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Chinese Toddler etcetera

Posted by MyLaowai on Saturday, October 22, 2011

It’s big news: little Wang Yue Yue, the “two-year-old girl in southern China, who was run over by two vans and ignored by 18 passers-by”, has died. Every newspaper and television station in the world, it seems, has picked up the story. The thing is, most of them seem to have left a few points out of their analysis…

1. Yue Yue. This means ‘Happy Happy”. What the hell kind of parents name their kid “Happy Happy”? Were they really that fucking short of ideas? Or did they just not give a shit what their kid was called as long as he/she/it could grow up and earn a pension for them? Seriously, how crap must parents be to name their loin-spawn “Happy Happy”? The mind boggles.

2. What was a two-year-old doing playing on the road? The road, where trucks and stuff go driving past. You know, where two-year-old kids could be, for example, run over. Did the parents just kind of not appreciate that two-year-olds and roads are not a brilliant combination? Huh?

3. Is there anyone in the world who believes for a single second that this doesn’t happen every day in China? If so, you are a touch naive, my friend. This is how it works: Some baby / old geezer / idiot [delete as appropriate] wanders out into a street / highway / service lane. Truck / car / taxi runs them over. Said vehicle usually drives off, with the driver not being aware of the fact the the bump in the road was made of meat because he, too, is a fucking retard like all his shit-for-brains cuntrymen, but on the off-chance that the driver does know what happened, said vehicle will stop, reverse over the now-much-easier-to-hit target in order to make sure of the job, before then driving off. After all, a dead person is cheaper to pay out for than an injured one if you are ever caught, which you won’t be, because nobody actually gives a damn about anyone else. Home of civilisation my arse.

4. If “Happy Happy” had grown up, is there actually anyone who believes that she would have been any different? No. And why is that? Because she would have been a selfish, nasty, spiteful bitch like every other person she is likely to have met. In twenty years, it could well have been her behind the wheel.

5. There is not a single fucking person in China who actually gives one single, solitary groat’s worth of shit about this. Don’t mistake the “I’ve been shedding tears for this little angel for a week now” comments for actual truth. Even the parents, now that they know they will be well-compensated and can have a shot at a boy-child, are unlikely to care much. In fact, apart from some well-intentioned but foolish laowais, the only people in China who will even remember this in a week are the retards who were driving, but in two weeks they’ll have been executed for their organs, which will leave no one. But hey, by then we’ll have another story to distract the masses from their anti-government protests.

6. “Happy Happy”? I mean, really? Jesus that’s fucked. I’m still getting to grips with how fucktarded Chinese parents are. What the hell kind of a name is that? Really?

7. In other parts of the world, even stray dogs care more about each other than do Chinese for each other: YouTube video here

8. Various newspapers are prattling on about how this incident has “sparked a wave of soul-searching on China’s social networking sites”. Bullshit. Chinese people have no soul, and if they did, they wouldn’t be going to the trouble of searching it. If they had a soul, it would be small, dark, and slimy. It would smell of sulphur. I’ve never even heard of a Chinese actually giving a shit about anything that didn’t happen to them personally. Soul searching? Who are you trying to kid?

9. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but sad as it may seem that some kid has died, at least now it won’t breed another generation of the Enemy. Forget the One-Child Policy, what we need in this place is a No-Child Policy, rigorously enforced for, oh, about the next sixty years or so. A great many problems will then solve themselves, especially if you are Uighur or Tibetan or Vietnamese or Indian or… well, you get the point.

10. There is a lesson for all of us in this: Don’t play with trucks.
10.1 Also,: Don’t get injured in China.
10.2 And: Give your kid a name that isn’t crap. Fuck man, “Happy Happy”? I mean, really?

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  1. Chinese Netizen said


    Well put, succinct and oh so truthful. This should be required reading for anyone in the West that thinks China will suddenly change its ways because of this incident.

    After all, they had to enact a “Good Samaritan” law in the parts of the U.S. so that do gooders would not be sued by the greaseball they just saved in an emergency situation…

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  3. A. said

    4. If “Happy Happy” had grown up, is there actually anyone who believes that she would have been any different? No. And why is that? Because she would have been a selfish, nasty, spiteful bitch like every other person she is likely to have met. In twenty years, it could well have been her behind the wheel.

    This is sadly true. :( I’d love to say, “Oh, you’re being too harsh” or “Oh, you need to have more hope” but seriously, I have lived in China too long to believe that.

  4. Brewskie said

    It is sad this happened in China. I’ve heard from other Westerners working/living there who’ve complained about similar instances (a recent one was where an American friend had to stop and help a victim of a traffic accident because everyone else kept driving by).

    Obviously technology changes fast, and the assimilation of it can occur lightening quick. However, history proves entrenched culture changes much more slowly. One should consider America 100 years ago – which was the most progressive democracy around at the time: it segregated races, it didn’t allow women to vote.

    • MyLaowai said

      Not that it is in any way relevant to this article, but when the United States of Awesome did something is not automatically when the rest of the world did it. This is because the U.S.A is only one country, and the rest of the world is a couple of hundred countries, many of which were in the past and are in the present more progressive. Women’s suffrage provides a good example: Sure, the U.S.A allowed women the vote in 1920 as part of the 19th Amendment, but New Zealand was the first country to grant it, way back in 1893. And even before that, as far back as 1718, Women were voting in local and guild and regional elections from Sweden to Pitcairn Island. When it comes to women’s suffrage, the U.S. was beaten to the ball by Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, and the Russians. The United States was by far not the most progressive democracy in 1920, and it is not even a contender for the title today.

  5. 0112337 said

    Laowai, how did you hear about this tragedy in the first place? Did it magically float to your eyes and ears or was it reported by those ‘small, dark, slimy’ people, and further propagated by those ‘small, dark, slimy’ people until it reached crisis level and you picked it up?

    I know a little black kid named Tyrone Biggums in South Central L.A., he probably got shot by a colt pistol, multiple times, for not paying for his drugs, and then he died, and got chopped into pieces. Did you know about that?

    I think I don’t have to mention something similar for England or Australia. Hence my point.

    • 欢迎fuckyfucky said

      Who are you today?

      Kunta-kintay’s great grandson?

      Or the investment banker twat?

      Or just a regular small dark slimey shit?

      • 0112337 said

        I am the beacon of light, that will illuminate your barbaric darkness. BEHOLD!

        By the way Laowai, you should pay me, I am making your blog popular. I am kind of doing community service for free here.

      • MyLaowai said

        Free entertainment for the masses? Sure, of course you provide that. The kind of entertainment we laowai get in China every day on the street hasn’t been seen in the West since the demise of the Three Stooges.

    • gowron said

      nuck nuck nuck you chowderheads!

      Mao be Moe (a pun on his name, and he has the same stupid black hair cut, and well he’s the brain dead retard leader of the retards)

      Deng Xiao Ping can be Curley,
      and Li Peng or some other idiot can be Larry…..

      I can see all 3 men in hell right now, preforming 3 stooges like tortures on each other.

  6. 欢迎fuckyfucky said


    All points you make are solid, spot-on.

    It’s hard to decide on the best or a favourite. But it just might be:

    9. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but sad as it may seem that some kid has died, at least now it won’t breed another generation of the Enemy. Forget the One-Child Policy, what we need in this place is a No-Child Policy, rigorously enforced for, oh, about the next sixty years or so. A great many problems will then solve themselves, especially if you are Uighur or Tibetan or Vietnamese or Indian or… well, you get the point.

    I’d like to point out Mr. Laowai that #9 does not sound ‘harsh’ and the child dying is not sad, you need not apologise.

    This happens every day in every stinking shithole the little yellow runts live in.

    And they all know it.

    There will be no ‘soul searching’. Mr. Laowai covered that point as well.

    Fucking chinks…. They’re the shittiest people on the planet.

    Time to dust off and roll out the neutron bombs.

  7. 0112337 said

    And you don’t like ‘Happy Happy’ huh ? Would you prefer ‘Ursula Schwarz‘ (female black bear/雌性小黑熊)? Maybe ‘Barbara Rufus’ (red haired barbarian/红毛儿野人)? Or perhaps the classier, latinized European name of ‘QVINTVS MEDICI AFRICANVS’ (african druggy number five/五子,非洲卖药的)? At least simple Chinese peasants are brave enough to openly flaunt their ignorance compared to you laowais, that name your children nonsense you don’t even have a clue about. Don’t name your boys Mortimer folks, you don’t want to know what that means in Latin.

  8. Bill said

    Classic rant mlw and little can be added. My personal fav is #3

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  10. gowron said

    Blame it on the Laowai. Everything that goes wrong in this country is Whitey’s fault. I don’t know how this is whitey’s fault when the drivers were Chinese, but some how it is. It ALWAYS is. Just like the 51% SINOPEC owned oil rig. Just like the crazy teacher that stabs her kids. It’s Laowai’s fault that they bring money to us Chinese, and thus screws up the economy, and puts pressure on her. It’s not the teacher’s fault that she’s a crazy old bat, with screwed up frayed mylen sheaf nurons that are misfiring in ALL manners of directions but the way God intended. It’s not her fault that she was fed toxic foods that made her this way or drinking toxic water or a mutated spawn of a foul mouthed Red Guard Ogress? Nah it’s the white man’s fault. The Chinese are perfect angels, who jignonistically brough civilization to Asia for over 50,000 years. PS China Fuck you.

    • YiZhang said

      yes, CHINA bring civilization to Asia and you forget the world!!!!!CHINA is more civlizidied of all world and leader!! and now world power.We chinese get more, get all! and your woman to serve us.now space also ours.so proud to be chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YiZhang said

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      • gowron said

        You know telling someone to get out of China isn’t an insult. 1)China is a shit covered hell hole that smell like piss and urine. 2)see 1. 3) Telling someone to leave china is like someone in hell trying to insult somebody by saying go to heaven. That you’re moving UPWARDS.

        Any country that doesn’t have children walking around with cuts in their pants, where the government doesn’t drive around in “Death Vans”, is heaven. Enjoy your hell you sweaty little Chinese fag.

        Best country in the world? Not according to the United Nations Human Development Index, China is down there hovering around 25th place….. Hell Hong Kong a fuckhole of a dirty Chow Bi, hovers around 8th place…..

        Ching Ching Chong Chong, Teng Bu Dong ma?

      • gowron said

        Nothing more to say you monkey?

      • wtd said

        Gowron rules and Yizhang aka ‘piss skin’ rots in a hell hole of a land where he is destined to die from a concoction of toxic land and goods but not before he consumes precious resources better spent on human beings than a one child policy albatross.

  11. YiZhang said

    gowron,i am chinese and you say wrong things.ALL is mistake by laowai and bad things in the world is because of laowai.china is so warm and heartful peacefull in the world but white laowai are bad.if problem come is because of west!you most arrgant race and no repsct china who ring culture and big inventors to world and is oldesnt most powerful in world.you still hurt us and feelings of people in china.we beat you hard and beat you so you learn to respect the greater people in china!!!

    • gowron said

      Sintax ERRORs made by YiZhaung.China is so warm and heartful and peaceful etc etc etc. (premise 1).

      “We BEAT YOU HARD AND BEAT YOU ching ching chong ching chow wong Bing Ting Tong” (premise 2).

      Conclusion: The Zhoungmenhui are nothing but SAVAGES who are stuck in the past.

      PS Ching Chong. I’m Chinese.

  12. 0112337 said

    I am inclined to think this YiZhang is another fenqing imitating laowai. He/she needs to work on adaptation and observation, especially on a closer analysis of fenqings’ hate venting technique, expression, tone of speech, and knowledge base. The grass roots fenqing on the net today are angry but focused, like barracudas. Although angry, most can still write in complete sentences. The key lies in understanding the root of their hatred, their psychological frustrations, and not in purely displaying their stupidity. That makes you look like a laowai. The ones that cannot write in grammatically correct sentences, ones from rural China, are usually unable to afford computers and take advantage of the internet. Thus their voice is usually NOT represented.


    By the way, here in the land of the dumb and free, we have a new denomination of fools that spawned off of the Occupy Wall Street revolutionary battalion. They are called the ‘53%’, as a counter statement to OWS’ claim that they represent the 99%. The 53% is also angry, but they don’t believe in government handouts. Hilarity will probably ensue…

    Of course, I am watching from the sidelines as a good Chinese person and taking note of how America is slowly heading down the path of 1960’s China.

    Mao, or ‘Moe’, as our friend Gowron so eloquently puts it, must be laughing his ass off in his glass casket in Tiananmen.

    • gowron said

      Homer Simpson: Awwwwwwweee be looks like a baby angel…. who killed 80 Million people. Yes you are! yes you are. Referring to Mao…. Damn Simpsons goes to China episode, that and other Fen-fen, bullshit like the olympics, inspired me to come back to see China. To find myself with my people’s heritage. I only find a potential mass murderer who was GLAD Japan invaded! (you fucking hear that Yi-Fuck-Zaung). The Japanese were TOO GOOD TO US! . (What are you going to do you little girly China boy, with a pretty nose, and long fuzzy hair? Are you going to call your gay friends your gay chinese girl boys, to “Beat me”. I’m Glad the fucking Chinese are finished. And once the Laowais, master Stem Cells, so I can change my ethnicity, I’m so picking a sexy red head dude… What!!!??!!? Gingers are cool.

      No more snaggled tooth “ouu ouuu” (monkey-king like lips), and lactose intolerance, and small dick, and cruly black pubes for me…. But Yea, I was a fen-qing like Yi-Fuck over there. And I deeply apologize. (sincere). And heh, I get these ideas from my skinhead, KKK Chinese father, who wants to murder ALL chinese. Who told me “There is one truth in China, that everyone is a liar”. Since when is Lieing “Peaceful, and heartful?” fuck you little dick boy. lah!

      • 0112337 said


        Laowai, is this ‘Gowron’ one of your guys in disguise? He has certainly succeeded in adding color here.

        For the first time, I am actually inclined to think that the guy behind Gowron’s computer is actually Chinese, a son of one of those farmers that went abroad, perhaps illegally, from southern China, maybe somewhere around Wenzhou, Fujian, or Guangdong.

        If he is not, this Laowai is pretty damn good.

      • 0112337 said

        No wait, I take that back, this guy is definitely another Laowai.

        I was rereading this which he wrote earlier, “It’s not the teacher’s fault that she’s a crazy old bat, with screwed up frayed mylen sheaf nurons that are misfiring in ALL manners of directions but the way God intended.” If a Chinese person mastered English expression to this level, there is NO WAY he could curse so obtusely like he did in the later posts

        Here is a hint Gowron, If you hate Chinese people, and want to pretend to be one of them to curse back at them…(gosh that’s psychologically messed up, but whatever, this is the 21st century, messed up shit like this is supposed to happen), you must keep consistency.

        Pick a side, do you want to sound sophisticated or obtuse? Don’t be both.

        God…I need to find something better to do. Why am I analyzing fools?

      • 0112337 said

        Come to think of it, this fool ‘Gowron’ is actually pretty smart. By pretending to be Chinese and cursing the Chinese people, he has succeeded in three aspects. 1. He vented his anger without breaking the hypocritical stereotype of the saintly, indiscriminate Laowai that piss perfume. 2. He cursed at someone he hates. 3. He is causing other laowai to mock Chinese people for their supposedly, or assumptive, “inferiority complex”.

        Bravo ‘Gowron’ ! Bravo.

        Are you really a ginger headed Laowai? I like red haired girls, their nipples are pink. Do you have a daughter?

      • gowron said

        I’m Chinese. :_( But I’m sure as Stem Cells progress, I can go in for “plastic” surgery and evolve into sexy Nordic sexoman, with abs and can piss perfume. Speaking of which, my German and South African bosses smell great. One of the holiest smells I found as a kid were my caucasian class mates, and I grew up in a working class neighborhood. So You can only imagine what a high class white chick smells like, who has sexy red hair and Sonja blade-Cammy White-Kylie Minogue. Even A White chicks voice resonates with heavenly harps, of fluttering butterfly angelic wings.

        Chinese women: the grrrrring of a Jammed Garborator, if you’re sick enough to throw a cats tail in there. White operas, sing of love and freedom and other sexy Sophina like stuff (soul caliber), while Chinese Opera.. only serves to see how long you can last. With gonging and clashing of metal, that resembles Klingon Heavy Metal rock, Death metal…

        And yes red headed girls nipples are indeed pink. Chinese gorillia nipples are hairy and dark. Although I do have a peference also for Persian-Davardic women like Romanistanis or Gypsies or Latinos.

        But Chinese women, especially auntie like Ayees look like squishy potatoes. It’s like God, used all the good materials others, and the left overs on the Chinese. I love how they have lazy eyes, or some do. I love how they shit in the streets, Piss in the streets….

        Fuck you China.

      • 0112337 said

        Bullshit. Now I am absolutely convinced you are a laowai. But hey, it’s cyber space right? You can be whoever you want, and say whatever you want. And this is a ridiculous blog, so nothing really matters.

        But seek help friend. You need help. Trust me, pick up the phone and call a psychologist to sort you out.

        If that doesn’t work, go join a church group.

      • MyLaowai said

        Yeah, and you’re a banker with high level connections and a multi-millionaire family, who was a combat medic in Tienanmen Square, with a girlfriend from Europe and blah blah blah.

        “Hello Pot? Come in Pot; this is Kettle.”

      • 0112337 said

        I am African druggy No. 5, you are 傻逼.


      • 0112337 said





      • MyLaowai said

        Having a quiet day on the bosses time, are we? Take another lithium tablet and go back to the photocopier, there’s a good boy.

      • 0112337 said

        FUCK YOU.

        And you dirty schmucks have no idea what you are getting yourself into.



      • justrecently said

        Before you tell others to shoot others, how about resigning your, umm, top job at your bank, 0112337? At least buy professional indemnity insurance.

        A lunatic discussing brinkmanship… OK – JR is here to help.

        This is the latest mass line for your better orientation and better personal happiness. Might help to stabilize you. Geez.

      • gowron said

        You’ve been hanging around the Chinese too long you sound as blood thirsty as they are lol.

      • gowron said

        I can’t join a church group. I’m China. :_(. If I join a church group then I go to jail….. Besides Chinese churches suck. There is nothing more demonic sounding than Twangy Chinese voices screeching out their version of Christian hymns. Sounds like Banshees ( white mythology)….. Besides Chinese Christians are materalistic selfish assholes. The purpose of Christianity is to give 100% of yourself over to God, (oh before you counter with the white WASP Televangelist bullshit arguement) it was white missionaries poor ones that tried to civilize the Chinese in the 1800s.

        You say join a church group, ummm who brought Christianity to China, if not “Whitey?”

      • 0112337 said

        No no Gowron, the “whitey” brought violent gay sex, BDSM, kinkism, opium, anal sensual connection, body shots, generalized animalism, bong-bong druggies, loser turned democracy activists, dropout English teachers, fool, horse penis, and AIDS to China.

        They have caused much moral depravation, emotional distress, confusion, and bodily pain to the kind, wonderful, and harmonious inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom that believed in peace and prosperity for generations.

        Because they cannot get rid of you, they are forced to adopt your ways, such as worshiping this…Jesus.

        I was part of a church group, I taught the parishioners how to sing in Latin. Are you disrespecting my skills? I doubt you can sing better than me.

      • gowron said

        Civilized like these piss skin savages here, beating a defenceless handicapped woman?

      • gowron said

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2vCW-D-24U or these wild growling beasts?? they stepped on the kids hands, the kid was a beautiful white boy. The cave beasts surrounding him were piss skins. Explain this one, you yellow fever plague carrier.

      • 0112337 said

        Gowron, hating the Chinese people because of whatever family, life situation you have going on in private is one thing, but to go paranoid and conjure up blind accusations without seeking truth is another. Don’t do the latter.

        Lets talk about the first video. At first, I didn’t read the comments, and I could have guessed what happened. The beggar wouldn’t go away and one of the guys, being young, aggressive, and headstrong, decided to pick the easy way out, to end all. Push her down, hurt her, so she learns to never bother others again.

        I think they are both wrong. The woman is clearly not mentally disabled, she might be physically disabled. For her part, she doesn’t care at all about how her actions could inconvenience other passengers on the train. She just wants money. There are many stories in China nowadays about victims biting good Samaritans and accusing them of doing the crime, seeking monetary reparations.

        The young man, on the other hand, clearly doesn’t care about the weak or the old. He looks like an mid “post ’80” that always had what he wanted in life, one way or another, without ever having to struggle through serious setbacks. He was loved and cherished by everyone in his nuclear and extended family, ate the best foods, had a great Soviet style education, etc. etc. Thus, he simply could not understand how that woman could suffer so much because that experience is so foreign to him. Thus, it’s simply impossible for him to be compassionate. He probably heard many stories about beggars tricking compassionate donors into scams that ultimately turned into muggings (these are very common in the south, like in Guangdong during the 90s).

        I suppose the root of the problem, as shown in this case study, is that China is not democratic. When rights are granted to the people, that’s when people will cherish one another, because they see the incentive to do so, otherwise, because they don’t have power, they won’t cherish one another, and in turn, those that are unfortunate sees no reason to appear dignified or morally presentable either. They are willing to do anything to accomplish their goals.

        After all, not only do the government and society treat them like dirt, other people too, so they must be thinking, if I am dirt, why should I care about how others will perceive me? I will rob others if needed to get money. This explains the curious phenomena of victims biting good samaritans and bothersome beggars.

        This mentality wasn’t so pervasive during the 50s because under communism, everyone had pseudo power and they had a pseudo sense of morality. They were all workers toward a common goal together, thus, everyone is respected on that level.

      • 0112337 said

        Your second video is the most important one I want to address. Thank you for pointing that one out because I think it will shed serious light into culturally constructed misconceptions in Chinese people and Westerner’s minds.

        But before I start my statement, I want to point out something. It seems my comments are causing a lot of racist sentiments. That was not my intention, all I am doing at Mylaowai.com is illuminating the unconscious cultural constructs in everyone’s (White or Chinese) mind. When I show the negative aspects, it’s what you people call racism, and the response is hatred. But when I show the positive aspects, you people call it praising the virtues of a certain race/culture and that creates value judgement X, Y, Z, etc. But that’s not my point. My point is to discover, from a neutral perspective, without placing value judgement, and to dissect our culturally constructed mental subconscious and unconscious to better understand who we are, so we may have true global peace. Some of you cynical ones out there would undoubtedly attempt to profit from this information. Whatever. Be neutral, and think with me. Lets discover together.

        Lets point out the facts in that video first.

        1. That boy appears white, he could be European, Australian, Russian, white North or South American, or even Uighur Turk.

        2. The people in that video, as I heard through their heavy accent, were saying, “this will teach him not to steal again. Next time we catch him, we will kill him.”

        3. His fingers seems to be dislocated after one man stepped on it.

        4. The video’s title contains Japanese.

        5. The video started at the point when the boy was caught. We do not know exactly what he did or how he was caught.

        So from that, some things are clear.

        1. I highly doubt this boy is of European or American origin. Although there are more Europeans and Americans now in China, they are still not the majority, and certainly not in rural areas such as the one in the video. We all know you wouldn’t feel safe, culturally aware, or comfortable enough to leave your 3-4 year old white kid alone like that. So this boy could not be European or American. He could be Russian or Uighur Turk, with the latter being more probable simply because the Chinese’s accent in the video sounds like a western accent. I would bet the kid is a Uighur Turk.

        2. Uighur Turks have a reputation as thieves in China. They terrorize cities, and not only steal, but maim and rape as well. Han Chinese people hate them because of that.

        3. According to Shari’ah Law, thieves right hands should be chopped off. Perhaps these Chinese people living amongst muslims were simply following what was considered normal according to the local culture.

        4. Laws are tough in China, and strictly enforced, which is a good thing. Chinese people do not believe in moral and legal relativism as in the West, which now has a generation of young people that do not know what is right and wrong (England case in point). I think that is a good thing. Thievery should not be tolerated, no matter under what circumstance.

        5. I would hypothesize that the person that shot the video was either Japanese or a Westerner that didn’t understand local culture at all. Yes, to that person, this would be very strange. Japanese people always wanted to be No. 1 in Asia, but now, well…we all know how badly they are doing. They also know they are doing badly, and they know they are helpless, and they are unwilling to fight (from WWII trauma) so they take the cowardly way out, slandering their competitors in the dark, through misinformation.

        Kind of like what this Mylaowai does here at Mylaowai.com.

        6. But all in all, I condemn the man that squashed the kid’s fingers. That was uncalled for, and that man, no matter what nationality, race, sex, or ethnicity, should be condemned and punished for what he did.

      • 0112337 said

        In addition Gowron, I am just curious. Are YOU suffering from an inferiority complex? Did some Chinese kid beat you up when you were a kid? I mean for you or any foreigner to post that video of the little white boy is absurd and I am actually a little surprised. From a Chinese perspective, I would have never made the connection that the fight was a result of racial hatred. I mean, really? Are you serious? You really think they beat up the kid because HE WAS WHITE? Why? That’s European, not Chinese.

        You know how friendly and hospitable the Chinese people are. They welcome foreigners with open arms, and especially young western girls. :)

        Why would you ever harbor such petty thoughts that they secretly hate you and want to destroy you?

        They are Chinese people, not evil racist Europeans.

        Serious culture shock right here.

      • zhuzhibaijia said

        A white boy being beaten up by a bunch of Chinese guys? Nah, they just kicked him a few times for when he inevitably grows up to being a knife-wielding rapist. After the entire Uighur race is gassed and machine gunned back to Siberia, we can do something about the white scum infesting China today.

      • MyLaowai said

        2019 Update

        @zhuzhibaijia: “After the entire Uighur race is gassed and machine gunned”

        Yeah. That looks like coming true.

    • gowron said

      Awww you were doing SOOO well with your first two points addressing the savagery in this beastly land. I honestly respected you, then I read your 3rd reply. Making childish (but I admit, very “intelligent” (that’s as far as I’m going to compliment you) response that composes of killing Greeks, and a bunch of garbled rabid growling of a Shanghainese nurse. Keep up the good work, in a few years time you may even catch up to Junior high 9th grade social studies debating skills.

      Talk about serious culture shock. I was expecting the Chinese to be brilliant scientists who could do open heart surgery with their eyes close. That’s how American media portrays us. Then I come to China, and SEE the REAL Chinese. Savages that SHIT in the streets. Where EVERYTHING has that hickory scent of burning. ???? And when I go to take a dump, GUESS WHAT I FIND? FOOT PRINTS composed of shit. I go to wash my hands, what do I find. the caps caked with…. shit. YOU tell ME how I should express my culture shock. Oh yea, I read that teachers stab their children, beat them with pipes, cause the children to hang themselves (IT’s ALLLL documented). Then I go to breath the Chinese Qi air, and I’m gifted with breathing CHALK. Oh yeah, Taxi drivers drive on the wrong side of the road here. Speaking of terrible Chiense drivers why do drivers run children over? This doesn’t happen in Americanada.

      I don’t secretly harbor thoughts of Whitey trying to destroy us Chinese. We’re going a GREAT job for Millennia doing all this shit to ourselves with UNENDING WARS. I welcome you to do some research on ALL the 52 ethnicities we have murdered in the last 6000 years. Like our people invented the fucking LAND MINE, and the CROSSBOW (which were used in Whitey’s wars), Whites, are good to their kids look how many child prodegies Whites popped out. Look how many SAVAGES that Chinese hell beasts pop out, “statesmen who write books of war”, creates the bombs.

      Now about whitey beating me up as a kid. Yes ALOT of times this happens when you’re a kid. It’s just manly boy-man rough housing. Sometimes a bunch of us multi ethnic kids beat each other up for shits and giggles. We played a game called in the dark, where we went to a friends’ houses, blocked off all sources of light, secured all heavy and seriously dangerous shit in the basement, and started to beat each other up.. (It’s like the movie Fight club, or the South park episode “WTF” when the boys formed their own “Wrassling” federation. Hell get this a White man tried to choak slam me out of the store I was fucking causing monkey shines in. That was a fun night. Was it because I was Chinese when I did this. Yes, my adolesent mind rationalized that. NOT because I was goofing off and taking one of the bubble blowers blowing the bubbles without paying for it. Was it because I was white because my teachers were angry with me. no because I was a shit head 90’s student, who didn’t give a fuck about my future, except porn, pot, hockey, video games. But again, my angry Fenching mind rationalized it was because I was Chinese. I rationalized alot of angry bullshit reasons of why I didn’t succeed in life, on Whitey. Until of course the hormones, drained out…. Oh no I didn’t study hard in school. I was caught cheating so I’m going to hack the US embassy website. Somehow it’s America’s fault I didn’t study. Bullshit. My Greatgrandpa, escaped some village in the mountains of China, went to the U of Philey and graduated with a Masters degree in IT (ancient rotary phones back then). So all my shortcomings in life was because I was a 90’s wimpy shithead who was lazy, not because I was Chinese.

      Infact, working here I’m on a mission with my pops and uncles to try and track down all the loose lands associated with this mysterious great grandpa. Think I’ll plop in some schools, and hospitals, and mental health facilities for children, elders. The land is worthless for growing, it’s too polluted. So you know they don’t waste 20 years of their life swearing at whitey, blaming Japan. Oh no, Japan invaded China and set us back. Such Ghetto mentality. Oh no whitey slaved my great-great grandparents in the south, THAT’S why I’m a drug dealing Tupac listening capping, po-po caping Gantzstaz. Instead of settling down, and taking advantages of scholarships that BLACK AMERICANS have set up, and attend ELIET BLACK universities, like Temple A&M, and other such ones to train political leaders, judges, warriors (soldiers), and lots of other kick ass black people who invented SOOOO much for the world. Chinese people want to still blame Japan and Whitey for all our problems. They don’t seem to want to like Blacks, GO TO SCHOOL, and become someone.

      This is what pisses me off with Chinese shithead teens. So much potential and energy and TIME. Yet, they wish to only travel in packs, flip their golden hair, and chase around SMALL change, when they can do SO MUCH, because they were human once… But no they rather shit in the streets, fire off fireworks, and argue for pitance 1 RMB, steal and Cheat….. Blacks are better than us Chinese. Blacks at least TRY to be human, and the succeed Very VERY well. Chinese. Korea hates Japan, Japan Hates Korea, China, Vietnam Hates everyone. and WHITES and BLACKS die in our wars. Thus humanity goes down, so many brains, so many black brains, White brains, Grey Brains (Latinos). To Die for Yellow NO brains.

      • gowron said

        Loves how 12345 or what ever that kid calls himself mentions 50’s China morality….

        Mao’s morality:

        -offer your second unloved son, up as collateral for capital needed for revolutionary struggle.

        -Beat the crap out of your elderly, your TEACHERS, an anyone able to keep the Chinese civilized, Christians, monks…

        -Cause 80+ Million Deaths.

        -Invade monks (yes, I’m quite aware of the savagery of Tibetan medieval law).

        -EAT your neighbors.

  13. 0112337 said

    Of course, I must add, just like I predicted, the economic downturn has revealed Europe’s barbaric predatory nature. Greece has all but fell into anarchy, and the Italians have fought back…for once, something will surely happen in Spain, and Portugal and Ireland are not far off.

    Pathetic, the Greek government only tried to cut back a little on the country’s ridiculous welfare program and look at how these crazy monkeys in Athens fought back. It’s not like they have no food to eat yet. F-ing pathetic, shameless, lazy, 3rd world monkeys.

    Be prepared boys and girls, get your ‘freedom gun’ ready. If you want to be lazy and still have everything, you better kill somebody for it! It’s in your nature, you don’t know any better, you guys only know how to plunder others, that actually work, trust me!

    Anybody knows how much a young Greek, Spanish, Italian, Irish, or Portugese woman costs on the market these days? Are permanent servant indentures allowed in Europe?

    • gowron said

      Are these freedom guns made in China?

      • 0112337 said

        yup, crafted in the hands of the mighty proletariat that hail from the glorious freedom villages of Wenzhou, with intrepidness and bravado…knowing that the Laowai has the means, stupidity, and desire for such fruits of the loins.

        They could be made in Romania too, during the golden period. I got one like that, and it shoots straight.

        You should get one too.

      • gowron said

        Ah Wenzhou, “Valve city”, with black putrid water nurturing their farms, and the smoke from burning garbage as it resembles a Meth crack house. Where your whore of a mother spent most of her young adulthood when she conceived you.

      • gowron said

        Nah, I rather arm myself with a bunch of Daos, the primary armament of the PLA. lol.

  14. dianajiang said

    you not understand china..yue yue is dead becoz of driver of car! is sad but her fault.she must take care of traffic. i think teacher failed to teach her to obey traffic rules in china.and how to behave. blame on her teachers too!! why people walking the way and not cannot help?because they are not the doctors! remember it was a market, simple people, not educated like most my countryman and us. this iz something the government must do and provide doctors for this places not the common people of china. is not our responsiblty..only cualified people are responsibel for this cases according to the law and regulations of the peoples republic of china! and you respect this or please go from here..the common people don’t know how to do help with this accident cases.so is better for them to go or bad things happen,because maybe wrong treatment for victim!!! it is very clear.this case is no use for help for peoples becoz they r not the doctors also doctors get the money and pay. for them is use, not for poor people. they cannt do becoz get no money. so why do this job like doctor?! so cannot help! you understand now foreigner?????is not blame on chinese people and our society.you also do in your country!!!

  15. dianajiang said

    why you foreigner making the joke with her names?itis very traditional beautyfull chinese name.you are the really stupid foreigner and selfish.you make the joke and little yue yue is dead.shame you!!you small heart!!

    • PT said

      Because Gowron said the truth – your harmonious countrymen/women, to be blunt, don’t give a f*ck.

      Your first post is a typical Chinese answer techniques of “passing the buck” (to blame somebody else) – “her teachers”, or over-generalized weasel (a small animal like a long-rat) excuses – “simple uneducated people”. And my personal favourite being “it’s everybody’s else fault but mine”.

      This sad, sad incident is a manifestation of the inbred callous disregard for human civil behaviour exhibited daily by too many mainlanders ESPECIALLY once they either get a bit of cash or sit behind a vehicle.

      • gowron said

        Actually it’s all whitey and Japan’s fault. It always is, somehow in this country. I’m not sure how. But it is! That’s why the idiot’s foot on the pedal was attached to a Chinese body, and the wheels were controled by Chinese hands, with Chinese finger prints, piloted by Chinese eyes…. Somehow it’s Whitey’s fault. It always is. :_(

      • Rwyddyn Hoffi Coffee said

        Tis’ all explained here:


      • 0112337 said

        PT, try squeezing 300 drunk Scotsman into a pub. What do you get? Love and respect!! They will first eject perfume from their sex rifles onto their targets, to sensualize the atmosphere, then softly caress one another, softening the flesh till it’s moist and supple, and gently transition into the quintessential French kiss, with sweet, full bodied tongue coverage, and finally consummating in the form of epiphanic sex with loud howls of hearty, wholesome, confused orgasm. This is why Europe never was able to achieve the population levels in China…too much love.

        And Gowron, Britainnia’s downfall is CLEARLY not caused by Churchill’s stubbornness, it’s the NAZI’s FAULT!! Even though Hitler gave England plenty of opportunities to give up without a fight, like France.

        And you lazy Europeans need to stop blaming my brothers the honorable African and Arab muslims, it’s ALWAYS their fault whenever there’s crime. Why? Always the muslims.


      • gowron said

        On the contrary I like Muslims!

  16. dianajiang said

    you foreigners people right?? i can see!you stupid lie.you think you are so good and you looking down on chinese people???you arrogant bastat!ithink you jealous to china and the people because china control the world now!!!and chinese culture is best and beautifull!!so this is why you speak the bad words!jealousy!!you dont understand china and chinese peoples!shut up!must kick you out of our china!!! small heart peoples!go to die all white ugly race,immoralwestern people,laowai!!!you stop telling lies about china.allthe erath belong to cina andn you will serving us forever to our heaven kingdom!stop lie or i report this bad the website to china goernemtn. you must obey rules and regulation of the people’s republic of china and respect our leaders!or you will punish by chinese peoples!you understand this?

    • MyLaowai said

      In the old days, the fake Chinese were more believable. And the death threats arrived on a more regular basis, but that’s a different story. Mind you, at least you’re trying, Dianajiang. Very trying.

      Have a nice day.

    • wtd said

      The funny thing is that in the past China hid herself from the world, thus they were an enigma. They could make outlandish claims, for only other buck-toothed, slack jawed locals were there to witness the untruth behind their claims.
      Now that they have ‘opened up’ and exposed to the world the swill oil coursing through their veins, they feel shame. Not shame for who they are, but shame that now we truly know who they are.

      • dianajiang said

        No shame you arrogant foreigner stupid losershit!is proud the chinese!!!strong china and world know beautyful chinese culture more and more and spreading in the world now our great culture chinese people know now!inferior white west people see white west is bad and dirty!feel so proud the world know how peacefull and superiors chinese culture and power!china rise more and more in shorter time world is china space is china all is china all the world!!!!!!china rise more and white and asia vietnam race and stupid japan inferiors race must serving superoors chinese race soon!!stop lie and see truth of world foreigners!china is super power in culture and money,race, blood,inovateing, and first kingdom of world!

      • gowron said

        Superior in what? production of human feces?

    • 0112337 said

      laowai, other than verbally beating down helpless women and hapless posters with subpar English skills, what can YOU do?

      Wtd, tell me, why do wealthy Europeans enjoy cognac not “grape drink” artificial soda? It’s inherently sharp and bitter! You clearly KNEW THAT before AND after.

      Do you think a wealthy Frenchman would care if a guileless brother (black African) jeered at his “stupidity” ?

  17. 0112337 said

    On a serious note, on my way to a hedge fund interview the other day, I thought of a securitized product which I called a CAIRO, or a Collateralized Alternative Investment Return Obligation, where investments in alternative investment vehicles would be pooled and collateralized to form securities. Unknown to me at the time, I stumbled on the idea of a CFO…a collateralized fund obligation, a truly cutting edge securitized product of diversified holdings in various funds of hedge funds. This is a product devised by Deutsche Bank (?) roughly in 2003 and was not traded until 2008. Serious trading did not begin until 2010. I was thinking that since this hedge fund I interviewed at was one that dealt mainly with fund of funds strategies, it could securitize their holdings and sell them like bonds with different grade ratings based on risk preferences, and here is a question…

    Which I would like to ask like minded finance professionals, enthusiasts, or academics such as Scooby, if he is reading this blog. How would you calculate the risk of a CFO? I mean, I suppose you could start by basing the risk on the underlying funds’ risk of implosion…

    Any thoughts?

  18. Advies over geld lenen…

    […]Chinese Toddler etcetera « Wo Shi Laowai – Wo Pa Shui[…]…

  19. gowron said

    0112337, touches on a very interesting point. Culture shock.

    Some of the shocking things I initially encountered in the land of my ancestors.

    In Canada, Chinese kids DON’T shit in the streets, piss in the streets like animals! One of the more interesting images in China was a school girl in a slimy grimy ally swoops down takes a piss infront of me, and rejoins her friends.

    Here in Canada, Chinese kids take SHOWER BEFORE going swimming. In China-Hong Kong, you can’t even go for swim! there is too much literal shit in the water.

    In Canada, Chinese drivers have the reputation for being poor skilled, but can drive on the right side of the road (context, correct side of the road), obey driving laws, and gasp…. SIGNAL. In China, drivers are skilled, but violate driving laws. Chinese drivers especially when drink on Bai Jiao (and I WAS IN THE CAR. What can I say. I’m apathetic and suicidal after living a year here, the excitement and dangerous living adrenalin dried up and or is a novelty), especially when they dodge and weave in INCOMING trafic when he or she has a RED LIGHT. (Honestly sign these guys up for fighter jet training. China will be defended against Mavrick himself from Top Gun).

    In Canada the chinese, do spit in the streets like anyone else… they don’t however, “air blow nose”, (like air guitar, but while blowing the nose), on to me. Not even the elderly Chinese here (with cheesy Husky Gas station baseball caps).

    In Canada, Chinese honestly Don’t beat themselves up at work, in restraunts, and at super markets… Here in China… why last night, a typical family causes a rukus in FIRST CLASS, woke the plane up. In Canada, Chinese don’t start rukuses on trains. That trip to Wenzhou, spontanious fight broke out in the dining car. Man I wish I had my camera out.

    In Canada, Whites civilize the Chinese, into humans. In China, Piss skins, savage the Chinese AND the Whites into savages (for those caucasians who eventually freak out, lose their humanity, and write in blogs like this. (honestly, you guys DON’T sink to a piss skin’s level. You’re better than that. Just tune out, there is NOTHING that can be done for the Chinese. NOTHING. Once when capital leaves, we’ll see the Chinese mutate into a race of rapists and peasants.

    • ex-china-expat said


      why not create a own post with Gowron’s comment (Friday, November 18, 2011 at 14:38)? Just post it 1:1.
      It is worth it. He deserves it. I hope he agrees with it. His conclusions are stunning and true and they are even more solid since he is of chinese origin. I hope he will agree and you can pursue him to write many guest posts on here.


      “In China, Piss skins, savage the Chinese AND the Whites into savages (for those caucasians who eventually freak out, lose their humanity, and write in blogs like this. (honestly, you guys DON’T sink to a piss skin’s level. You’re better than that.”

      Well I am not sure if we “whiteys” are better. We are also shitting humans with failures, strengths and weaknesses. Hell, Japan is far better than Europe in many aspects. We admire Japan and its culture. We call them the “Germans of Asia”. And that illustrates it quite well.

      You are right with this observation: “….In China, Piss skins, savage the Chinese AND the Whites into savages (for those caucasians who eventually freak out, lose their humanity, and write in blogs like this…”

      After 10 years in China i became infested with the chinese “culture” plague. Since I am back to civilization, the chinese “cultural” habits faded away like a fart in the wind. It took me MONTHS to get rid of that disease. Thanks to God, I made it.

      You just have to get out. Nothing can be done for the chinese. Don’t try it, it is useless. Let them do hat they can do best: Building walls. We must close the gate and flush away the key into a western toilet.

      • gowron said

        The Really “cool” Chinese, escaped to Japan, to the mountain and eventually became Ninjas, I’ll just call myself a descendant of THOSE Chinese lol, cause ninjas are cool.

      • 0112337 said

        “You just have to get out.”

        The only reasonably intelligent remark I have seen coming out of you losers. Nobody is going to hold your hand in China. If you want to make money, believe in hard work, rationalism, and competition, then China is the place for you.

        But if you want to make easy money, like getting European welfare payments (beggars’ free handouts), live in luxury but without the hard earned credentials to back it up (you think you should get it simply because you are white), then China can’t help you. You should consider relocating back to Canada or America, or wherever you came from, to get that welfare check so you can watch Oprah all day.

        China does not have time for you losers. Please leave. That way, you open up space for more qualified businesspeople so they can have more opportunities to showcase their talents.

      • 0112337 said

        And you know why you like Japan? Because the Japanese have no original culture and because modern Japanese don’t fight back, no matter what shit craziness bitch work you losers come up with. The Japanese always copy the culture of their stronger enemies. What you see today of the Samurai, Bushido Kimono, tea ceremony…all came from Tang Dynasty China. The Japanese started copying you fools since the 1800s because they realized you were stronger. Hence, the cultural affinity, hence your retarded belief that they are somehow “better”.

        The two atomic bombs taught the Japanese well, now, they have given up on war and violence. Thus, they put up with whatever clueless dumbass shit you come up with and so you feel happy.

        Capish? Is it clear?

        Lastly Gowron, take heart, if in the hypothetical sense that I ever spot you on the street, I will make it a point of pissing and spitting on you.

        I know this is absurd for someone in my profession, but I will make an exception. You need it, lets call it ‘reeducation’.

      • gowron said

        When you say “pissing and spitting” on me. Does this not prove that you are nothing more than a Troglodyte savage unfit to stand tall like a man and confront me with intellectualism? If this is the BEST your generation of degenerated idiots can come up with. It’s not just the Chinese who are fucked, but humanity as well. Perhaps the religion you claim to have represented is correct this truly is the last generation of man. Now I know why.

    • 0112337 said

      Wow son, three long posts. If I were a Chinese person that never went abroad I might actually believe the place where you came from was soooooo much better than China.

      You saw people shit and piss on the streets huh? Where were you? The underdeveloped villages in China? The slums? What were you doing there?

      If you aren’t a FAILURE and SUCK with a capital ‘S’ would you be living there, in the slums? Have you thought about that? Even Chinese people in the major cities wouldn’t live in those places. Fuck, what are you? Marco Polo? Explorer of unknown lands? Wonder of the ages? If you are, as you said, “shit brained retarded”, and chose to live in the Chinese equivalent of Inner Harlem, New York City, USA, where the brothers (African Americans and white trash hobos) not only shit on the streets and eat them, engage in unholy sex acts, but also SHOOT one other, what are you complaining about?

      Fuck, did you expect the poor locals to live in the Waldorf Astoria? Where they eat from gold plates, shit gold ingots, and have manners like crusty, constipated, 19th century lords?

      You are in that part of China and living like that because YOU SUCK! If you weren’t a dumbass, bong-bong druggy/fool in high school, and if you went to a good college (like say UToronto, Queens Commerce, McGill, or HYPS) and worked hard, did you HAVE TO teach English to the proletariat? Wouldn’t YOU have a good job? Like being an analyst at a multibillion dollar bulge bracket investment bank where you deal with schmuck clients that pretend to be CRUSTY, CONSTIPATED, 19TH EUROPEAN LORDS, get paid 6 figures when you are 22, get chauffeured rides home in limos the size of boats, and get to fuck like minded, refined, schmuck girls, that don’t know better, that dig YOU because of your position? Wouldn’t you be able to retire when you are 35…with TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?

      Don’t bitch on here if you are lazy, stupid, crazy or all of the above. 一分力,一分钱,一分钱,一分货。If you chose to party when you were younger, this is your outcome.

      So suck it up like a man, and think about how you can improve your situation. Bitching on here, mocking the poor and unfortunate, THAT DID NOT have the chances you had (which you squandered), to alleviate YOUR self esteem, is NOT going to solve your problem.

      • MyLaowai said

        “You saw people shit and piss on the streets huh? Where were you? The underdeveloped villages in China? The slums?”

        In China you can see that on pretty much every street, inside restaurants, inside elevators, anywhere there is carpet… Oh yes. It’s called ‘civilisation with Chinese characteristics’, and you bloody well know it.

      • gowron said

        You disappointed me. For a short moment of time, I though you were going to write like an intelligent person…. that you had coherent rational thought. I feel bad now. I though I was debating with someone with a brain. Anyhow, if you chose to squander your youth with angry rhetoric, and play childish blame games go ahead. Let it be warned, you’ll waste precious time that could have been used productively. Neverless, I’m still young. I have my future ahead of me, because I have the maturity to see where I fucked up in life, and make the necessary changes. When I criticize the forces that promote this obfuscation (too big a word for you child?), in the young Chinese minds, or worse. OLDER chinese minds; I do so with the intent that potentially I can reach a Chinese youth to not make the same mistake I made, and blame Whitey for all my problems. Yeah as if it’s the white man’s fault that children piss and shit in the street feral animals.

        But you disappoint me. For a moment there you seemed like you had a brain and genuinely wanted to debate like intelligent grown men should. To discuss the faults, AND merits of the Chinese people. I honestly feel bad for the clients and investors of your bank. If it was insane enough to hire a myopic moron as yourself. You are as mentally narrow as as Empress Cu Xi herself. She’s the brain dead bitch that got the Chinese in this mess in the first place. She arrested the person who TRIED to build the China that your deranged brain seems to confuse these animals for. Sadly he was placed under house arrest, and China became the shithole it was. Where as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries exist in an enlightened Occidental-Oriental utopia of capitalism, and get this elections. Hopefully Burma’s future is bright. Hopefully democracy flourishes in Asia, and the Chinese and North Koreans are able to enjoy more freedoms. Including the freedom to CHOSE to live with Korea and Japan in peace, and stop playing childish blame games as I wasted my life blaming the white man for my problems. Like a Stinky Chinese teenager. It was thanks to my WHITE bosses that I live a better life. Why a WHITE man allows me to crash in his apartment. A White man decided to take my dad in, a tired old engineer who was fucked over by Piss skins. By Fellow Chinese. What is this, Chinese ripping Chinese off?!?!? no say it’s not true. I though the Piss skins were pure as snow, and the providence of civilization. That’s what angry idiots like you keep on saying anyways. Anyways, white drivers don’t run children over on purpose.

        Chinese people are devoid of humanity. Oh and what’s wrong little boy? You complain about long posts. Please don’t tell me you’re one of those Generation Y Morons that text type because the education system and standards have slipped, and the schools just churn out anyone with two brain cells not degraded by genetic mutations from the contaminated mother. This would explain ALOT. This would explain why you don’t intellectually engage and challenge my empirical scientific method based observations (I see brown matter come out of the anus of a child. I smell brown matter come out of the anus of a child. I see his or her “mother cooing encouragements” near by). Education standards have slipped since I last graduated.

      • 0112337 said

        Do you think you are worthy of me respecting you in a intelligent manner? Treating you in a worthy way? I mean, after all, the fact is, you didn’t make it in life, as you claim, and you DID mock people who were poor and unfortunate, who had far less opportunities than you, who tried harder than you AND SUCCEEDED, and you sound like you are just short of joining Stormfront….or umm…I don’t know…KKK… White Pride…or some Neo-Nazi movement. I mean, seriously? One of my high school acquaintances that dropped out and eventually found his way to China as a bullshit English teacher sounded JUST LIKE YOU except he didn’t believe in White Power.

        Keep in mind, those kids you mock live on $3-4 dollars a day and may not even have running water and electricity. Their parents could have been illiterate, and they were stepped on by many different people in society. These kids had to walk 1-2 hours each day to and from school, study under candlelight, yet they still managed to get into Tsinghua and Beida under those conditions. Why? Because they loved their parents, they wanted to BE SOMEBODY, make money, so they can help their parents who gave them their all, to live better. Do you understand that? Their definition of love? You pathetic, sniveling, loser? Their ordeals are what can be called REAL ADVERSITY. And YOU are jeering at how THEY shit on the streets? Fuck, those kids’ shits are worth more than you.

        I really hope you are not Chinese, because you are not worthy.

        And your utopic/orgasmic comments about Taiwan/Hong Kong democracy, China’s attitude toward Korea and Japan is too stupid and too “laowai-like” to warrant discussion. Stay in China a bit longer, and come back when you have figured out the basics behind the psychology of the Chinese people.

        Good luck. If you want to me to give you some insights on how to get into banks, let me know.

        And be good, SAY NO to the Devil. Just say NO.


      • 0112337 said

        If it is any consolation to you, I can lose my job any day. My bank just announced another round of layoffs, which is why I applied for that hedge fund job. Still waiting to hear back from the interview.

        Goodnight y’all. Be good.

      • gowron said

        I see, you rather to play childish games. I speak to you as an adult, yet you insist in playing infantile games typical of a 9th grade child. You shame your mother, she paid for you to get an education and learn big “grown up” words, to debate with. Yet you still won’t mature. Shame on you child.

      • gowron said

        Can you at least rant, with coherency? It’s very difficult to follow your rabid ranting. I though you enjoyed Chinese culture, why can’t you apply simple Lao Tzu like meditation techniques and type in coherent sentences? All this blood pressure is just going to make your job harder.

        About these so called East Canadian schools. Yes, I’d go there IF I was studying commerce. I rather study something more practical like engineering. Opps already did.

        Now to answer your question where I didn’t see these savages defecate like animals… anywhere in China. But specifically the centre of the “Centre of the Universe” Kingdom…. Shanghai…Actually I have to admit country side peasants ARE as you say friendly… to caucasians. But to fellow Chinese, as me and my pops, with slight variation of Poo-poo-Dung-Hwa. (that wonderful potty mouth language known as Chinese), or cantonese, then opps slight variation in prices mark up of like 100%. lol. (Chinese are world reknown for making money). Anyways, neverless countryside Chinese peasants are friendlier actually.

        About being a stoner, many Chinese Canadians squandered their gifts. Some have even become “gasp” gangsters and are dying terrible deaths. There was one Chinese lad who was hacked to pieces in his apartment. But meh, I’m young and I have recovered from my mistakes. (I’m more of a man than you are son. I admit my mistakes and make amends. My queef however is not derived from my sins. They have nothing to do with this argument and critique of Sino affairs.Again your weak scientific debating skills shine through. Shall I inquire about your genocidal prejudices of Greeks? (Has a bunch of Grecians held you down and anally preformed some form of ancient Hellinistic homoerotic tribute to their God Eros?) See what has THIS question about Greek affairs have anything to do with this debate.

        Well to get a banking job, simply prove to the HR department that you are qualified beyond your competitors, that your “academic credentials” are Summa Par. You know, like these White bankers you hate so much.

      • gowron said

        Well here’s an honest question I’d like to ask you…..

        A short while ago a man died in a swimming pool in Beijing, because he swallowed Fecal matter and urine, in the pool. Why does this happen in China? Do people take a swim and SHIT? Why do people bathe in swimming pools? And why doesn’t this happen in the west?

      • 0112337 said

        Schmuck, you exemplify the DEFINITION of pathetic. I will leave it at that. Seek help, you need it.

        I come here to goof off because my work is stressful.

      • gowron said

        Well of course your work is stressful, losing money through shyster shady business men in China, and having to conjure up lame “pathetic” excuses to clam the nerves of bank running Chinese peasant investors who invested their life savings does tax your nerves. Why don’t you get your chinese slut girl friend to hot cup your back? Why not just paint the down red get drunk on some Bai Jao, and run over a bunch of kids while you’re at it? This seems like the national pastime for the Chinese.

        Speaking of seeking help. I’m the one here speaking with rational words, you’re the one sputtering out swears like a rabid Shanghainese Aunt, and threatening to kill Greek people. Once again you provide the necessary data to support our assertions that you are savage but it’s ok. You live among savages this is typically what happens when you play with feces. You get covered in it. But please don’t lick it off, I know you want to, just simply go home wash your clothes and soon you’ll be clean and civilized again.

      • 0112337 said

        I might be a canibal too, you know…like, not only can I take your money, I can eat you too?

        I prefer Mango Habanero BBQ. Start marinating right now, make sure you filet the sack up top with salt and cumin, and rub the tube with jalapeno oil before hand. Your grandfather likes them spicy.

  20. gowron said

    Something tells me you’ll be hearing back from the interview for a very very long time. And THANK YOU so much idiot, for proving what we all here have been trying to prove that the Chinese piss skin are not worthy to be humans. All your points of the travails of the noble sacrificing Chinese parent peasant getting STEPPED on by everyone, so in China if not fellow Chinese all 1.3 Billion (est), then WHO, most whites wouldn’t set one foot in deep China. They prefer to stay along the coast, where the Chinese are most civilized, and where industry flourishes. Why work in some frozen shit lake in Guangxi, or some obscure back country. So who else but fellow Chinese screws over the fellow Chinese? Thank you for supporting our assertions…. You have excellent intellectual debating skills after all. Too bad you scored for us.

    See you are just angry, you’ve lost EVERY INTELLECTUAL debate. Come on kid, you’re a banker, you have a degree in economics you’re “educated”, tell us WHY we’re wrong. (Sans, threatening to kill Greeks). I’m actually trying to appeal to your better side, your beautiful “white” side, you are providing me with much intellectual stimulation what with your childish MTV generation Beavus and Butthead vernacular and lexicon. You sound like an old man in a factory very very colourful creative and very humorous “industrial English” conjugation.

    So I ask you the question, without attacking you or the Chinese, me, the Greeks (for some odd reason they play in this argument between Sino-Caucasian differences. You have touched on many wonderful points of the plight of the Chinese, as we assert of the souless nature of the Chinese in respect for this case of running over a child. (regardless of who’s at fault, would it be neglect parenting letting their baby wander around and these TWO parents are idiots), or would it be the paranoid passerbys who WANT to help but are paranoid if they lay one finger, litigation hungry parents would jump out. Oh on this note, I helped this drunkard elderly aborginal man into his apartment. As people ignored him… granted it was HIS fault for drinking and choosing this lifestyle. And I have been known to help elders climb stairs in my apartment here. much to their confused stares.

    About the KKK, and Stormfront, and Heritage Pride….. they’re are actually pro-Chinese, we’re not exactly on friendly terms we’re tolerated, well the Chinese are the “model minority”, with the Blacks as the Pariahs. Which is odd, because the Blacks have done so much for humanity these past 200 years. Gooo George Washington Carver. Go Tuskeegee freedom fighting bombers, blasting Nazi Germany. Go Julius Neyrere. While the Black academic works his balls off, getting a scholarship at Temple, and winning gold medals for Canada, in running, or Rubin “Hurricane” Carter for promoting peace. or Bob Marley singing about world peace, while some cantopop singer sings about the virtues of adultery.

    Chinese? driving like assholes in Vancouver and blaming the whiteman for their problems. the Chinese? selling drugs in Edmonton, and getting blown away. the Chinese, forming sick gangs that plagued Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver where I grew up, and wasting tax dollars.

    Thank god for considering me not worthy to wear Chinese skin. Piss skin who wants skin with the hue of urine an acid, foul smelling fluid. Here’s to hoping genetics comes along and I can evolve with humanity. I do hope I can have blue skin, like Blue man group, Smurfs, Avatar.

    • gowron said

      Opps got side tracked I forgot to ask the question. Please give an honest straight forward answer. What CAN be done in your honest opinion to help the plight of the Chinese? You mentioned many valid points associated with poverty that hold them back. What can we do to stop the teachers from flipping out and gutting these kids?

      Please don’t include slitting the throats of Greek bankers in your rant.

      PS about these students studying in all sorts of “fancy universities”, do these universities have burning garbage cans where janitors burn trash and trash all over the lawn? And did they cheat to get into these schools?

    • 0112337 said

      Your grandfather is very disappointed by your response. You have FAILED to amuse, little one. You should be very ashamed of yourself.

      He will impart his wisdom in due time, when you are ready, and when he feels like it. Right now, you are not ready. You must train harder.

      • gowron said

        It it not my aim to amuse. China’s problems are very very serious and grave matter. I am God, and I’m quite disappointed for gifting you with a brain. You were supposed to have used it to make life better for the Chinese, instead you squandered the gift of intelligence with this “cheap champaign” of amusements, learning dirty vocabularies. Shame on you.

      • 0112337 said

        Anyone that writes anything significant on Mylaowai.com is a total ass hat.

        You, my grandson, takes the prize on multiple levels. Thou dost suck SOoooo much, thou maketh the plunger look bad when the toilet clogs.

        And it’s ‘campaign’. Champaign is a big fucking field. Love y’all.

      • gowron said

        Love your God…. Love me or I’ll cast you back to hell.

  21. aquaphor in ukraine…

    […]Chinese Toddler etcetera « Wo Shi Laowai – Wo Pa Shui[…]…

  22. MyLaowai said

    More Chinese baby news here:

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