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And another bloody thing…

Posted by MyLaowai on Saturday, September 15, 2012

I’m listening to the sound of air-raid sirens. China is conducting nationwide air-raid drills today. Why a country that purports to be peaceful and not interested in war should feel the need to conduct air-raid drills is a bit of a mystery, but I leave you to draw your own conclusions on that subject.

On a subject that may be related, I received the following email from a friend who works at a large company in China. He would prefer to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons. The email was sent to him by the Party Office in his company.

I can’t be bothered to translate it all, but Google translate is close enough to get the point across:

All employees:

The Japanese government, regardless of China’s repeated solemn representations, has announced the “purchase” of the Diaoyu Islands, the implementation of the so-called “nationalization”, and signed today with the so-called “land owners” a purchase contract for the Senkaku islands “(i.e. Chinese Diaoyu Islands). This is a serious infringement of China’s territorial sovereignty, and the serious injury of the 1.3 billion Chinese people’s feelings is a serious violation of the historical facts and international jurisprudence. The Chinese government and people expressed resolute opposition and strong protests.

The solemn statement of the Chinese government, is that the Japanese government’s so-called “purchase of islands” is completely illegal, invalid, does not change the historical fact of the Japanese occupation of Chinese territory, and does not change China’s territorial sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands. The Chinese government will not sit back and watch it’s territorial sovereignty to be violated. China strongly urges the Japanese side to immediately stop all acts to undermine China’s territorial sovereignty. If the Japanese side insists, all the serious consequences resulting therefrom can only be borne by the Japanese side and Japan’s “purchase of islands” behaviour, and China will implement a series of counter-measures.


All the company party members and cadres should effectively improve their sense of responsibility, to take up the responsibility of the maintenance of stability work, should take the lead to stick to their own posts, guide the masses of workers rational expression of patriotic fervour in accordance with the law, to unite and move forward together. To work together with all Chinese united, will move forward together, patriotic passion into power in action, take concrete actions to promote the cause […], to promote the harmonious development of the motherland prosperous and strong!

– Party Committee Office

And the air-raid sirens continue…

11 Responses to “And another bloody thing…”

  1. Jeff said

    I have not recieved such twaddle of a notice, had I have done so, my answer to the Party Comittee Office would be “Bollocks!”

    I thought the air raid siren was informing us of a new “MyLaowai” entry!
    Its been so long since the last one.

  2. RecoveredSinoholic said

    I have read that the brainless patriotic yellowneck buffoon 20 year olds are now holding photos of their beloved Chairman Mao aloft while protesting and hurling flowerpots at the coppers. Sheeple will be sheeple. I think they hate the west most for overturning their sacred 2100 year old dynastic system. Now there is no with with sufficient mystique to tell them what to do and how to think.
    P.S.: I am sure that at least 80% of these fenqing couldn’t locate those fly speck islands on a map to save their scrawny little lives

  3. The sirens were NOT air-raid drills. They were a “commemoration” of the September 18th incident in 1931, when Japan bombed its own railway line, blamed the Chinese and used this as an excuse to invade.

    I saw people weeping here. People who remembered the sirens being sounded for real and the city being totally flattened.

    The sirens were a kind of “lest we forget” gesture. Do you think the timing of the Diaoyu protests was an accident?

  4. wtdevflnt said

    Hey MLW, have you gotten your official ‘Senkaku’ is not ‘Senkaku’ map? They are selling like newborns here in Beijing.

    I bought a few if you need one.

    But on the serious tip, I wondered why it is that they communists needed to print a map just for those islands, seems a bit odd doesn’t it?

    Couldn’t one reason that if those islands were part of China, then they would be incorporated into a China map, right?

    So I invested in two maps, one of the Senkakus and one of China. Interestingly enough, the ‘China’ map does not have the Senkakus shaded in the same color as China. As a matter of fact, the disputed islands are similar in color to Taiwan and Japan.

    Hmm, I wonder why that is?

    • MyLaowai said

      Even more interesting, as well as true, Taiwan belongs to Taiwan, but if it didn’t, then it would belong to Japan. Quite a lot of Taiwanese think that belonging to Japan was a good thing.

  5. Jeff said

    Since Sept 15 no other “bloody thing” to mention……. “Bloody Nora!” “Stone the crows!” MLW gobsmacked?, couldn’t be OR has mrs. LW been clamping down on pllaytime? earn some rubles to buy the bling bling…

  6. 0112337 said

    Hey, Mylaowai, surprise surprise. Your blog is accessible and viewable in China. I am seeing it in Guangzhou right now.

    • Long Long Time Been Here said

      In 8 years I’ve only had one problem connecting to MLW and that was because I forgot to plug the network cable in, what’s your excuse?

  7. Jeff said

    Ahhhh Guangzhou….Pearl of the orient!

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