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Zombie Survival

Posted by MyLaowai on Monday, August 29, 2011

6 Responses to “Zombie Survival”

  1. Nips Are Great said

    Are you sure that kid is Chinese?

    Looks a little Tibetan to me.

    He’d be about the right age for the world’s youngest political prisoner, the Panchen Lama.

    And his political teachers beside him are having a really shitty time trying to fill his head with their commie shite. And they both know all previous political teachers donated their organs because they failed to convince the imprisoned Panchen Lama of the glories of the chinky commie way.

    Just look at the man. He knows he’s a goner, up for vivisection donation. Yes yes folks, we all know how the yellow runts like things FRESH. His organs will be cut out while he’s still alive.

  2. Epitope said

    He is actually a Chinese who was adopted by an American family. He went back to China to meet his biological parents from whom he had been “lost” or “stolen” or whatever happened to him – I don’t remember the details of his case, but I think he was put on international adoption without the consent of his parents. He might be from Hunan.

  3. 欢迎fuckyfucky said

    Likeness of 0112337.

  4. Furkan Güngör / Blog…

    […]Zombie Survival « Wo Shi Laowai – Wo Pa Shui[…]…

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