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Small Countries Breathe Sigh of Relief…?

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, April 23, 2007

According to the South China Morning Post, one of the better newspapers in the region, China is taking the lead in re-energising the “Asian values” debate.

In particular, I liked this quote:

“The right of a country to choose independently its path of development and follow its domestic and foreign policies… should be respected,” [Wu Bangguo, chairman of the National People’s Congress] said. “Big countries should respect small ones, the strong should support the weak and the rich should help the poor.”

I’m sure China’s neighbours rest easier at nights now, knowing how much China respects them.

3 Responses to “Small Countries Breathe Sigh of Relief…?”

  1. Just ask any Tibetan?

  2. mylaowai said

    Tibetan’s aren’t neighbors any more, any more than Sudetenland was a neighbor of Germany in 1943.

  3. strandedmariner said

    ‘Asian Values’, as if China does not have enough lies, corruption, and cronyism already.

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