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Shenzhen Welcomes The World

Posted by MyLaowai on Friday, August 12, 2011

From the South China Morning Post:

The airport will close, roads are blocked, banks and public services have been suspended for four days, and helicopters can be seen hovering above 20,000 paramilitary police sent to every corner of Shenzhen.

Taking every precaution imaginable, Shenzhen will kick off the World University Games, also known as the Universiade, today.

President Hu Jintao arrived in Shenzhen yesterday afternoon to attend the Games’ opening ceremony scheduled for today, Xinhua reported. But he may not have a chance to address many locals, as authorities announced that no tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies would be sold to the public.

As part of ramped-up security measures, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport will be closed for four hours from 7pm to 11pm during the opening and closing ceremonies scheduled for today and August 23, The Southern Metropolis News reported. With an average of 36 flights an hour handled at the airport, about 290 flights are expected to be affected by the closures.

Residents of luxurious apartments close to the stadium have been asked to leave their homes for five hours for security reasons during the opening ceremony, but to switch on the lights before they leave. Authorities said each household would be compensated for the power.

Additionally, more than 80,000 people deemed security risks have been kicked out of Shenzhen, and migrant workers have been warned not to petition, gather publicly or use any “abnormal methods” to seek unpaid salaries during the Games.

All these measures are Shenzhen’s way of welcoming the rest of the world. And the city no doubt took a cue from the way Beijing cracked down on potential risks ahead of the 2008 Olympics.

6 Responses to “Shenzhen Welcomes The World”

  1. dasi said

    These things never cease to amaze me. I guess i shouldn’t be amazed any more. And what’s with leaving the apartments with the lights on?

  2. Nips Are Great said

    Boom boom boom.

    Curious folk ask, “What’s that?”

    CCP Propaganda Bureau “That’s ah… fireworks practice for closing ceremony.”

    Boom boom boom.

    Curious folk, “But there’s a lot of smoke there.”

    CCP, “Just a little accident.”

    Curious folk, “Why are all those security vehicles rushing over there?”

    CCP, “Just a drill.”

    Curious folk, “Really?”

    CCP, “Yes, everything’s normal here. Enjoy the show!”

    Boom boom boom

    Curious folk, “There’s that sound again. Doesn’t really sound like fireworks.”

  3. Chinese Netizen said

    F-ing TWATS…

    All for some “games” that really no one one earth gives a flying fuck about. I’m sure 99.9% of Shenzheners could give a fuck and surely all students of primary, middle and university levels will be forced to attend. Gleefully.


  4. gowron said

    So this is it then? One of the last shows that the Chinese bribed their way through? Olympics, Expo, Asia Games, Universade, God I sincerely hope so.

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