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Pain Threshold

Posted by MyLaowai on Sunday, November 4, 2012

If you’ve ever been to China, you’ll know that Chinese people are unreasonably, unfeasibly, incredibly loud. If you’ve not been to China, go now to the window and stick your head out – you can probably still hear them conducting their private, discreet conversations. Chinese people don’t need mobile phones: they simply speak at a normal level to people in the next village.

To get an idea of how loud they are, and to put that in perspective, it is first useful to understand a bit about sound. Sound is measured in decibels. It’s a bit complicated, but if you’re interested:
Sound is usually measured with microphones and they respond (approximately) proportionally to the sound pressure, p. Now the power in a sound wave, all else equal, goes as the square of the pressure. (Similarly, electrical power in a resistor goes as the square of the voltage.) The log of the square of x is just 2 log x, so this introduces a factor of 2 when we convert to decibels for pressures. The difference in sound pressure level between two sounds with p1 and p2 is therefore:
20 log (p2/p1) dB = 10 log (p22/p12) dB = 10 log (P2/P1) dB where again the log is to base 10
We said above that the decibel is a ratio. So, when it is used to give the sound level for a single sound rather than a ratio, a reference level must be chosen. For sound pressure level, the reference level (for air) is usually chosen as 20 micropascals (20 μPa), or 0.02 mPa. (This is very low: it is 2 ten billionths of an atmosphere. Nevertheless, this is about the limit of sensitivity of the human ear, in its most sensitive range of frequency.

If you’re interested, go here.

The loudest sound possible on Earth, for reasons only slightly less complicated, is 194dB, but given that your hearing tissue actually dies at 180dB, that’s meaningless. Hard-core rock concerts usually blaze away at around 140-150dB, but the speakers are far enough away from the crowd that they are usually only deafened temporarily. A more common reference point would be, say a pnuematic jackhammer at fifteen metres or factory machinery at less than a metre, and that’s around 90-95dB. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reckons that more than half an hour of that a day will be bad for you. Seriously bad, in fact. The European Union says that traffic noise alone “causes sleep disturbance, hearing damage, even cardiovascular disease; and hinders performance at work and children’s learning. Studies have revealed that fifty thousand deaths and approaching a quarter of a million cases of cardiovascular disease every year in Europe are linked to traffic noise. For the first time, noise has also been linked to an increased stroke risk”. And that’s in Europe, where cars are about to be limited to 68dB.

In China, birds simply fall dead out of the sky from the noise of Chinese people talking.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a screen shot from a noise meter, taken at a quiet(!) restaurant, where the peak is from a guy across the room. Note that he was no longer on the phone when I whipped out the meter, thus the level is considerably reduced – this is just him talking discreetly to his friend at the same table.

But don’t take my word for it, you can conduct a simple experiment yourself. I did so myself several times, and always with predictable effect:

1. Find yourself a quiet environment, your living room perhaps. Stock it with two Chinese persons, yourself, a mate who has been briefed, and a noise meter. Sit the Chinese next to one another, whilst you and your friend sit as far away from them as possible (which is good advice in any case).

2. At some point, usually instantly, the Chinese will start jibber-jabbering to one another in ewok-hua (the local language). Give them sufficient time to forget the existance of you and your friend. Three seconds should be ample.

3. You and your friend now begin having a quiet conversation, at a level at least 20dB below that at which the Chinese are discussing money or food. Instantly, they will raise their voices to be 25-30dB above you.

4. Raise the level of your conversation by 10dB. At once, note how the Chinese raise their level by 15dB.

5. Repeat step 4. You can keep this up all evening, but in fairness I must point out that in a short span of time your ears will begin to bleed and any crockery is likely to develop cracks. They will remain oblivious to you, and even if you cease your conversation, they will continue on at the same level indefinitely. The only thing that is likely to disturb them is the tiny rustle of paper money.

Forget about little old wizzened blokes in orange robes sitting on the tops of mountains in silent contemplation; these people would be causing avalanches. The walls of Jericho wouldn’t have lasted ten seconds with a couple of Chinese in the general vicinity. If God himself farted after a particularly decent curry, he wouldn’t even be heard in China.

Fuck they are loud.

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  1. Jeff said

    very eloquent! very true!
    I tried the experiment you mentioned and confirm the results just as my LHARC failed from noise overload.
    never operate a large hadron collider in Shanghai!

  2. 0112337 said

    Mylaowai…you are a bitch.

  3. 0112337 said

    I will be dropping by Shanghai later this month…you might see me walking by on the street.


    Remember kids, if you come to my city, Beijing, and tries to be naughty, your grandfather will cut your balls off. I will carry the scissor in my bag at all times.

    Beijing welcomes YOU!

    …The scissor ALSO welcomes YOU!

    • Long Long Time Been Here said

      You would get more use out of your scissors if you took them to the tea houses and got to work on all the officials found in them.

    • 0112337 said

      And then what? Replace them with ‘Western’ or ‘West’ leaning ones? So they can be equally incompetent and allow another ABS catastrophe, then in-fight without caring about the common people? So you worthless, immoral monkeys can feel more comfortable, come and fuck easier, play harder, and get away with whichever, like in Thailand or Japan? Do you think Chinese people are stupid??!!

      I, like most Chinese today, give full support to the Chinese government. It is something I can be proud of. Because of these ‘immoral/corrupt’ officials, the average Chinese person has seen his/her wealth rise more than 3 fold over one lifetime. Because of these ‘immoral/corrupt’ officials, China is now the world’s 2nd largest economy, and one of the most influential countries in the world. Heck, I would rather live under them, who actually does good for the people, and makes my people great, then live under a ‘freer’ equivalent, that allows me to participate, but don’t give a damn about my livelihood. I have more important things to do than worry about how to teach imcompetent fools how to do their jobs. They live off of my taxes, why should I be obligated to help them do their job in making my life easier?

      See, the point is what is good for the Chinese people, not for YOU, the foreigner. You don’t even count, because you are not Chinese, and thus have no right to give opinions on another people’s government. If you don’t like how it is, you leave, and the Chinese people will find one to replace you.

      And it is pointless to hear about how you think democracy is good for other countries. When you say that, really look deep into your motives. Are you interested in other people’s livelihoods, or are you really trying to make another’s society freer, more like yours, so it will be easier/more comfortable for YOU to accomplish your objectives? I think it’s the latter, as is plainly evident with the experience in Iraq, Russia, Japan, Thailand. Whichever country you touch, you turn that society into a chaotic, immoral mess. You are like a virus. This is because, despite your outward tolerance and friendliness, deep inside, your kind is fundamentally evil. Christianity is at the heart of your culture, and its fundamental principle is that YOU are at heart, evil.

      I know this is rough, since your part of the world has become an incompetent mess now, with no sense of right and wrong, where nearly everything is tolerated…and so this truth may seem harsh, but I think this ‘awakening’ is necessary for you in the long run. You worthless lot needs parental guidance and re-education, and the strictness in Chinese culture will be a good education for you. Otherwise, you will probably go naked, howling and running around, aimlessly, like headless chickens on the streets. Not saying you are not doing that in Europe already…of course.

      I make the analogy of comparing Chinese civilization as the leash on your brutish nature.


      • Long Long Time Been Here said

        It’s funny that you assume so much from such a short statement with no points of view expressed.

        1) I never said anything about replacing anybody with anybody else.
        2) I don’t think you’re capable of teaching anybody anything, of course this is just my opinion.
        3) I never gave any opinions about the government itself, just suggested a use for your scissors.
        4) I never said anything about democracy in China
        5) Of course I am evil, I go around skinning animals alive for my own personal pleasure and to get face in society when I wear what’s left on my back, I extract bear bile every day for none existent illnesses, hunt tigers in other countries for my own impotence, for example. I am inherently evil.

        Did I hit a nerve?

      • 0112337 said

        You are not relevant, but an important counter idea. I was addressing a concern I have for the young nation, the PRC, which is going through puberty. You reading it or not, responding or not, is not of concern to me.

        1. Don’t care.
        2. Think and you will be free…there is much to what I say than ‘fenqing’ rant. Be released. Say no to bondage, just say NO.
        3. Your comment led me to feel the need to write down an important point. The scissor will be put to good use, not to worry. It will still be in my bag, ready at a moment’s notice.
        4. You shall not.
        5. Think, and you shall be free. Look deep within yourself, look into your soul, feel yourself, and you will see that I am right.

        No, but you have clearly illuminated yourself…now feel yourself.

      • 0112337 said

        and drift upwards…slowly.

      • Long Long Time Been Here said

        I must admit, in a twisted way, you are funny and lighten up my day.
        Keep up the ranting!

      • Jeff said

        Chinese civilization……….Ahemmm
        After the beginning of the Ming dynasty 800 years ago it ALL TURNED TO SHITE. 800 years a fernaggle of ungodly chinese rules by idiot families.
        Not tech development as backward and superstitious as Congo republic!

      • 0112337 said

        Now, see most Chinese people wouldn’t find what I wrote funny. Only an evil person will, and your reaction proved my point, Long Long Time Been Here.

      • Long Long Time Been Here said

        @ 0112337
        Of course, that’s why you’re an uncivilized ape! After all, somebody must be.

    • Jeff said

      0112337 said his Grandfather is a ball cutter!

  4. 0112337 said

    Personally, as someone that knows something about your kind, I am inclined to believe that your people are at heart, some of the most immoral and selfish people out there. America is certainly very selfish, and Europe, very immoral. This is why Obama’s socialist ideas are bound to fail in America, because he failed to realize, that at heart, Western culture is not about the group, but all about the selfish, individual, free roaming barbarian, who is expected to change membership in various raiding parties often, and who is always thinking about how he can get the most of the meat from the buffalo hunt. This eventually led to the tribal leader devising ways to ensure everyone can act that way without tearing the happy barbarian hunting group apart, which became the central point of your laws, and this mentality is precisely why there has never been a E.U. until now (and even that is failing), why throughout history you were always fighting, and why your population will never reach anywhere near China’s…because you don’t have a strong, central ruler, that forces all the barbarians to live in harmony with one another, or else, risk personal death…


    Coming to China has been a breath of fresh air to the incompetence I have to endure everyday in New York. I am fucking sick of dealing with fucktards at Starbucks/Kinkos/CVS/Whatever service store that fucking take their goddamn time to get me what I need. Yeah, all you Americans reading this, you know what I am talking about, the dapper black soul sista that’s not only got extra ‘umpf’ but also five cheeseburgers, six extra fat sized fries loaded up on each butt cheek. Having one of these beauties come serve you is like watching a tugboat sail through the atlantic during a storm, swing-swing, and it takes 5 minutes for them to cover 20 meters. I am fucking sick and tired of having to explain more than once to these morons what I need.

    Thank God I don’t have to go through this crap here in China, the service here, at least in the major cities, is so efficient, so rational, and so friendly that it is beyond any American businessman’s wildest dreams. Hail to China~!!!!

    • Jeff said

      Hey 0112337 said,
      could you please not talk so loud and yell! also turn down you TV beijing opera.

      You doodes always yelling and screaming…. too noisy!

      Yu don cum to mai restarunt! too noizee yu! yu go away! and yu waif too fat! all yu can eeet restarunt can not maik muney lah! Ta Boley Tahan!!!

      no hacking a spitting on sfloor pleeze.

  5. Strongly agreed. Chinese people have some really great attributes, such as usually being quite friendly and not being as superficial as Western people (usually). One thing that can get annoying however, is when people outside are laughing and yelling at 4 am nearly every morning while you are trying to get some quality sleep. Quite difficult without a little melatonin on hand…

  6. Jack said

    li left china 6 months ago after over a decade. now i got pulled back in… they sure pay a fuckload of money for smart people. oh well another 3-5 years in this fucking dump, why not. Smoking, drinking and fucking (maybe your wife) haha. well Beijing, here I come again, suit up your penthouses, daddy is coming back for another round of party and bullshit!

    im sorry i just really hate all the fucking chinese here justifying, lying and simply having no balls whatsoever… so many poor fucks. Don’t get me wrong, some of my best buddies are chinese (never shanghai though haha), but they aint as fucking braindead as the masses, and they also massively take the piss (like everyone here with brains,i.e. money/power)

    well, in the words of scarface “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”

    • 0112337 said

      You don’t sound smart, so I dare you to do the following; go to a busy area and do something stupid at a major city in Northern China in broad daylight. If you aren’t lynched by the local mob, with your possessions destroyed, beaten up by the police secretly at the station, or deported, then tell us about it, tell us about your exploits, the exact location where you did it, at what exact time, and how. I will see to it that you are taken care of, for your bravery and your intelligence, by my friends from Beijing.

      Remember to smile also, when you are doing it, we always love to see the idiot smile on street camera!

  7. 0112337 said

    I cannot sleep, therefore, I have decided to post some interesting observations and to do a cross comparison analysis on American and Chinese culture.

    Genuine Observations (update on recent Chinese development)

    1. Chinese people today, that live in first tier Chinese cities, unquestionably eat and dress better than Americans. The amount of food and clothing varieties are mesmerizing. City layouts are also undeniably better than the United States, the amount of color on every street is amazing!

    2. Southern China, especially Guangzhou and Shenzhen, has adopted more western ways than Northern China, probably as a result of commercialism. It is also more harmonious there than in the North. People are outwardly friendlier.

    3. The Chinese government is undeniably working hard to better the lives of its people, the TV programs are very informative and educational. This has resulted in the astounding speed of mental awareness advancements of Chinese people.

    4. Chinese people don’t really care about the ‘Westerners’ living among them. This is a marked change from 2-3 years ago. A Italian woman said in English to me and another nearby young Chinese person (who knows English), that she thought China was ‘Ok’ with a smile. The other Chinese person’s reaction was to ask me in Chinese, “what is she talking about?”

    5. Chinese people also seem less willingly to help foreigners who only speak English. They do not appreciate the fact that I tell them I came from the United States, thus, I adopted the habit of not mentioning my foreign background. Thank GOD for this new development!!

    6. Beijing is a lot cleaner than 2-3 years ago. The streets in my neighborhood are almost spotless! I saw very few people spitting on the street!

    7. Prices for nearly everything in the first tier cities are more expensive than the United States. A leather business luggage bag in a Shenzhen department store has an asking price of 6,000 yuan or 1,000 dollars!! A wool coat can costs 1,000 – 3,000 yuan or 200 – 500 dollars. This is more extreme for luxury items such as Coach bags. Inflation is serious.

    8. Legalism has become more developed. Today, going to court in China is no longer so frowned upon.

    9. Christianity is becoming really popular, and buddhism…on the decline.

    10. Apparently, after interviewing a few Chinese girls, one of the main reasons they go after foreign guys is because they feel Chinese guys (especially the southern ones) don’t exercise, and thus are small in muscle built, unhygienic, and somewhat effeminate. But they also don’t think foreign guys are caring enough or romantic enough.

    11. Chinese girls, from the first tier cities, are probably some of the best dressed in the world, and best groomed. They are prettier every year, and they are not bitchy like Americans but some are very very immature.

    12. Southerners are absolutely smaller than Northerners. I could not find clothing my size in the South, but had no problem in the North. Most Southerners were terrified of me, and all thought I was from Dongbei.

    13. The Chinese Yuan rose in value against the dollar right after Obama’s election. Something must be going on…

    14. One of the main reasons Chinese brands could not be recognized worldwide is because the manufacturers are not literate enough, in the traditional humanities sense, to realize how really awkward their brand sound to a westerner. They do not understand the emotional reactions their brand name would evoke. Take ‘Leqipolo’ or ‘Pertain Carlo’, the first is a spin-off of Polo Ralph Lauren and the second a spin-off of Pierre Cardin. On the other hand, Haier went global first some 20 years ago, probably because most people at first thought the manufacturer was German or Northern European from the name. Lenovo picked the right brand name too, although it sounds kind of French, and most of you probably don’t hold high opinions of French made computers… When Chinese manufacturers have a better grasp of Western culture, they would probably make better brand names that will ‘stick’.

    15. Southern Chinese male hairstyles today make them look like fucktards…absolute fucktards. They look like they mutated.

    16. In an overly ambitious push for differentiation…maybe…but without the prerequisite cultural knowledge, I have been contacted by sales managers by the names of “Kola Li, Rock Shi, Wind Wang, and the illustrious Fruit Chen” If only they knew what kind of first impressions their chosen first names would give to westerners… I want to meet one that picks a name of “R2D2”.

    17. Most Chinese from first tier Chinese cities have a smart phone, and a lot have ipads. Quite impressive.

  8. 0112337 said

    Things China can learn from America.

    1. The “Never Give Up” American attitude. The against all odds, no matter what obstacles, win at all costs, creative ingenuity, bare-armed determination. This, the true spirit of America, that took shape from the culture of immigrants as they fight for survival, should be copied. Today’s post 90s generation Chinese young people lack this determination. This was the spirit of the original communist soldiers during the revolutionary, but this is no longer there today. Life is too good today for these post 80s, post 90s.

    2. Exercise, sports fervor. Probably nobody in the world exercise as much as Americans. Most Americans does something growing up, from as early as elementary school to college, from track and field to soccer, to swimming. This has caused Americans to be healthier, with more determination, mental resolve, and the stamina to work very long hours without getting tired and losing their health. It also caused them to be sturdy, able to handle all sorts of emotional obstacles in life, and fight like m-f-ing savages in wars. A strong body will induce a strong mind. This sports fervor should be emulated.

    3. Mutual respect and mercy on a human level. Because America is a democracy, where individuals are valued…each individual…theoretically….used to…respect each other and grant mercy to one another purely because the other individual is a human being. This idea should be emulated in China as well. China really needs this, city young people should not look down upon country people and abuse them.

    4. A sound humanities curriculum in the education system, where individual interpretation and analysis of texts are encouraged. Today’s Chinese people should learn how to interpret their own culture so they can better craft a ‘soul’ that will serve as a linchpin to the break neck growth. Today’s Chinese people are soulless. Like fallen leaves, they drift to the winds of Korean Pop, Americanism, or an imperfect interpretation of 1700-1800 European culture. Chinese artists and literati have an equally important role as the scientists. They must craft a new culture, that is compatible with the new world, yet distinctively Chinese. They must craft a soul for the modern China, or otherwise, this mighty country of 1.3 billion people will be conquered, culturally, by others, without firing a shot.

    However, this wish will probably never happen because the communist party realize, after looking at thousands of years of history, that it is much easier to control linear thinking, rational engineers and scientists than wily humanists.

    I doubt culture of scientific growth and rationality, or centralized “scientism” lets call it, which is the new culture crafted by the Chinese communist party, will be popular to other people. This is because, fundamentally, people are not machines, are not rational, and will not adopt a culture such as the new one in China where society is pushed to such a degree of insensitive rationalism…

    Most people in the rest of the world will probably be scared of this, and think of it as a giant prison system…

  9. Jeff said

    Merry Xmas to Mr. & Mrs. Laowai
    You know why xmas didn’t start in china?
    a.) couldn’t find three wise men.
    b.) couldn’t find a virgin of child bearing age.
    c.) They’re a godless bunch of spikey tops.
    d.) all of the above

    thats right you guess it …. d.)

    Merry xmas to 0112337 (011beep) too you misguided intelectual phone rabbit you!

  10. 0112337 said



    If this happened in China, the queen would be fired and tried in court like Bo Xilai, and the people will revolt, but unfortunately as we all know, it’s the West…Only in the ‘West’ can this be allowed, where those two nit-fucks can walk away scot-free and the Queen and her royal clowns can go on flaking in that giant stone cave called the buckingham palace after outright killing a well respected nurse.

    What an outrage!!! A tragic comedy of incompetence, nonsense, and idiocy!! Yet nobody in the ‘West’ is demonstrating, protesting against this!! Where is the justice?!! Where is the humanity?!! Where is the basic notion of right and wrong, where is common decency?!! Where is the human rights and democracy?!!! THIS HUMAN BEING WAS MURDERED THROUGH A PRANK!!

    Is it because she is Indian? and the killer is the Royal family?? What if she was white British? So far there’s not even a fart from you all about this, yet you shout louder than hell when China ran the Olympic torch, a symbol of global peace through your dark lands.

    You worthless lot are AMAZING. FUCK YOU ALL.

  11. 0112337 said

    A few days ago I had the misfortune of being a part of something I regret not having done. I went for lunch at a neighborhood company’s cafeteria that was open to the public, out of convenience, and saw a poor young girl cry. That broke my heart, I have a soft spot for poor honorable people.

    She was visibly poor, because nobody dress like that anymore in Beijing. Solid turquoise blue sweat pants and plastic looking orange jacket, with a hairstyle that looked like it was done after somebody threw a dynamite on her head, or she cut it herself. One or the other.

    She walked in after me, and asked the attendee at the door how much it costs for two meals and whether if she could take some with her. The man glared at her, realized she was coming to use the premise as a soup kitchen, and curtly replied with a wry smile, “You know already, right?” She didn’t say anything and just turned around after paying.

    After we sat down with the food, I saw her holding two large containers filled with dinner buns, dumplings, and baozi. She also filled her tray to the brim with food and was stuffing everything down awkwardly. The whole scene almost looked like it came out of a cartoon, one of those childish, awkward Japanese ones from the 80s where the characters’ emotions are rigid, sudden, exaggerated and in bursts.

    I knew it was not polite to stare at somebody while they are eating so I went back to eating. But she was a young girl, and so of course, I couldn’t help turning back. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tear gently stroll down her emotionless face. One silent tear. She was completely emotionless, just stuffing the food down. Perhaps she was going through too much at her young age, and was simply shielding her sensitive mind from whatever was happening. I was thinking she must have trained herself to be insensitive, otherwise she would kill herself or grow bitter.

    Slowly, the frame of her eyes looked flushed. And another tear rolled down her young, soft face. Still emotionless and still eating. She was looking far ahead at the bright window facing outside on the far wall. Eat, eat, eat…

    But the tears just kept coming, and at this point she just couldn’t continue without some action to address the problem. She went down and picked up a piece of napkin and slowly dabbed her eyes, yet still there was not a single sign of emotion on her young face. It was scary. Perhaps she realized I was looking at her, now and then, that it was at this point that she got up, took the packaged food and started to move away.

    I wanted to move over and ask her what’s wrong, maybe offer her some money and give her some comforting words, but never did…and she just walked away…

    I never saw her at that cafeteria again….

    If only I can have that chance again! I would have given her all the money in my pocket!! At least I would have learned her name….

    • MyLaowai said

      “That broke my heart, I have a soft spot for poor honorable people.”

      Really? I mean… Really?

      Don’t give up your day job sonny.

      • 0112337 said

        What makes you think I rob the poor for a day job? The rants I write on your blog because you are a bitch and an asshole? That I have no respect for you?

        Notice that I am not angry right now because I am home in China, and so I am writing to you in a good manner.

        I don’t do Romney style LBOs or tear up companies I buy for a profit. I am playing Robin Hood, taking money out of the pocket of the rich, and giving it to the poor so the poor man can buy himself a fishing rod and fish for the rest of his life. Of course, he would have to pay back the money with a few fish he caught in the beginning, but in the long run, the rod is his, and he would never have had it if I didn’t ‘lend’ him that money from the rich first. Do you understand? Everybody wins.

        Right now my project involves bringing excellent projects to foreign investors, finding ways to finance them, which will generate large returns for foreign investors and benefit many many poor people. Moreover, I am bringing Chinese capital abroad for acquisitions of companies that are either dying, mismanaged, or strapped of cash (they need that rod) which many American investment companies have passed over. These people I bring over are all excellent, moral investors, superb managers, and skilled problem solvers. I am confident that with them on the board, they will run the company better, and create more jobs. Why do you worthless lot think that when people of a different culture come over to help you, they must be coming with evil intentions? Why are you so petty and xenophobic? Is it because Christianity, which is central to your culture, taught you that all foreign entities are evil, because people are born evil?

        I am creating value and creating wealth. But most of my projects do not redistribute wealth WITHIN the United States, that’s not my problem, that’s the United States government’s. It’s their job to find ways to redistribute the money from the very wealthy (and yes, they are very very wealthy) to the many poor people in that country. So far, it looks like the government is failing, largely because they are incompetent, inefficient, and prone to infighting which wastes time. Again, that has nothing to do with me, or Chinese businesspeople, but solely by the petty, xenophobic, unfriendly, and incompetent United States government.

        See, for example, in the U.S., the media always blabber on and on about how China is stealing the manufacturing jobs from the U.S. But seriously, does any American want to work like a diligent Chinese worker, assembling shoes on a production line for $1 per hour? That’s slave labor, and probably ultimately unpaid, because the cheap village traders (Americans) are devaluing their currency to pay less, and paying old debt paper with new paper. Are Americans or Europeans really willing to work as hard as Chinese people if those jobs return? If you ask a black soul sista to greet every incoming customer at Starbucks with something like, “Welcome to Starbucks, how can I help you?” in a cheery tone, which is the norm at Family Mart in Guangzhou or Shenzhen, they would find their union, sue the company, and call them racists.

        America has many things it can sell, it can sell Boeing engines, it can sell Caterpillar bulldozers, etc. All of which are attractive to Chinese buyers. One of those will balance out at least a thousand Foshan manufactured leather shoes. Yet, is the American government willing to do that? NO. Why? Because it is afraid its technology will be copied. But couldn’t they sit down and find out a way to sell it without losing its technology? NO. Why? Because they are fucktards. What do they do instead? They use scoundrel’s tactics by brainwashing the American public about how China is playing unfair, how it is stealing jobs, etc. etc., and these petty, ignorant, mindless morons (American common man) got whipped up at the first blabber from the media/American propaganda machine, and now they created a party called the “Tea Party” to gather all these idiots together.

        Most Chinese people went to the United States with a student’s mindset (regardless of whether they were or not) thinking that the United States is superior technologically and in many other aspects. All of us went to learn from what we thought were more civilized and developed people. Yet what did we find? A very Petty, ignorant, immoral, idiotic, highly selfish, aggressive, crass, and highly xenophobic/close minded/racist group of people that was not only not welcoming but willing to blame all their problems on us at the first instance. Fuck, who wouldn’t turn against that country with such a people, wouldn’t you?

        Now a lot of Americans may not agree to that, but what may not be true about the average American (like maybe the southerner, who is very friendly and hospitable), is very true for the business community. The business community is very conservative, and closed to outsiders, largely because domestic American businessmen, since they are ignorant and close-minded, tend not to interact with foreigners with foreign cultures (they simply don’t understand it, and thus can’t find common ground, don’t have time, and thus don’t have trust, and thus avoid completely). So that one bucket of cash gets passed around from one financier to another through ‘n times’ of different methods. And now, a lot of it has floated out so you find American financiers without jobs.

      • 0112337 said

        But now, lets talk about poor honorable people. I will not talk about Europeans because I don’t know as much about Europe, I grew up in the United States. So on the Americans…if you have the chance, go live in the U.S. for a few years. Go ask about its public schools system, its introductory education system, what goes on in American colleges, and what they study. Then find out about how American workers react to the job environment, what their views are on ‘overtime’, and how they pay their taxes.

        Then, if you have the chance, go talk to some of their politicians, see if you can learn something about ‘pork barreling’, and how these ‘honorable’ representatives of the people used the $787 billion stimulus relief package that was passed a few years ago.

        Many Americans became poor because they were not honorable at some point in their lives. Maybe it was that they smoked weed in high school, got their head messed up, and so flunked out of school. Or they were screwing five girls at the same time in college, got drunk beyond their wildest dreams, fucked up on exams, and got kicked out…became jobless and homeless…and they did not have a rich banker daddy with connections to wipe their ass and bail them out. Or they were not honorable by not being diligent and picked some easy bullshit major such as “sociology” or “women’s studies” and found themselves jobless after graduation. Or, they all got together and tried to union their way into a higher pay and got the company bankrupt, i.e. google the story of “hostess”, the twinkies chocolate cake manufacturer.

        These are the Americans that became poor, the 败家子儿, because just like during the late Qing dynasty, it’s human nature to seek comfort, immorality, and an easy way out. There are many such types in the U.S. The ones who were born poor, were largely poor because of dishonorable people above who ruined their lives. Most people that fall in this case would be the model 刻苦好孩子in China. To most young Chinese today, the suffering they go through would be unimaginable. Most young Chinese would probably kill themselves if they were forced to go through what these people go through. Let me show you how the honorable United States treat good people. All you Americans reading this, you will find this very very familiar and know exactly what I am talking about.

        Case 1: Poor young girl who struggles in school because daddy is a fucktard drug addict that drools when he is awake and does nothing but smoke crack during the day. He smoked the family to ruins. Mother is an alcoholic and prostitute. Both are ignorant, uneducated, 愚昧,无知,并且荒唐。 The family barely stays together and always fights when they meet. I always give money to these girls when I see them.

        Case 2: Teachers in public schools who don’t have a clue themselves about what they teach. They got the job simply because it was stable, not that competitive, tax deductible, with a long vacation (entire summer off), and is reasonably paid. Some of these fuckers don’t have a sense of right and wrong, and most are far far away from the moral standards Chinese teachers hold. They have a union to fight against the school and parents who pressure them to teach right. The teachers union in California can actually influence Californian politics.

        So these fuckers give random grades to students who they like and dislike, and the kids who walked through this system may not have a good grasp on the academic concepts but are masters of politics/人际关系。They end up 愚昧,无知,而且不理智。 Then they walk into college, and find themselves unable to handle math and science, which has no room for error, and cannot be affected by politics. They can’t do it, and so either quit, or pick something easy, like sociology, where an ‘A grade’ is knowing that white people hate black people because they have different colors.

        These worthless fools end up graduating illogical, irrational, and jobless. They join the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement and either worship the sun or Hare-Krishna. And all the top paying engineering, science related jobs, which are plenty in the United States, gets filled up by Chinese, Indians, Arabs, other Asians, Russians, and maybe some Jews who either had adequate education back home or had a good culture back home that fostered them to study right. Overtime, these retarded Americans develop a stereotype that asians are better at math and science.

        Case 3: In American college, professors have even more power than high school teachers. These awful awful human beings can and do do whatever the fuck they want. Many do not teach because they are pressured by the school to produce papers. And they give hard exams to kill grading curves because they are also pressured by the school.

        So kids end up not seeking truth, but seeking grades, finding ways to kill exams and conquer the curve. They end up graduating not knowing anything, and being brain dead, without common sense, and useless. They also end up poor…or worse, forever crazy.

        I studied economics and pure mathematics when I was in college. Now I have been in the real world for a few years, in business for some time, and can say for certain that those fucktards that taught me were completely wrong and don’t have a clue about the real world subject they were studying. I remembered fondly how one wiry small Berkeley educated Indian professor, which we called the “fly”, with a habit of reaching into his underwear to scratch his butt cheeks in public, had a great interest in using economic statistical “tools” to research whether Indian rapists like to use condoms when they rape sub continental Indian village girls. Fearing that this twisted fucker will rape our grade as well, should we act otherwise, we all feigned the utmost interest, as if darkie starfuck was the love buddha of rapage enlightenment and will enpower us with his “research”.

        Apparently this was not the worst. At a once renowned institution in Connecticut called Wesleyan University, there is a class on pornography, where students learn about the cultural expression of porno and makes a final project, done in pairs, which is a homemade porno film that is shown in class at the last day for “group analysis”. I kid you not. My friend was in that class. He was white. He was fat. He was also unfortunate, and he got paired up with a slim black dude from inner city Detroit, that was not gay…

        I will tell you fine folks more about how Americans became poor because they were ruined by society, AFTER they enter the workforce.

        Your grandfather is tired…the light…will shine at another time.

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