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The Brave China Man

Posted by MyLaowai on Thursday, July 12, 2007

There’s this (virtual) organisation in Hong Kong, which goes by the name of the Anti-Kong-Typed-Women Association. Apparently, it was set up by a group of Hong Kong Chinese guys, who seem to have emotional problems vis-a-vis women. Or, in their own words, “certain typical Hong Kong women with serious psychological flaws”. They have a lovely little logo, though:


Impressive, isn’t it? Well anyway, they planned a massive flash-mob incident to prove how manly they all were (Yeah, that’ll show those women how tough us Chinese Men are! Yeah!). The time and place was set for 1:00pm at Exit E, Causeway Bay MTR. The police got wind of it, and had a few plain-clothes people there to keep an eye on things. At 1:00pm, a young guy wearing jam-jar glasses and a white t-shirt took a step out into the open, took out a piece of paper and recited something short in a low voice. He then departed quickly.

Yeah! That showed ’em! Wow, how brave these Chinese boys are.

The individual concerned (photo below), Ah-Hung, had been interviewed by EasyFinder magazine in which he claimed to be 25 years old but has never dated a girl. He also said: “Revolutions need martyrs. I’m prepared to become a martyr.”


For the record… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Ha.

(Thanks to Roland at EWSN for the report, and Peking Duck for the heads up)

In related news, there’s this little gem from our Chinese friends in the U.S. of A. Essentially, there’s a class of visa that is known as an F1, which applies to foreign graduate students who are studying in U.S. Universities. They are not U.S. citizens (and in fact a great many are spies for the Chinese Communists). Their gripe? Read on…

Appeal to Male F1s to Absolutely Never Marry Chinese Girls Who Have Dated White Guys

“You can date, you can also make love, but definitely not want to get married for a very simple reason. Although we are all people of high ability, we can’t settle the status issue: we can’t provide green cards. In other respects we are definitely better than average white people, but because of the system we are forced to compete from a position of weakness.

But our superiority lies in this: Language and culture, after all it is easier to communicate with us than white guys. Usually we are quite traditional, on the whole all can rely on our support. But the ultimate reason is that we allow female F1s to take advantage of us. Their selfish calculation is this: first they date white guys, and if they get married to them, then they have achieved what they wanted; if they couldn’t marry a white guy, they still have us Chinese guys as backups.

Therefore in order to put an end to them treating us as backups, I appeal to you: Let all male F1s join forces to boycott any female F1 who has dated white guys. It’s like trashy schools and top-tier schools competing to enroll new students: Although I am a very trashy university, I will give you an offer right away. I want you to decide right away. If you are waiting for a top-tier university, I will immediately reject you. Why? Because only in this way are you able to maximize your interest. Otherwise all you can get are those who were rejected by top-tier schools.

From today begins the upward progress of a sunny, wretched, handsome male F1.”

Posted by: TwentyFourCM (24cm)

What does it all mean? Well, Chinese males are often extremely insecure around women. Add to this the very low level of respect in which females are held, and it’s no wonder that so many Chinese girls are simply more interested in dating foreign boys than Chinese boys. The Chinese boys lose their face. Laughably, the Chinese graduate students who make the above complaint are the ones who tend to use their foreign-resident status as a lure to pull Chinese girls who are living in China and who want to escape.

It’s easy to laugh at these 9lb emotional weaklings, but they really can be dangerous when the frustration all gets a bit too much for their delicate ego’s to bear, as we saw in the China Bounder incident (reported here in detail).

Draw your own conclusions, people. I’m leaving you with this thought:

If consumers won’t buy your product, could it be that your product isn’t what the market wants?

One Response to “The Brave China Man”

  1. Stranded Mariner said

    Hilarious! What a bunch of pathetic losers. Not that we didn’t know.

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