!!we are so strong now and show world that China is best and all work do by our peoples and inventions in the china!haha foriegners you weak..we do all in short time go to space in short time!!!!you foreigners need 50 years!!!hahaha!we chinese race so smart and master of world and good culture.we are best!!domintaing you!!!!long live china race the best and party of china!!!!world belong to the China!!!our right as best smart culture!!!fuckin you foreigners!!!!

  5. zhaoyingdiana said

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    • MyLaowai said

      I speakee chinee velly good lah.

    • Long Long Time Been Here said


    • Jeff said

      Wah Lao!
      Ai Yo!
      Singlish is the new Chinese lah! were you from cha siu! O

      Me and Ah Beng in Suzhou wit sum local lady boys lah……. too hairy “ta boley tahan!”
      these lady boys are the only “spacemen I see see” big space in back lah! look like used birds nest! can’t stand it lah! relax lah!

      Space ? hmf hmf hua hua haahaha hehe. no go space – go chopchop shop at ktv lah, ok lah!

    • Jeff said

      Zhao Ying Dian Ah, ( can I call you Dinah for short? good,)
      you good? good ! I’m good too!. thats alright then.
      don stress lah.
      ewerybuddy speekz anglish o luttle dufferunt don wurry your kingsoft feathers guy!
      [cntrl-ALT-Del] remove process – kingsoft and QQ

  6. Chinese Netizen said

    prepare for nationalist/50cent spewing vitriol…


  7. 0112337 said

    Talking about Chinese youth trolling, you miserable lot takes the cake when it comes to net domination. Never have I seen so much pointless nonsense cloned so many times on one website.

    Do you all seriously have nothing better to do?

  8. 0112337 said

    Oh and guess what Laowai, I fell in love with a Colombian girl from Medellin on a business trip there. Consequently, I was thinking about setting up a small factory in that country so I can find more reasons to visit that place.

    The women there are infinitely more elegant and cultured than the women from the ‘Anglo’ countries. Your females have taken the first leap of faith toward animalism.

    Thankfully, they have not yet…

    • nwo said

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      The day will come sooooon….and then we will get ya all. all over the world. ;-). And in your primitive chinkiland too. Yes! :-). . Just wait.

      • 0112337 said

        See Laowai, this is what I mean. As shown by our…hmm…rabid friend ‘Nwo’, the primitive animalism is very inherent in ‘Westerners’. Here we see a classic example of its manifestation. Don’t you agree ‘Fenqing-ism’ or ‘Chinazi’ or whatever nonsense you fools make up now…don’t you see that it is very inherent in the domesticated ‘westerner’ as well?

        Heed my words, my love, because nearly every one of my predictions from last year came true. Didn’t I tell you that once your ‘western’ countries enter poverty, they will descend into animalistic barbarity yet unseen in the history of mankind? Look at the friendly Greek people, one of the closest ethnic groups in Europe to Chinese, and thus most excellent and civilized, even THEY recently voted in favor of racism, and last time I heard which was a month ago, they have gone bare chested, screaming like wild bitches in public places with woad paint and ragged hair, burning shops and looting the police. I see this as the trend in the rest of Europe if the incompetent nonsense/laziness we see now continues.

        Hence, I will do the civilized thing by backing off and quietly observe the comedy. But remember kids, the world is far bigger and better than you imagined…in your insecure, vain, petty, and lets not forget, ignorant little minds…

      • MyLaowai said

        Woad was used by the Celts, silly boy. You may have heard of the Celts? They were the people who brought the wheel and weaving to China from Europe.

      • jeff said

        you and a Columbian girl? Chopstick in a bucket! lol
        Did she yawn during sex? How old is she? 15 years old?

      • 0112337 said

        Laowai, the Celts on your island, that used woad and screamed like blue space monkeys, are not the same Celts that may have brought the wheel and weaving to the Far East. Those Celts…if they were Celts, were the ancestors of modern Russians, whom last time I checked, you lazy lot do not identify as European but rather as Tartar…or…in a general sense, Asian.

        But let me clarify. The reference to woad was to conjure up a derogative perspective of uncivilized savages through the lens of that is civilized, for example, through the lens of the Romans. To them, the magical Celts were nothing but tactless, screaming, blue space monkeys…hence the descriptions, “woad paint and ragged hair, burning shops and looting the police”. And of course, as you know, the magical Celts of Europe weren’t far off from that description at the time…

        But don’t you find amusing that the only nonsense the trolls pull here is about sex organs? Am I not right to say you lot are animals, if in your deep subconscious, copulation plays such a major role in your overall thought process? Take Brother Horse/Jeff for example, he/it realized I have insulted his/its kind on this website, and the first consequent conclusion it reached was to look at its penis! Nothing else comes to mind, complete utter blank, and so like a rabid foaming hyena, flipping off its erect dog penis, running around butt naked, anus skyward,…howling, it attempts to reassert its alpha position by pointing out the size of its flipping penis.

        Tell me, am I not right to say that this is a comedy and that you lot are animals? Don’t you see how the manifestation of your kind’s subconscious further reaffirms my claims?

        To the animals reading this, I didn’t have sex with her. I was there on business and she was my guide. We travelled around the city together after business, had some really quality chats, and had a splendid dinner. The whole experience was very nice.

        Colombia is a very beautiful country with a very elegant and formal culture where the girls can make even conquerors weak in the knees. I would recommend the place to all civilized peoples.

      • MyLaowai said

        I guess the investment banking business must be slow this week? Or are you managing your family’s billions for them instead? Or have you gone back to being a combat medic? No, wait, you’re travelling the world meeting beautiful women, like your imaginary Columbian, or the imaginary German that you were engaged to.

        In fact, you probably have very little to do. Which is fine by me, because you’re always welcome here. You may be more full of shit than a Benghazi khazi, but you are at least entertaining. I mean it.

      • Jeff said

        lol…… ahem…. Bengazi khazi? I haven’t heard that one in years! Cheers MLW.
        combat medic? only in starcraft!

        I agree though that 011,,, is entertaining –

        ****and so like a rabid foaming hyena, flipping off its erect dog penis, running around butt naked, anus skyward****

        good descriptions of CCP officials overdosing on maotai, erguotou, and X0 chasing 14 year old girls.

      • 0112337 said

        Mylaowai, see…if I cared about how you perceive me or if I took you fools as people, I will stay consistent, get angry, and maybe feel insulted. I might even go into some kind of long winded tirade/hate speech. But of course, as you can see, I don’t care and I don’t take you fools as people. I am also perfectly secure with my current situation in life, unlike some people here…such as Brother Horse who might have some private problem in real life, once or still, in China.

        I find joy in making comedy out of other people’s simple idiocy, and thus if you find my sarcastic jibes entertaining…I take my bow…can I get a ‘bravo’?

        What I do in life shouldn’t be your concern, you should think about how to act as my sidekick better, like how to make up other gauche posts so I can think of something else more entertaining. For your purpose, I work in business, in a very general sense. That is good enough for you for now.

        Like I said before, I did once dream about going into medical school, but I have never thought about being a combat medic. Lately, however, I fancy pushing myself harder to try for the Olympics’ Rowing event. But that’s probably a idyllic, trivial thought at best…

        I personally don’t care what you and your trolls’ motives are for running this blog, or why y’all are so persistent. But if the true purpose really is to educated Westerners about Chinese people, I hope the incompetent ignorant yokels reading this will have a good laugh. I don’t expect them to understand the deeper message in my posts. Most Europeans are just as ignorant of the world as Americans…

      • 0112337 said

        But on the topic of incompetence, I recently learned there was a splendid display of modern British incompetence at the London Olympics games regarding the women’s fencing event. You can see all about that here;

        It seems your island’s fucktarded sports judges can’t handle the civilized device called a stop watch…

        And that German female dog handled the result like a champ.

        Not that I feel anything about this of course, since the misfortune fell on a Korean. But my gosh…giving another ‘Westerner’ more time just so she can win? That’s tribal unity/racism, incompetence, and ridiculousness to the MAX. Now the rest of the world knows how truly worthless you lot are.

        You guys are lucky you got the kind muslims in your country to do your dirty work. They work hard, and by religion, is obligated to take whatever shit you throw at them. But if you get the Latinos or other groups, like in America, they will fucking KILL YOU.

        May the London Olympics end with the expected, fantastic, incompetent failure. I shall now go back to watching the comedy in the background.

      • MyLaowai said

        I’m sure glad that wasn’t “some kind of long winded tirade/hate speech”.

      • Dw'in hoffi coffee said

        So much more comforting to buy into some romantic conspiracy theory/fantasy that the west is all jealous of and scared of China’s innate superiority and plotting to contain it than just admit the US thrashed China.

        My personal fave was when the officials at the women’s hammer throwing fell asleep when the world record holder, Heidler, did her throw and so she had to throw again. For a moment there Zhang Wenxiu thought she’d won bronze for China till someone thought of looking at the CCTV camera recordings to find out which hole was Heidler’s, whereupon Zhang was stripped of her bronze and it given to Heidler. Hilarious!

    • Dw i'n licio coffee said

      I wouldn’t build a factory in order to hit on a girl. You’ve got to act like you’re of higher value, not put her on a pedestal, build factories and stuff for her. You’ll only appear wussy and desperate to her and end up having built a factory for nothing.

      Oh I get it, you’re going to try to employ her in said factory then play the old Chinese color-wolf boss bit.

      Either way, it’ll only end in tears, guaranteed.

      • MyLaowai said

        Two thumbs up. I’d give you three thumbs up, but I am not from central Anhui and thus don’t have that particular mutation.

      • Dw i'n licio coffee said

        You’ve gotta admit it, our pompous, numerical friend really does walk into these things. Building a factory to impress a girl is the sort of thing a 13-year old would do, well, if he had the capital he might do, or he could just make one out of sticks or something.

        The day we read of an ABC getting deported from Colombia for molesting factory workers is the day we learn 011222336’s real identity.

    • Dw'in hoffi coffi said

      01122356 has been nothing but manipulated, played mind games with and screwed about by American girls, so he threw himself at the feet of some European totty he was boasting about a year or two back, begging for mercy. He got the same crap off her and then dumped. Now he’s hoping some south american bint is going to be his savior, but guess what’s in store for 0112557? More mind games and manipulation unless he does something about his wussy, supplicative attitude. Girls want men to sweep them off their feet, not have to be the men’s savior! What’s that they say about one definition of insanity being doing the same thing and expecting a different result? No sooner did he set eyes on the lass before his knees turned to jelly. What a man! At this rate, he’s going to end up being one of those wimpy “nice guys” who end up in sexless marriages and then blame their wives and marriage, rather than change themselves. One day in years to come, while he’s putting on his apron, drenched in misery and horny as hell, getting ready to do a load of housework as part of an unspoken deal with Mrs. 01123357 to get her to open her legs in return, he’ll remember what his Uncle Coffi said and wonder how on earth he knew. Meanwhile, Mrs, 01123357 will be trying her best to feign deep sleep so she can try to get out of her end of the deal.

      Slight bit of drizzle tonight in Beijing, but all Beijing mobile phones are being warned of terrible storms and torrential rains by the Climate Bureau after they failed to warn of the real floods a month or two back. That’s Chinese efficiency for you!

    • Dw'in hoffi coffi said

      Still got your blind faith in the Chinese economy?

      Latest word on the grape vine is that Chinese local government debt makes European debt look like a walk in the park, there are enough non-performing loans to create a financial crisis to make the credit crunch look like a Kylie Minogue concert and they are pumping out zombie companies at a rate of knots to put even Japan to shame.

      I predict a Japan-type period of stagnation for a decade or three, as the decisive, authoritarian government takes the bold, decisive step of sweeping all the NPL’s and other problems under the carpet, and generally burying its head in the sand, in a most bold, decisive and daring fashion, of course.

    • Dw'in hoffi coffi said

      Still entertaining the delusional belief that China’s going to become a great financial center after they’ve been classifying companies’ financial data as state secrets, beating up SEC investigators that come over and doing anything to funnel the money of American investors into the Swiss bank accounts of the thieving officals, 01123357? Seemed quite adamant about it not long ago, but do you really think they’re creating the trust needed to become a major financial center?

      • 0112337 said

        The Chinese government is ‘groping for the rock as it crosses the river’. As long as the great CCP is in power, I have full faith that their thuggery and craftiness will keep the house down.

        You are a Laowai, so you don’t understand how those NPLs are being handled in the back room. It’s ok.

        If the CCP wants something done, they will have it done, one way or another. They are very versatile and pragmatic.

        But if they fail, and America fails, I will be heading over to Colombia or somewhere else warm to retire as a common farmer/fisherman. Perhaps, I would finally have the time to pursue medicine as I have always wanted…

      • Dw'in hoffi coffi said

        It doesn’t really matter about the NPLs at all. It’s only money put away by the laobaixing for retirement/medical emergency being pissed up a wall. Doesn’t matter one bit. You’re right.

      • Dw i'n licio coffi said

        Simple, the non-performing loans will be converted into non-performing bonds like last time. Problem solved. So long as people believe Chinese banks have a low ratio of NPLs, their actual financial situation doesn’t matter one bit; there will always be deluded fools believing that Chinese banks are in so much better shape than their western counterparts, and it’s only a matter of time before the JMB (贱民币) replaces the dollar as the global currency of choice.

      • 0112337 said

        Yep, and all you can do is continue bitching, just like the rest of the incompetent lazy people of European descent today.

        Keep in mind, IF China falls into chaos, the first to die would be you foreigners.

        By that time, if I am in Beijing, and I see you there, I will surely kill you.

      • Dw i'n licio coffi said

        I’m fully aware we whiteys will be one of the first up against the wall when the revolution comes, or when the pressure valves eventually blow. They certainly seem to have been straining recently. After all the party has been telling them for years that all their problems are because of foreigners and they seem quite happy to choose to believe it. That’s why I like to keep abreast with the latest developments. It’s not all about bitching. I am quite happy to acknowledge that there are good things and bad things in China, and all the politically correct nonsense in my home country is something I’m quite happy to rid of. I enjoy your contributions and just because I sometimes post on this site, it doesn’t mean I endorse MLW’s views. I will look forward to being killed by you next time I’m in Beidump. It has been a privilege, of sorts, to have been able to witness China’s rise and now the beginning of its decline after its 5 minutes in the sun, over the last 10 years or so I’ve been here. Every dog has its day, as they say, and that includes China.

        I particularly like your ad hominem attack to divert attention from the main point. I see you have been particularly engrossed in your 50-cent party training manual lately as you learn the ropes of your most illustrious trade.

      • 0112337 said

        1. I can and will post whatever I want on this clown’s blog, it’s called observing ‘Freedom of Speech’, a ‘Western’ tradition. This clown, Mylaowai, certainly took full liberty of it. I will as well.

        2. I don’t dislike the ‘whitey’ race or culture. I hate that aspect of the ‘whitey’ culture, where the ‘whitey’ dreg, worthless in their own country, goes to someone else’s, takes advantage of their kindness, accepts it as rightfully due, and tries to change other cultures/countries with the end goal of making themselves more comfortable, with no regard to others.

        这种行为才叫做,‘贱’。。。 or in English…it’s called spreading a disease.

        If this is not clear to you, let me know.

        Do you know any thing else about Chinese youths and their anger, other than the ’50-cent party’ you read about on some bullshit English/ ‘Western’ language blog/newspaper/magazine /website?

        I thought not, yet you feel educated, knowledgeable enough to comment. Why?

        这。。。也叫 ‘贱’。

        I am here posting valuable cultural insights for you worthless fucks for free, which you can then capitalize on for whatever purposes you choose, yet you are insulting me with your ignorance by calling me a ’50-cent party member’ ?



      • Dw i'n licio coffi said

        If I’d been reading English language stuff, I would believe China has got everything right and is heaven. Europeans are much more deluded about China than Americans. The 50-cent party manual was a piece of satire written by Chinese netizens. Apparently you’ve never heard of it. I don’t try to change the culture here, but I don’t want to be here. Everywhere you go there will be people you don’t like. You can’t control other people, only your own reaction to them. Trying to change other people will leave you tired, frustrated and bitter. However, don’t you know that Beijingers like nothing more than giving whiteys a good lecture about how the west is wrong and China right and we should all be like China? I’ll just be minding my own business and it suddenly come out of nowhere.

        You’re completely out of touch with China. You were still believing the BS that gets put out about the economy here till last year. You don’t know anything man, except for all the rose-colored, romantic crap your father tells you. Don’t you know his views are colored by nostalgia? I only read about the economy in English and Chinese, and only accept that which fits with what I see around me and common sense.

        I thought you might be a 50-cent party member by the way you never stay on topic, you know like, “Why do you say this chicken egg is horrible and fail to mention the duck egg next door?”

      • 0112337 said

        1. “I don’t try to change the culture here, but I don’t want to be here.”

        So what’s the logical next step? You should LEAVE…RIGHT??

        2. “However, don’t you know that Beijingers like nothing more than giving whiteys a good lecture about how the west is wrong and China right and we should all be like China?”

        Precisely, because the West IS wrong. What’s the problem?

        Look at that mess over there in Europe and America now. You think the West is NOT wrong? The only reason Australia is still going is because it has resources and is close to China.

        China was one of the few countries that was not crushed by this asset backed securities shit storm, largely because of tight, unified, and centralized government regulations and its prompt stimulus injection made possible…again…by unified, centralized, rule. It accomplished in 60 years what took you 400-500 years, had a continued high economic growth rate for over 20 years, and was the most successful nation in human history to lift people out of poverty.

        The problem is…ALL you double standard hypocrites choose to see, is where China is lacking. THAT…is the problem. And we are fucking tired of hearing it from you. FUCK YOU ALL.

        I am glad you can now experience something I experienced. In the 80s or 90s, it’s the other way around. Every single Western shitbag was telling Chinese people overseas about the righteousness of western democracy, free markets, and the evils of communism, even though many had no clue what they are talking about. Europeans stopped sooner but those Americans peasants were still saying it till about 2003, when China suddenly became much more “important” and talks of “human rights” and “democracy” was no longer strategically correct because too many Americans were making big profits off of the China trade. No ‘human rights’ was apparently…pretty good…

        Now, there is over 10% real unemployment here, and I don’t hear Americans yapping about “human rights” or “democracy” to me any more. HA~! A lot of Americans are actually afraid of Chinese, because they don’t have a clue about the country and its people but have some idea about the power China now holds over U.S. Everyone’s talking about pulling American troops out of foreign bases and stop meddling in foreign politics.

        HA~! Fuck! Human Rights! I WANT HUMAN RIGHTS for all those American workers laid off from their factories, whose jobs were destroyed by those greedy American capitalists that stole from them by shipping jobs overseas. All those workers deserve to have the human right to have their happy meals every night when they come home from work, instead of stealing it through borrowing on China’s credit card. HUMAN RIGHTS NOW~! For America!

        3. “You’re completely out of touch with China.”

        Probably…I am working on a few cross border deals worth 100-600 million dollars on infrastructure, M&A, construction, and mining excavation in China. Around the Zhejiang region, as well as in Shaanxi, Nei-Mong, and Shenzhen. Know a few business people there, each worth a few hundred million dollars who work for the party bosses and have a few apartments in downtown Beijing (within three ring) and Guangzhou, and go back almost every year.

        I am planning to go back in two weeks, and you are right. I must be completely out of touch.

        …But I agree with you on one thing though, there is no morality in China today, and that’s disgusting. It’s an experience to live in a society that is devoid of morality, spirituality, and humanity.

        But then again…话又说回来了…that environment should be pretty comfortable to you Europeans right? I mean, anything goes in Europe, everybody fucks everybody animal style, and everybody seems to respect money too. Isn’t modern China, how you want it? Free and without morality? So you can steal better, and fuck easier?

        4. “You don’t know anything man, except for all the rose-colored, romantic crap your father tells you. Don’t you know his views are colored by nostalgia? I only read about the economy in English and Chinese, and only accept that which fits with what I see around me and common sense. ”

        Tell you what, there is a lot of back room dealings that contributed to the GDP numbers, which I know, because I indirectly or directly played a part, but you don’t know.

        Not even those guys that write those articles online know. They guess what we do, and then you read it. A lot of times they are wrong though.

        Keep reading, enlightenment will come at some point.

        5. “I thought you might be a 50-cent party member by the way you never stay on topic.”

        You are not Chinese, why should I stay on topic? Why should I debate with you? Who are you?

        I am already doing you, a disagreeable foreigner, who ruined my city and my country, through liberalism, a favor, by writing to you.

        Anyone that posts real information on this clown’s website is an asshat.

    • Dw'in hoffi coffi said

      Of all the twisted crap:


      So what the US economy needs right now is more IPO scandals and fraud from Chinese companies otherwise they might leave? What the? It’s like a cancer telling its host its gonna leave and find someone else’s body if it doesn’t get treated better. I really don’t think anybody’s gonna mind if they take their fraud and toxic financial gangrene elsewhere.

      As psychologist Scott Peck says in People of the Lie, evil people have “an unshakable will to be right and will not consider the possibility that they are wrong…Their main weapon, interestingly enough is the lie with which they distort reality to look good to themselves, and to confuse others.” (297)

      Perhaps the CEOs of these companies might want to join Kaifu Lee in his attack on Citron Research:


  9. Matkalainen said

    I ate some Chinese fake rice yesterday…
    Made of potatoes and plastic.
    What should I do now?


  10. YangYing said

    Dw i’n licio coffee you are stupid laowai.what say you not true.you no nothing of our CHINA.portuguese give nothing to world because they very small.china very< big so very strong.China give spicy to world.you call chili.no is wrong.invent this spicy by china FIRST!!! in sichuan by Zu-Zang Yue.then marco polo stole from chinese also many many other thing.like philiosphy,gun the powder and compass and how to make ships you foreigner stole.all by chinese make first.then foreigner all stole from china.you very wrong.china is the best in world and give all.you are the brainwash foreigner.you are all stupid!soon we are master of you and world!stupid foreigner!!!!

    • Dw i'n licio coffee said

      From Wikipedia:

      “The spread of chili peppers to Asia was most likely a natural consequence of its introduction to Portuguese traders (Lisbon was a common port of call for Spanish ships sailing to and from the Americas) who aware of its trade value, would have likely promoted its commerce in the Asian spice trade routes then dominated by Portuguese and Arab traders.”

      “There is a verifiable correlation between the chili pepper geographical dissemination and consumption in Asia and the presence of Portuguese traders, India and southeast Asia being obvious examples.”

      Let me tell you something about life. Spices grow on plants. You don’t just get some red stones and sticks and stuff and make a spice out of them and say “Look, I invented a spice.” The Chili plant is native to South America. You’re deluded. China big in size, granted, but puny and feeble and delusional in spirit and give the world lies and make people delusional about its culture and economy. Then people lose money because of reverse mergers and other tricks, and chase after the mirage of the “huge Chinese market” only to realize blocked by glass walls and had their IP stolen, and waste their time coming to China to learn about great culture, before realizing after wasting decades of their lives that it’s all hype.

    • Dw i'n licio coffi said

      Is it your China? I own several properties in China whereas you were turfed out of your mud hut in the countryside by the local mafia government to sell on to developers at extraordinary markup (lots of $$$$, but not for you) to build ghost towns, empty parking lots, empty office blocks and empty malls, just to massage GDP figures and make local kleptocrats into billionaires.

  11. Dw i'n licio coffee said

    YangYing, are you actually a real fenqing or just a caricature created for our amusement?

    Portugal gave the world Brazil, Port (a type of wine), Macau, the beautiful, lyrical Portuguese language, certain types of guitar, the first people to sail round the world and some nice beaches. Probably lots of other things as well. Big or small is absolutely of no consequence. It’s actually of no consequence where peppers came from. Only people from crap countries make a big deal about what their ancestors may or may not have done two thousand years ago, and distort the facts to make their countries look less crap.

    • YangYing said

      Fuck you foreigner!you hurt feeling of chinese people!!!!you think you king????fuck you you is liar!!!!!go out of China!!!i report you!!!go to die!!!

      • Nipsrgreat said

        I fucked your momma. She was a little stinky and loose, like an old shoe. I told her so she offered your sister to me for a good fucking.

      • Dw'in hoffi coffi said

        I report you when you go to Beijing to petition about your mud hut, then you will get beaten black and blue in black jails by Communist mafia for a few week before getting dumped in the street, back in your hometown, unconscious, in torn rags, together with Zhao Zhipei who stayed in the same hotel as you.


  12. jeff said

    Is this YingYang person for real? or just MyLaowai in caricature?
    YangYing = Chinese Cartman from Southpark ??

    I think Yang Ying is ” the antichrist” I come to that conclusion through elimination of possibilities.
    no-one in their right mind would have sex with a bug eyed, jagged tooth mud hut troll by the yellow river.

    because theres already been one “immaculate conception” we can rule out God.
    thus heaven and earth are not responsible.

    That leaves the Devil himself (a wicked sense of humour) must have fucked YY’s mom at the mud hut. She did it for an endless supply of stinky tofu (tofu left to ferment in the shit of 100 chinese maniacs)

    I could go-on but it is all a sordid affair…..rather!
    time for a civilised meal of cucumber sandwiches washed down with a glass of ginger ale. …. …..rather

    I hear 0112337 is one of the antichrists minions…lol

  13. If pigs can go into space, they you should be called the shit of pigs.

  14. 0112337 said




  15. davedou said

    Dumb China hating foreigners are pathetic. You can almost taste the jealous tears of this inbred anglo.

    • MyLaowai said

      Is that an English IP address you are posting from, Davedou? Well, I guess those anglo proxy servers are good, at least? Or were you actually in Great Britain, and mouthing off at how much anglo’s suck, whilst getting a good education from them?

      Grow up, Sparky. Come back when your balls drop.

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