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Children’s Corner

Posted by MyLaowai on Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chinese Schoolgirls: what’s not to like? Knee socks, short skirts, and the ones who can run faster than their uncles are still virgins!

Mind you, there’s a lot of competition these days – schoolgirls are amongst the most sought-after of all girls in China, with businessmen, Party officials and the generally well-to-do all paying top dollar for them. Not that the schoolgirls see the money, mind you, because it almost invariably goes to the parents. Well, that’s fair enough I guess: it goes part-way towards making up for the disappointment of not having a boy child.

Of course, you don’t have to be rich to hire a schoolgirl. Oh no. Almost every middle- and high-school in China has a whack-shack located within fifty yards of the main gate, which is ideal when you understand that the schools supply both the employees and the customers. Not sure where to go? No problems – just follow the headmaster at lunchtime and he’ll lead you straight there.

So, here’s to schoolgirls. May they never lose their charm nor have their knee socks slip below their panties. And in the spirit of this tribute, I present you with a colouring-in competition (hint: the scarf is red):

First Prize: one week’s holiday in Hunan.
Second Prize: two week’s holiday in Hunan.
Judge’s decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into unless we can be arsed.

8 Responses to “Children’s Corner”

  1. Nips Are Great said

    Well the first thing that comes to my mind when I see a little tart like this is that she’ll likely have one of those extremely annoying cutesy voices. The annoying cutesy voice will be employed most of the time when she’s with a Chinese ‘male’ – which really isn’t a man. And she’ll use it to get trinkets like another cell or an MP4 or whatever, even a flat of chinky carcinogenic jello snacks to share with her friends or a bag of shite chips or something… whatever distracts her miniscule attention span for the moment.

    When she’s sees she’s about not to get her way the cutesy voice will be dropped and her champion fucking whining voice will be used. Everybody knows the one I’m talking about. It has an edge with it and is served with a pout and a huff and then a look away.

    The only way to avoid listening to the nonsense that comes out of this tart’s head is to stuff your tool into her mouth.

  2. Bill said

    It’s not as much about how sexy or hot they look, but about one’s manhood. Chinese men, oddly enough, are often maligned for their inability to perform, get wood and ignorance in the sack. This coupled with the fact that they are ‘hung like a min pinscher’ leaves them feeling inadequate.
    Thus, while sowing their wild oats, it would seem, the Chinese believe that they need to find their anatomical equals and the younger the better. For in the chubby fist of an infant a pencil looks like a Sequoia.

  3. Chinese Netizen said

    Seriously? Knee socks?

    I thought the only uniforms Chinee skool grils wore were those shape hiding track suits??

    Aiyaa… you guys must be shagging private school girls…

  4. 0112337 said

    Aah u pedophile Laowai? Do you do ZEE PEDO?

    Nice drawing.

  5. 0112337 said

    Mai deddy lah-vood you mah-mmy LONG LONG time. She wuz relly hai-py when she had me.

    Then mai deddy lah-vood you wai-f LONG LONG time too. He said she wuz velly velly nice.

    Dank u velly muchee.

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