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It’s [Adjective] Monday!

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, February 9, 2009

Today’s adjective is:


1. of or pertaining to alms, charity, or charitable donations; charitable.
2. derived from or provided by charity.
3. dependent on or supported by charity: an eleemosynary educational institution.

Pronunciation: el-uh-mos-uh-ner-ee, -moz-, el-ee-uh-

Origin: 1610–20; < ML eleēmosynārius, equiv. to LL eleēmosyn(a) + L -ārius -ary

Example: China has always shown itself to be a most generous giver of eleemosynary assistance to the oppressed peoples of the world.

4 Responses to “It’s [Adjective] Monday!”

  1. justrecently said

    Indeed. Harmony, Mao’s Collected Works, Xinhua, CCTV… And a Russian and an Arabic CCTV Channel are coming soon.

  2. MyLaowai said

    Osama Bin Laden did quite well out of the Chinese, too.

  3. Neddy said

    Funny that, about Xinhua “covering the world”. Have you read the “China spends 45 billion to extend media’s global reach” piece on Zhongnanhai?


  4. Neddy said

    Sorry, I mucked it up. The quote(s) were:

    “But before we start considering an international Xinhua TV channel, what happened to CCTV 9? Isn’t CCTV 9 supposed to present China’s view to the world? Is there a point in lauching a second one without fixing the first?”

    “The problem isn’t lack of TV channels or media outlets that present China’s case to foreigners, it’s the lack of any media outlets that present China’s case well. If Xinhua’s new TV endeavor is run in the same manner CCTV is, with the same group of life-long communist party members in bad suits calling the shots, it will be doomed to failure. In fact, I’d go one step further: any mainland Chinese run media outlet will be taken less seriously as long as general media controls are in place.”

    “Which brings me to my second point: the credibility of the media in China. China could open a hundred news organizations and blanket the world with China’s point of view, but it would be greeted with just as much suspicion as it is now because China, despite all of its advancements, remains a one-party state with absolute control over all domestic media.”

    There! Keep it simple, stoopid…

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